[$98 Lifetime Growth Investment: By investing in growth, you’ll get 100 times the reward!! You can receive a reward every 10 levels, and the reward will double every time!]

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[Level 10 Reward]: $5+10,000 Ingots (Not available)

[Level 20 Reward]: $10+20,000 Ingots (Not available)

[Level 30 Reward]: $20+40,000 Ingots (Not available)

[Level 40 Reward]: $40+80,000 Ingots (Not available)

[Level 50 Reward]…

Looking at the pile of rewards, to be honest, Gong Ziliang was a little tempted!

“If I buy this gift bag, I can directly obtain a $35 reward.
If I calculate it, I only need $63 to buy this gift bag.
After I get back my capital… I’ll be earning money from then on!”

After Gong Ziliang calculated, he directly slapped his thigh.

“I’ll buy it!”

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully purchasing one $98 Lifetime Investment Gift Bag! Please quickly receive the reward!]

Gong Ziliang hurriedly clicked on the growth investment again and discovered that the button (Not available) had already become (Available).

Without saying anything, Gong Ziliang immediately received it.

Soon, the vouchers he had rose again to $106 again.

This deal was not a loss!

Gong Ziliang thought happily.

While Gong Ziliang was sitting here fishing, the Elder Pavilion of the Profound Heaven Sect was very restless!

All the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect received the notice of Sect Master Xuan Guangzi.

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Moreover, this order was of the highest level.

No matter what these elders were doing, they had to rush over immediately!

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The Elder Pavilion was already filled with people.

At the top, Xuan Guangzi stood there with a heavy expression.
He frowned and seemed to be thinking about something…

“Sect Master, what happened? Why did you summon us in such a hurry??”

Below, Elder Li looked at the elders who were summoned back blankly and was a little stunned.

“There’s a letter!”

Xuan Guangzi raised his head, his tone unprecedentedly heavy.

“A letter? Who sent it?” Elder Li asked when he heard this.

“Myriad Sword Sect!”

At the side, First Elder Liu took over.

“Myriad Sword Sect? A high-grade sect? Myriad Sword Sect??”

When the other elders heard this, they were all extremely shocked.

High-grade sect, medium-grade sect.

The difference in strength was like the difference between heaven and earth!

Among the medium-grade sects, a True Martial Realm cultivator could be said to be the best.

In a high-grade sect, the True Martial Realm was nothing.
The Spirit Refinement Realm was the elite.

As for the top experts, they were at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

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The Tribulation Transcendence Realm was a true expert!

If a high-grade sect wanted to destroy a medium-grade sect, they only needed to send an elder.

The difference was so great!

“Myriad Sword Sect, why would such a colossus suddenly send people to our place?”

Elder Li looked at Xuan Guangzi worriedly.

“The Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty have started a war!”

Xuan Guangzi looked into the distance with an extremely heavy expression.
“A few days ago, an extremely powerful monster appeared in the Spirit Azure Ancient Vein at the border of the two empires! This monster only needed to wave its head lightly to cause the mountain range to collapse and countless warriors to die…”

“Gasp! There’s such a powerful monster…”

When these elders heard Xuan Guangzi’s words, they were all in disbelief.

“That’s right.
In fact, this monster is even stronger than you think! Even experts at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm are helpless! The two empires also began to fight continuously because of the appearance of this monster.
This battle has still not ended…” Xuan Guangzi explained slowly.

However, every word in his voice made the elders present shocked.

This was especially so when they heard that even Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts were helpless.
Some elders could not even sit still and directly stood up.

“A monster that even the Tribulation Transcendence Realm can’t deal with… How is this possible…”

Some elders looked at Xuan Guangzi in shock.

The Tribulation Transcendence Realm was already an expert that guarded a high-grade sect.

How could such an expert not defeat a monster??

How powerful was this monster??


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When he thought of this, the elder could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Therefore, the Myriad Sword Sect has come to our Profound Heaven Sect to recruit disciples with potential to enter their high-grade sect to train them.
We’ll start training them for the future war!” Xuan Guangzi looked at these elders and said in a deep voice.

“It’s not only our sect.
The Crimson Flame Sect has also received the invitation of the Myriad Sword Sect.
They need to send out elite disciples!”

First Elder Liu coughed lightly and said, “Unfortunately, the elite disciples on their side have already…”

“This envoy of the Myriad Sword Sect might arrive today or tomorrow.
In short, we have to be fully prepared!”

Xuan Guangzi looked at these elders and suddenly slapped the table.

“Yes!” The elders immediately stood up and said.

On the other side, in the courtyard’s pond, Gong Ziliang had already caught four or five carp.

It had to be said that this courtyard was designed very carefully.
Even the fish in the pond were some rare species.

Every one of them was very beautiful and colorful.

Although these fish could not be eaten, this did not affect Gong Ziliang’s mood to fish.

“Kid, you’re actually fishing the ornamental carp? What are you doing!”

However, just as Gong Ziliang was enjoying himself, a dissatisfied voice sounded from the wall at the side.

Gong Ziliang looked over when he heard the voice and saw that a young man had actually appeared above.

This youth looked to be about eight or nine years old.
He wore a white robe and had an extremely young voice.
There was a red plum blossom mark between his brows.
He lay on his side on the wall beam and looked at Gong Ziliang.

At his waist was a small basket.
In the basket were two red carps.

These two carps actually used their fins to peek out of the bamboo basket and looked at Gong Ziliang.

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The sentence just now came from one of the two small carps.

“What does a small fish know!”

Gong Ziliang glanced at it and ignored it, continuing to fish.

“Oh? A small fish? Do you know what kind of colossus you’re facing?”

These two carps spoke half a sentence at a time.
When combined, it happened to be an entire sentence, looking very funny.

When they heard Gong Ziliang’s evaluation of them, they were so angry that they almost flew out of the bamboo basket!

Those two fish eyes stared fixedly at Gong Ziliang.

When Gong Ziliang heard their question, he glanced at them indifferently and continued to fish here.

“Roar! I want to eat you!”

The two fish looked at Gong Ziliang and shouted.

Then, at almost the same time, they spat out two red beads at Gong Ziliang.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment these two beads appeared, a terrifying spiritual qi emitted from them and surged in all directions!

This spiritual qi could be said to be extremely powerful, far surpassing ordinary Meridian Opening cultivators!

Even cultivators at the Illusory Core Realm might not have as much spiritual qi as these beads, let alone the two red beads!

Under the suppression of this spiritual qi, the attack power reached the full-strength attack of a True Martial Realm cultivator!


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