‘Crazy, crazy! Elder Mei Hua has definitely gone crazy!’

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Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Xuan looked at Gong Ziliang dealing with Elder Mei Hua so calmly.
However, not only was the elder not angry, but his attitude also became more and more respectful!

Wasn’t this crazy? What else could it be…

“Hahaha, young friend Gong Ziliang’s answer is really interesting!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, Elder Mei Hua laughed.

“Kid, you look like you’re only eight or nine years old.
Why do you sound like an old man…” Gong Ziliang looked at Elder Mei Hua in front of him and could not help but ask curiously.

“Brat, don’t!!!”

However, after Gong Ziliang asked this question, Elder Mei Hua was immediately stunned when she heard it.
Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu were even shocked and crazily winked at Gong Ziliang.

“Oh? Why?”

Looking at Xuan Guangzi’s expression change, Gong Ziliang became even more curious!

“Gasp! Oh no, oh no! This kid really doesn’t know what trouble means! He actually directly asked about Elder Mei Hua’s age…”

Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu’s faces were covered in cold sweat as they clenched their fists.

“I remember hearing that a fellow at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm mocked Elder Mei Hua’s past.
In the end… that peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm never appeared again…”

First Elder Liu looked at Elder Mei Hua’s stunned expression and his entire body began to tense up!

He was afraid that in the next second, Elder Mei Hua would suddenly explode and capture Gong Ziliang.
After all, he was an expert who had been famous for a long time in the Spirit Refinement Realm.

He knew that even if he did, the success rate was less than 10%.

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However, for the sake of Gong Ziliang, First Elder Liu would still choose to attack with all his strength.

“Young friend, you’re joking! Although I look very young, I’ve already cultivated for a long time! This appearance is my son’s…”

However, what made First Elder Liu and the others frown was that even if Gong Ziliang had already poked at Elder Mei Hua’s scar, he still did not seem to be angry at all.
Instead, he replied very seriously.

“Could it be that this mighty figure has already noticed the abnormality in my body, so he specially pretended to not know and asked about my situation…”

Elder Mei Hua looked at Gong Ziliang who nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

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After all, in Elder Mei Hua’s impression, some experts hated seeing others hide themselves!

He was afraid that he would make Gong Ziliang unhappy like this!

If Xuan Guangzi and the others knew what Elder Mei Hua was thinking, they would probably vomit blood and die!

After all, no normal person would think so much!!

“Little friend, are you willing to return to the Myriad Sword Sect with me? I can guarantee that if you go to the Myriad Sword Sect with me, I can guarantee that you’ll become an inner sect disciple!”

Elder Mei Hua looked at Gong Ziliang and patted his chest.

“An inner sect disciple of the Myriad Sword Sect!!”

Hearing Elder Mei Hua’s words, Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu behind him raised their brows, feeling extremely shocked.

The difference between an inner sect disciple of a high-grade sect and an inner sect disciple of a medium-grade sect was like the difference between heaven and earth!

In other words, after their top disciple, Li Dan, went to the Myriad Sword Sect, it was already very good if he could become an outstanding outer sect disciple!

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As for the inner sect disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect, they would be chosen from the ten most outstanding outer sect disciples.

After these ten disciples went through the competition, only the top three were qualified to become an inner sect disciple!

For a high-grade sect like the Myriad Sword Sect, there were three or four medium-grade sects supporting it.
Just the outer sect disciples would have thousands of disciples entering every year.

These disciples were the most outstanding existences in those medium-grade sects.

From this selection, it could be seen how difficult it was to become an inner sect disciple!

Now, Elder Mei Hua actually directly gave Gong Ziliang a spot as an inner sect disciple.
This was simply a huge benefit that fell from the sky!

“Moreover, if you become an inner sect disciple of my Myriad Sword Sect this year, you’ll have the chance to enter the Supreme Academy of the Primordial Dynasty to cultivate…”

Elder Mei Hua smiled at Gong Ziliang and his tone became relaxed.

“Supreme Academy? What’s that?”

Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu behind him were a little stunned when they heard this unfamiliar term.

“It’s normal for all of you not to know! The Supreme Academy will only hold recruitment for the four high-grade sects below the Primordial Dynasty.
It’s the highest institute in the entire Primordial Dynasty.
There’s no equal!”

Elder Mei Hua smiled and started to explain to them, “If you can enter the Supreme Academy to cultivate, even the worst students will have the cultivation of the True Martial Realm!”

“The worst students are all at the True Martial Realm!!”

Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu were secretly speechless when they heard this.

Their hearts shook intensely!

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In their southern territory, the True Martial Realm expert was already an expert who was respected as the leader of a sect.
They could rule several countries, and their strength was high and mighty!

In the Supreme Academy, the True Martial Realm was only the worst student!

What realm would an ordinary student or an outstanding student be in?

Spirit Refinement Realm?

Tribulation Transcendence Realm?

Or higher??

When they thought of this, Xuan Guangzi and the others did not even dare to think about it!

To the Supreme Academy, medium-grade sects like them were probably existences that could be eliminated with a wave of the hand!

“Supreme Academy…”

Elder Mei Hua looked into the distance.
His gaze seemed to have reached ten thousand miles away and saw an extremely prosperous Emperor City!

That was the center of the entire Primordial Dynasty and also the holy land that countless cultivators yearned for!

“Quickly agree, quickly agree!”

Xuan Guangzi and the others were worried for Gong Ziliang and quickly chanted in their minds.

The conditions that Elder Mei Hua gave were really too tempting.
This old man, Xuan Guangzi, wished that he was Gong Ziliang and agreed on his behalf.

With my current strength, I should take a look at the outside world!”

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When Gong Ziliang heard Elder Mei Hua’s words, he was also extremely tempted.

With his current strength at the Illusory Core Realm, it could be said that there were few people in the Profound Heaven Sect who could fight him!

If he wanted to continue becoming stronger, he had to train in places that could make him feel danger.

Otherwise, even if he relied on the system to cultivate an extremely powerful cultivation level, he would probably be a flower in a greenhouse.
He could not fight against people of the same level at all!

This was not the outcome that Gong Ziliang wanted!

“With your talent, staying here is definitely a waste!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s thoughtful expression, Elder Mei Hua could not help but continue, “The world outside is more exciting than you imagine!”

“Alright, I promise to head to the Myriad Sword Sect.
However, I need some time to say goodbye!”

After taking a deep breath, Gong Ziliang made a decision.

“No problem!”

When Elder Mei Hua heard Gong Ziliang agree, he was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly agreed.

“Well done! Kid, we also hope that you can develop better!”

Hearing Gong Ziliang agree, Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu revealed gratified smiles.

This was because they knew that a small place like the Profound Heaven Sect definitely could not accommodate a great genius like Gong Ziliang!

His true stage was never here, but the bustling and sacred Primordial Dynasty.

In fact, it could even be the entire boundless continent!

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