“This is the location of the test…”

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Looking at the dense forest ahead, Gong Ziliang could sense a strong aura coming from it!

Moreover, in such a dense forest, even the sunlight could not shine in.

After entering, it was not only a test of everyone’s strength, but also a test of their mental fortitude!

Once their minds wandered, they would definitely not be able to unleash 100% of their strength!

This was a complete test for them!

“New disciples, come and collect your identity cards!”

At this moment, a cold voice sounded from the side.

Everyone looked over and saw a few cold-looking beautiful women looking at them.

“The identity card contains three contribution points, so you can’t lose it!”

Just as Gong Ziliang and the others wanted to go over, Elder Mei Hua beat them to it and directly took one from these women and placed it in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

“Mei Hua, you’re too much!”

Seeing that Mei Hua was so biased towards Gong Ziliang and the others, the female disciples in charge of handing out identity tokens were already stunned.

It was even to the extent that Elder Tai You coughed lightly and could not continue watching!

What was wrong with Mei Hua?

Ever since he went to the Profound Heaven Sect, he seemed to have become a different person!

However, no matter how he interrogated, Elder Mei Hua looked at Gong Ziliang with a smile and completely ignored him.

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“What is this Elder Mei Hua doing…”

Gong Ziliang also felt that this Elder Mei Hua seemed to be taking special care of him.

He had not done anything shocking…

Why was he targeted?

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“Hahaha, did this mighty figure really discover it?”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s puzzled expression, Elder Mei Hua’s heart was already filled with joy!

In his opinion, the reason why Gong Ziliang was so shocked was because he had definitely discovered that Mei Hua discovered his identity as a reincarnated mighty figure.

Otherwise, why would an elder of the Myriad Sword Sect suck up to a small cultivator like him!

‘Don’t worry, mighty figure.
Even if I find out, I won’t tell anyone!’

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s increasingly puzzled expression, Elder Mei Hua became more and more determined!

In his opinion, everything was developing according to his guess!

“Little friend, quickly enter! I guess with your strength, you’ll probably be able to pass the test soon! At that time, I’ll naturally certify you as an inner sect disciple!”

Elder Mei Hua smiled at Gong Ziliang.

This hunting test was a tradition of their Myriad Sword Sect.
Even if Mei Hua had already internally designated Gong Ziliang as an inner sect disciple, he still had to pass this hunting test!

Gong Ziliang and the others nodded when they heard this.

He had to clear it quickly.

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Gong Ziliang also wanted to see what this high-grade sect looked like!

As he spoke, under the gaze of Elder Mei Hua, the four members of the Profound Heaven Sect walked into the dense forest with Gong Ziliang as the leader.

When Gong Ziliang and the others moved, the disciples of the other sects in the surroundings immediately shot shocked gazes over.

“He… he went in just like that?”

These disciples were from other medium-grade sects.
They had actually arrived early and obtained their identity tokens.

However, none of them entered!

This was because the hunters in the forest were all at the peak Meridian Opening Realm or Illusory Core Realm!

Among them, who could confidently say that they could successfully escape under the watch of these disciples?

Therefore, there was a scene of crowding just now.

When they saw that Gong Ziliang had just arrived and walked in after receiving his identity card, after being stunned, these disciples shook their heads and smiled.

“They’re really fearless! I believe they don’t know what’s waiting for them in this forest!”

The surrounding disciples nodded repeatedly when they heard this, feeling that this person was very right.

“In my opinion, why don’t we all team up! I’m from the Heavenly Essence Sect, Zhou Tong! My strength is at the second-stage Illusory Core Realm.
If you trust me, you can team up with me and head to the dense forest!”

Then, this disciple waved his arm again, immediately making the eyes of many people light up.

The strength of a second-stage Illusory Core Realm was definitely considered top-notch among these disciples who had just come from a medium-grade sect!

If they formed a team with such a disciple, the chances of winning were definitely huge!

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“I want to sign up!”

“I’ll sign up too!”

At this moment, there were continuous responses from the surrounding people.

Soon, more than ten disciples had gathered around Zhou Tong!

“Mei Hua, what do you think of that kid?”

At this moment, Elder Tai You and Elder Mei Hua watched this scene from afar.

When Elder Tai You saw this disciple called Zhou Tong forming a group, he immediately nodded to express his admiration!

There was strength in numbers.
This was the best way to safely pass through the forest.

Elder Mei Hua looked at Tai You beside him and smiled.
He touched the twin fish on his waist and said firmly, “That’s right.
If it was in the previous years, he should have been the first in the hunt.
Unfortunately, he encountered Gong Ziliang this time…”

“Oh? Mei Hua, I haven’t seen you admire a disciple so much in a long time!”

After Tai You heard the evaluation of Mei Hua for Gong Ziliang, he could not help but glance at him in surprise, “Why don’t… we make a bet?”

“Bet? I’m afraid you can’t afford to lose!”

When Mei Hua heard this, he laughed lightly.

“What a joke! How can I, a dignified elder of the Myriad Sword Sect, be a sore loser! I’ll bet that this Zhou Tong can become the first in this hunting test! If I lose, you can choose any item!” Elder Tai You snorted and said.

“Alright! I’ll bet on Gong Ziliang winning! If I lose, I’ll directly give you my storage bag!”

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Mei Hua looked at Tai You.
He directly picked it up and took out the storage bag hanging at his waist!

“Mei Hua, are you crazy?? This storage bag contains the treasures you’ve kept for half your life!”

Tai You’s eyes widened when he heard the bet.

“That’s right! As long as I lose, these are all yours!”

Mei Hua nodded and continued without any hesitation, “If you lose, I don’t want anything else but the War Beast Egg you picked up!”

“War Beast Egg? Alright, so this is the thing you’re after!”

After hearing the request of Mei Hua, Tai You immediately reacted.
“Alright, so be it! I don’t believe that he can still win while facing the outer sect disciple’s animosity!”

“Alright! A deal is a deal!”

When Elder Mei Hua heard this, he laughed happily twice.
Then, his figure rose and flew towards the sky of the dense forest!

Behind him, Elder Tai You followed closely.

On the other hand, the disciples who were forming factions were finally prepared and advanced into the dense forest!

In the deep forest, it was as if there were beasts moving around.

It had been an hour since Gong Ziliang and the others entered the forest.

However, the few of them were still walking around.

Just as Gong Ziliang thought, the leaves in the forest were too lush.

This caused the sunlight to not shine in at all, so the surroundings were dark!

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