Chapter 2: Am I a complete clutz?


While my intelligence remained the same, the perception stat had plummeted.


Nevertheless, even from the start, someone with a perception of 15 would be rare among both monsters and humans.


Recalling my memories about her, I remembered that she had a habit of meticulously memorizing information about her summons during her lifetime, and there had been occasions when some of her notes were publicly revealed after her death, and became a hot topic.


Although I didn't memorize all the information about the summons that were revealed, one thing was certain: the intelligence stat of a skeletal soldier wasn't this high.


Affected by the changed intelligence level, it seemed that my magic power had also increased slightly.


'Since the perception stat is naturally an ability that skeletal soldiers don't possess, I guess I should consider it as a mix of my original stats and the skeletal soldier's stats.'


Perception was a skill that allows one to sense invisible things like traps, poison, stealth, and hidden places, or for finding a way to the lower level in a dungeon.


Those who possess this stat were treated with respect wherever they go, as they were a minority.
Hunters with this skill usually live as guides.


'I was the same.'


Since there was no hurry, I was reading through each stat, trying to decipher their meanings.
But suddenly, she came close as if hugging me, causing me to freeze for a moment.


“January? Is it really you that I summoned? I can't believe you have [Perception]! And even [Stealth]?”


Seemingly unable to contain her excitement, she grabbed my rib bone as a handle and shook it back and forth.
I was momentarily taken aback by her scrutinizing my information.


'It's only natural that the summoned beast's information is shared with the owner…'


Nodding my head, I resumed my thought process that had momentarily paused.


The traits [Steal] and [99 Lives] were abilities I had possessed since my awakening in my previous life.


Looking at the status window now, it seemed that those abilities had been added to the original traits of the skeletal soldier.


In my previous life, the trait [100] was not explained by the system at all.


“I wonder what ability [100] is.
Can I know what it is before I die?”


I used to complain like that all the time, but I only found out after I died.


'It's now 99 Lives…
If I die once, it should decrease by 1, right? Then what happens if I die in this state?'


Would I be reborn as a completely different summoned creature, or would I continue to live as a skeleton? Even thinking about it felt strangely peculiar.


A skeleton…
the remains of a deceased organism.
Something that could never move again.


It was quite odd that I, who was defying that natural order, was worrying about what would happen when I died.


Well, in any case, what was interesting was that the target of the trait [Steal] had changed.


Steal Lv.1

– Randomly steals a skill upon defeating the first monster.
– 10% chance of stealing a random skill upon repeatedly killing monsters.


'Originally, it was supposed to steal skills with a 20% chance when killing an Awakener…'


The skill from the first monster killed may be random, but it had been upgraded to a confirmed chance to steal a [Skill], and even with a low chance, it could steal a skill from repeatedly killing monsters…
Isn't it amazing?




Considering that my stats have become trash, this kind of improvement might not be enough.'


When I was human, the probability was also 20%, and since it required killing and Awakener to trigger the ability, I didn't have the courage to use it.


If it had been an ability that could be activated with a 100% chance, I might have lived a life as a top-tier villain, utilizing my stealth ability.


However, despite the existence of these deceptive abilities, what excited me was the presence of attack skills that I never had the chance to use as a hunter.


Strike Lv.1

– Strikes hard with 250% of attack power.


'Finally, I can try using attack skills myself.'


As I level up as a hunter, I inevitably acquired new skills and traits.
Unfortunately, I had the worst luck and never obtained a single attack skill.


As the keywords came to mind, fragments of forgotten memories resurfaced.


Exploring dungeons with only one stealth skill during the early stages of awakening was truly exhausting.
Even if it was a guide position.


Striking with 250% of attack power.
It was a simple but effective ability.


'Not bad.
Among the skills of the same category, it's the most usable one.'


Attack power was the result of a combination of strength, agility, stamina, magical power, and more.


Without such attack skills, I had to rely on regular attacks to fight monsters.
While others could finish them off in two hits, I had to strike seven times with all my might to defeat them.


'It feels nostalgic…
Those days when I struggled in the Goblin Dungeon..'


“It's fascinating.
Really, heh…”


'Would it be that good…'


With purple eyes that gently shimmered like the light of dawn, she looked up at me and giggled softly.


She seemed so joyful and happy, but…


'It must be the most difficult time for her right now…'


She wasn't a summoner from the beginning.


Like most hunters, she awakened with only one attack skill, and she struggled in lower-level dungeons for about half a year.


'Her mother passed away.
She was sick in the hospital..'


The dungeon opened and the mana concentration in the atmosphere gradually increased, and there were often cases in which non-awakened people died of unknown diseases.
her mother was one of them.


Her mother, who was her only support, passed away, and as a result, she experienced her “Second Awakening” due to the shock.
That was why she was known as a summoner with proficiency in both magic and archery.


'Her first skill was…
Divine Protection of Danti, right? It increased bow attack power by 20% and penetration, I believe?'


Lost in contemplation while recalling past memories, she suddenly snapped me out of it.


“I'm going to go to the goblin dungeon tomorrow! Actually, I've only been there for months, hehe.”


She scratched the back of her head, seemingly embarrassed by her remark.


But it was nothing to be ashamed of.
It wasn't wise to be overly cautious in exploring dungeons, but it was also important to avoid reckless challenges.


'Yes, there's no need to push ourselves beyond our current level.'


“You're there now, but I want to go to a familiar place and adapt to the changed parts.”




I lightly clenched my teeth, indicating my agreement with her thoughts.


'Was it this dungeon? The one where she was attacked in the face by a Slime's acid?'


Now she had skin as flawless as white jade.


In her previous life, after her second awakening, in the dungeon where she first worked with her summoned beast, she was attacked by slime's acid and had a big scar on her face.


'I can't let that happen this time.'


The Goblin Dungeon was a low-level dungeon inhabited by goblins, slimes, and herbivorous monsters known as gnomes.


Usually, dungeons were named after the strongest monster within them.
So, the strongest monster in this dungeon was the Land pup.


'First, I want to level up by defeating the Land pup.'


My current abilities, excluding intelligence and perception values, were at a level that barely exceeds half of an F-rank hunter, the lowest rank.


My combat power was so lacking that it was uncertain if I could win even in a one-on-one fight against a goblin.


'Strength is one thing, but agility is just garbage.
Only 2? It's not like I'm a complete clutz or something…'


“January, don't worry.
I'm stronger than I look, right? Hehe.”




Why aren't you answering? Am I not trustworthy? I see! I'll have to show you something tomorrow!”


– Snap! Snap!


She awkwardly demonstrated punches and kicks, showcasing her own clumsiness.




After finishing her clumsy movements, she extended her palm forward and took a deep breath, a delightful sight to behold.


'So, she had such a bright personality…'


Although we had explored many dungeons together in the same guild during my past life, I rarely saw her smile, so I was surprised once again.


'I'm the problem.
I have to think of starting from zero.'


Anyway, judging solely by her current appearance, she seemed to have completely let go of her mother's departure.


It feels like it's been ages since I've chattered like this…”




In the midst of the diminishing excitement, she paused for a moment while looking at empty space before speaking again.


“Let's first see how well the commands work.”


For an hour, she made me walk in different directions, jump, hold objects, and even patted her own shoulder, repeating various commands that came to her mind.


I couldn't run or do much due to the limited space, but it seemed quite serious in its own way as she conducted various tests.


January, you're really weak, huh?!”




It was a fact, so I had nothing to say.
Since I was made of rigid bones, it wasn't easy to hold objects accurately.
So, despite already having low physical strength, I couldn't exert more force.


“It's okay though! January has stealth.
Even considering your intelligence and magic, your attack power seems to be on par with that of a goblin…
If I attack first with a bow, you can secretly strike with your club!”




I manifested my only weapon from the inventory.


Old Wooden Club

– Attack Power +1
– Durability 10/20


It turned out it had an attack power of 1.


'Damn it…'


As I foolishly stared at the club, Yeon-hee tilted her head for a moment and then put her hand on my club.


The attack power is incredibly low.
What's this?”


For some reason, I felt like I was dejected because it felt like an evaluation of my existence itself.


“Hehe, but it's okay.
I've always been alone.
If you're there, at least it'll help distract, so I'm sure it'll be a big help.”




It was a valid judgment.
Having someone to rely on, at least to watch her back, would completely change the dynamics of battle.


On the other hand, her words bothered me.
Even though the Goblin Dungeon was considered a low-level dungeon, it wasn't common for someone to enter it alone.


Due to her outstanding appearance, dirty bugs would have latched onto her, which must have contributed to her human distrust.


I should sleep now.
Tomorrow is Friday, so there will be many people.
I have to sleep early.”


She looked at me blankly and continued with a slightly apologetic expression.


“So, you can go in and rest today, okay?”

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