Now, they were only witnessing the birth of a peerless expert…

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They only hoped that when Gong Ziliang really became a supreme expert one day, it would be extremely satisfying to have their figures flash past in his biography!

After deciding to head to the Myriad Sword Sect, Elder Mei Hua, Xuan Guangzi, and the others did not stay for long.
They immediately turned around and left, leaving Gong Ziliang with the time to deal with his own matters.

Gong Ziliang did not walk out of the courtyard but looked behind him.

As expected, after Elder Mei Hua and the others left, the doors to the courtyard were all opened.

Lin Xiao and Shangguan Yan both walked out of the room and looked at Gong Ziliang.

Their gaze was filled with emotion and laughter.

“Brothers, I might have to leave first!” Gong Ziliang said as he looked at the two of them, then cupped his fists and smiled at them.

“Little Liang, oh Little Liang, I didn’t expect that I, the handsome Shangguan Yan, actually have a friend like you!”

Shangguan Yan arrived in front of Gong Ziliang and directly stretched out a fist to punch him on the shoulder, “Good kid, your talent is really ridiculously high!”

“However, you have to be careful! My Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Divine Body has already completely awakened.
I believe I’ll be able to catch up to you very soon.
You can take the lead for a while first…”

Shangguan Yan patted Gong Ziliang’s shoulder and said casually.

“Little Liang, you have to take care!”

Then, Lin Xiao walked down from upstairs.
Gong Ziliang stretched out his right hand.

Lin Xiao smiled in understanding and stretched out his right hand at the same time.
The two of them held each other tightly!

“Before I leave, I have nothing to give you.
I only refined a Tranquil Heart Pill recently.
I hope it can help you.”

As he spoke, Lin Xiao took out a small white bottle from his waist.

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Then, he carefully placed this small bottle in Gong Ziliang’s hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Third-grade medicinal pill, Tranquil Heart Pill… It has a medicinal pill that can allow one to condense their qi and focus their mind, thereby greatly increasing their bodily functions!”

Looking at the medicinal bottle in his hand, Gong Ziliang was a little surprised.

It seemed that he was not the only one improving these days.
All his friends were growing quickly!

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“You’ve indeed become different!”

Then, the two of them looked at each other again, and in the end, they revealed understanding smiles.

“Remember that Bai Niansheng who I mentioned to you previously…”

Lin Xiao’s faint voice sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears.

This made Gong Ziliang nod slightly.

Bai Niansheng, this legendary genius with heaven-defying luck.

In his previous life, Lin Xiao was killed by Bai Niansheng!

“Bai Niansheng is in the Supreme Academy, you have to be careful!”

After Lin Xiao said these two names, he did not say anything else.

It was not that Lin Xiao was unwilling to tell Gong Ziliang.

Instead, he was afraid that if he told Gong Ziliang about the development of history, it would affect and alter the future development…

After all, if time was not handled well, it would cause huge karmic effects!

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Gong Ziliang knew that Lin Xiao was worried, so he did not ask further.
Instead, he smiled and nodded.

“Little Liang, when the Profound Heaven Sword descends, you have to come back! The Profound Heaven Sword is the key to your transformation.
The Profound Heaven Sword of the… Myriad Spirit Sect… is not so simple!”

However, looking at Gong Ziliang’s familiar face, Lin Xiao could not help but remind him.


When Lin Xiao said this, a thunder suddenly sounded in the clear blue sky…

This thunder came extremely suddenly, and it was extremely loud and clear, as if it exploded at the same time!

Everyone looked up and discovered that this lightning was actually golden!

Golden lightning continuously flickered, causing all the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect to involuntarily raise their heads to look.

Even Elder Mei Hua looked at the golden lightning with a shocked expression.

“Someone has exposed the secret of the heavens! This golden lightning is a warning from the heavens!”

Then, Elder Mei Hua looked at Xuan Guangzi and the others and said in a strange tone, “No way? There’s such a person in your Profound Heaven Sect?”


Xuan Guangzi and First Elder Liu looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Leaking the secret of the heavens?

So what!

After all, there were several Divine Bodies hidden in their sect.

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However, they definitely did not dare to say this to Elder Mei Hua.

What a joke!

Letting Elder Mei Hua take Gong Ziliang away had already made Xuan Guangzi feel pain in his heart.

If they took away a few more Divine Bodies, what would happen to the future of their Profound Heaven Sect!

On the other side, the four people in the courtyard were also looking up in surprise.

When the golden lightning appeared, they had seen it very clearly.

This golden lightning was aimed at Lin Xiao.

What he had said just now seemed to have revealed something important.

The consequence of this loud thunder was that other than Lin Xiao, everyone present, including Gong Ziliang, did not hear the second half of Lin Xiao’s sentence.

“Little Liang, you have to obtain the Profound Heaven Sword…”

Lin Xiao looked at Gong Ziliang and recalled the outcome of his previous life.
Now, he actually ignored the warning of the heavens and spoke again.


This time, the golden lightning became even more violent, even crossing the entire world.
A lightning bolt directly struck Lin Xiao’s head!

“You have to remember! You have to remember!”

Against this golden lightning, Lin Xiao’s expression instantly became extremely pale, and even his aura began to become disorderly.

However, even so, he still spoke.

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“Alright, stop talking!” Seeing this, Gong Ziliang hurriedly said.

If Lin Xiao really angered the heavens, he would probably be killed by the endless golden lightning even if he did not speak next!

Moreover, others could not endure this golden lightning for Lin Xiao.

This was the punishment that Lin Xiao deserved for leaking the secret!

If anyone joined, this punishment would directly increase by ten times.

At that time, no matter what realm it was, cultivators would directly be slashed into ashes by this golden lightning!

Fortunately, Lin Xiao did not say much.
After this golden lightning struck, it disappeared!

After Lin Xiao blocked this attack, he lost all strength and fell to the ground.

When Gong Ziliang and the others saw this, they hurriedly helped Lin Xiao up!

Although Lin Xiao could not speak, he tightly grabbed Gong Ziliang’s sleeve.

His gaze seemed to be saying that Gong Ziliang had to remember what he had said.

Then, Lin Xiao’s eyes rolled back and he fainted.

“Heaven Profound Sword, what is that…? Little Xiao actually paid the price of being heavily injured to remind me of it!”

Looking at Lin Xiao’s unconscious appearance, Gong Ziliang felt very curious!

The Heaven Profound Sword that could make a reborn person like Lin Xiao act so seriously probably had to concern his life.

That was why Lin Xiao acted like this!

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