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Gong Ziliang secretly remembered this matter.


This matter probably concerned the survival of him, the Profound Heaven Sect, and the entire southern territory!


“Little Xiao, this kid…”


Shangguan Yan looked at Lin Xiao and felt surprised.


He did not expect that the quiet Lin Xiao would reveal so many secrets!


“Brothers, let’s meet again!” Gong Ziliang nodded at Shangguan Yan and the others.


“Don’t worry! Wait for us in the Myriad Sword Sect.
We’ll be there soon…”


Shangguan Yan looked at Lin Xiao beside him and revealed a firm expression.


Brothers, even if my talent is lacking, I can still use medicinal pills!


Even if he had to force it, he had to push his way into the Myriad Sword Sect!

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Shangguan Yan made a decision.


After all, Xuan Guangzi and the elders had quite a number of medicinal pills…




Gong Ziliang nodded, then turned around and waved his hand, his figure running towards the entrance of the Profound Heaven Sect.


When Gong Ziliang arrived at the entrance of the Profound Heaven Sect, he discovered that there were already many disciples standing here.


Li Dan, Zhao Zhirou, and Su Ling were all there!


They were all magnificent and their clothes fluttered, causing the disciples below to scream in adoration!


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After all, they were the most talented disciples in the entire sect, so they naturally accumulated a large amount of popularity here!


Gong Ziliang’s arrival made the disciples here turn their heads to look.


“Junior Brother Liang!”


When Li Dan and the others saw Gong Ziliang, they bowed.


Although they were Gong Ziliang’s senior, their cultivation realms were completely inferior to his!


“Alright, everyone is here!”


Seeing Gong Ziliang arrive, Elder Mei Hua, who was standing in front, nodded.


Then, he waved his hand, and a red spiritual qi appeared from his body again.


This spiritual qi condensed in the air and did not disperse.
In the end, it even condensed into a huge physical immortal crane.


It condensed and did not disperse, flapping its wings in the air!


“What method is this?”


Seeing the immortal crane condensed by Elder Mei Hua, the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect below were all shocked.


This powerful method had already surpassed their imagination!


“According to rumor, the Myriad Sword Sect has three elders that we can’t provoke.
One is the female Rakshasa, another is the First Elder, and the last one is this Elder Mei…”


First Elder Liu looked at Elder Mei Hua’s method from below.
Even he also felt very shocked.


“Everyone, come!”


After Elder Mei Hua said this, his body was the first to fly up and steadily landed on the immortal crane condensed from spiritual qi.


After Gong Ziliang and the others below looked at each other, they all took off and steadily landed on the spiritual qi immortal crane.

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“Strange! It’s clearly condensed spiritual qi, but it’s like a real immortal crane.
I can actually step on it!”


Gong Ziliang felt that the immortal crane under his feet was like a physical entity.


To be able to do this, this degree of spiritual qi condensation had simply reached an unbelievable degree!


Seeing Gong Ziliang land on the immortal crane, Elder Mei Hua waved his hand.


Immediately, this immortal crane actually emitted a bird-like cry that was filled with endless spirit.




Immediately after, the immortal crane flapped its wings and began to fly towards the other side of the Profound Heaven Sect.


“We have to go to the Crimson Flame Sect first to meet up with another elder.”


Elder Mei Hua explained to Gong Ziliang and the others.


As he spoke, the speed of the immortal crane had already become faster and faster.
Even Zhao Zhirou, who was at the eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, felt a little unstable standing on it and her body began to tremble.


Seeing this, Elder Mei Hua did not say anything.
Instead, her speed became faster and faster.


Zhao Zhirou and the others bit their lips at this scene, knowing that this might be Elder Mei Hua’s first test!


If they could not even stand here, how could they enter the Myriad Sword Sect…




In the end, in just an hour, as the immortal crane swooped down from the sky, it landed in front of a sect.


Gong Ziliang raised his head and discovered that they had actually already arrived at the Crimson Flame Sect!


The Profound Heaven Sect and the Crimson Flame Sect were hundreds of miles apart.
Even if an ordinary Meridian Opening cultivator rushed at full speed, they would need a day to arrive.


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This time, they actually only used an hour!


“Elder Mei Hua!”


At this moment, the door of the Crimson Flame Sect was already filled with disciples.
There was an old man who looked like a child with white hair, and his aura was unstoppable like a rainbow.


It made the Sect Master and First Elder of the Crimson Flame Sect lose all their radiance!


“Spirit Refinement Realm expert!”


They looked at the old man.


Gong Ziliang had already calculated in his heart.


This Myriad Sword Sect was indeed a high-grade sect.
Any elder was probably at the Soul Refinement Realm!


“Elder Tai You!”


Elder Mei Hua nodded at him and looked behind him.


He discovered that there was only a seventh-stage Meridian Opening disciple behind Elder Tai You!


Moreover, this disciple looked obedient and did not look like a genius at all.


“What’s going on?” Elder Mei Hua looked at Elder Tai You in doubt.


“Sigh, I heard that before we came, almost all the geniuses of the Crimson Flame Sect were killed! Now, the entire sect has a serious gap.
There’s only one low-grade Meridian Opening disciple left!”


Elder Tai You smiled bitterly and looked helpless.


“It’s you! It’s you, the Killing God!!!”


At the same time, the only disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect also saw Gong Ziliang.


Immediately, the disciple seemed to have gone crazy.
His mind was in a mess.

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Elder Mei Hua and Elder Tai You looked back when they heard this, and they happened to see Gong Ziliang looking at this disciple.


“He’s right, I killed all the geniuses of their sect!”


Looking at the gazes of Elder Mei Hua and the others, Gong Ziliang did not hide anything and directly said.


“You killed them all?? Gasp!”


When Elder Tai You heard this, he could not help but gasp.
His gaze was a little shocked.


This was because he had heard very clearly that this Crimson Flame Sect originally had a disciple who had already broken through to the Illusory Core Realm.


Moreover, this disciple had always been in contact with their Myriad Sword Sect.
He was a potential disciple chosen by their sect, so this was the reason why his cultivation speed was so fast.


However, who was this young man in front of them? He was actually able to kill the genius that their Myriad Sword Sect had taken a fancy to!


“It’s over, it’s over.
Mei Hua hates it the most when people of the same side kill each other.
Could it be that this kid will be directly dealt with by Elder Mei Hua?”


Elder Tai You looked at Elder Mei Hua in front of him and began to think about how to stop him.


“I thought who had such powerful combat strength.
Turns out it was you who killed him.
Then it’s fine, it’s fine!”


What made Elder Tai You even more shocked was that not only did Elder Mei Hua not get angry when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he even said that it was fine.


In fact, he smiled and looked at Gong Ziliang, his tone full of admiration.


“Mei Hua, what… is wrong?”


Elder Tai Jiu looked at Elder Mei Hua’s appearance and was stunned for a moment.


What was going on?


Was this still the Mei Hua that he knew would kill a person every ten steps without letting a drop of blood touch his body?

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