The moment he opened his eyes, a divine flame actually burned in them, causing this old man’s aura to instantly become terrifying!

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However, after this old man woke up, he immediately looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction with a shocked expression.

“Sword Intent that can transform into thousands of Great Dao! This… who cultivated a martial technique to the Martial Intent Realm?”

“Who is it? He actually cultivated a martial technique to the realm of laws…”

As if he had not spoken for a long time, the elder’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

“I didn’t expect that such a figure would actually appear in our Myriad Sword Sect!”

After thinking about it, the old man laughed loudly.
He was very happy.

“Alright, alright, alright.
Since you have such talent, don’t waste it! I’ll give you a chance.”

The old man chuckled and looked at the dust on his body, seeming to be a little emotional.

“I’ve slept for hundreds of years! I didn’t expect that I would be awakened by a disciple in the end!”

“Forget it, forget it! Then let me see what the current Myriad Sword Sect has become!” The elder sighed.

Then, before his voice dissipated, his entire body had already disappeared.

“I’m so tired!”

On the other side, Gong Ziliang, who had created such a huge commotion, had already put away the shocking sword force on his body.

Although the Sword Intent just now was only for a moment, Gong Ziliang could still feel a few gazes looking at him.

Gong Ziliang felt that since he had just arrived in the Myriad Sword Sect, it was better not to cause any trouble, so he retracted his sword force.

Looking at the afterglow of the setting sun, Gong Ziliang stretched and jumped down from the roof beam.

“Time to prepare for today’s activity!”

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He arrived in the courtyard.

Gong Ziliang started to go through the Mutated Beast Instance Dungeon, Gem Instance Dungeon, Personal Boss, and other challenges.

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After the gold farming event, the sky outside had already darkened.

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he directly took out a thousand-year-old Monkey Wine and filled it up for himself.

This Monkey Wine was dropped by the Boss every day.

The spiritual qi contained in it was comparable to the Fire Cat King’s spirit core!

However, Gong Ziliang did not need this Monkey Wine to increase his cultivation level now.

The main thing was that he liked to drink it.
Just the taste alone was extraordinary!

After two cups, Gong Ziliang’s face turned red!

Then, he lay on the table and fell asleep.

“Tsk, tsk.
Monkey Wine? It’s even at the thousand-year level? Good lord! This kid still has such a good thing!”

However, not long after Gong Ziliang fell asleep, a thin old man walked over.

He smelled the fragrance of the Monkey Wine and immediately felt a little tempted.

Therefore, he directly picked up the bottle and drank it.

“Good wine, good wine! Since I’ve drunk your wine, I really have to give you something…”

The old man looked at the sleeping Gong Ziliang and revealed a mysterious smile.

“Where… am I…”

In his dream, Gong Ziliang suddenly arrived at a magical place.

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This was a huge cave.
In front of the cave stood a huge sword!

This huge sword was about ten meters tall and three or four meters wide.
It could be said to be extremely huge!

Underneath the huge sword were various longswords.

These swords were densely packed and numbered in the tens of thousands.
They almost covered the entire cave!

“How many swords are there…”

Gong Ziliang looked at these swords and muttered to himself in doubt.

“There are a total of 10,543 swords!”

At this moment, an old and hoarse voice sounded from the side.

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he turned around and saw an old man walking towards him with his hands behind his back.

Although the old man had white hair and deep wrinkles on his face, his entire aura was high and proud, and a dignified and upright aura emitted from his body.

“Hmm?” Gong Ziliang turned around and frowned at this old man.

“Kid, don’t be nervous! Let me see your Sword Intent!”

This old man looked at Gong Ziliang and smiled.
Then, under his shocked gaze, he actually took out a pot of Monkey Wine and poured it into his mouth.


As he spoke, the old man stretched out his finger and flicked it.

Immediately, a white light emitted from his hand and flew towards Gong Ziliang at high speed!

“This is Sword Intent? Using one’s hand to release Sword Intent?”

Sensing the sharp sword intent contained in this light, Gong Ziliang did not dare to underestimate it.
He casually drew a longsword from his surroundings!

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Immediately, a red sword force directly wrapped around this longsword, and the terrifying sword force that could split the sky appeared again!


Looking at this white light, although Gong Ziliang knew that this old man’s cultivation might be much higher than his, he was not afraid at all!


Looking at the white light, Gong Ziliang slashed out.

Immediately, a scarlet sword intent transformed into a huge sword that ruthlessly collided with the white light!

“It’s indeed Dao Intent! This kid… this kid really cultivated Dao Intent…”

After the old man saw this blood-red sword force, he did not even bother drinking.

He looked at the blood-red sword force in a daze, as if he was admiring the most beautiful scene in the world!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blood-red sword force and the white light collided.
Gong Ziliang could sense that the cultivation contained in this light was simply unfathomable.

However, this light had only reached the Sword Intent realm.

It had not even reached the Martial Intent Realm, let alone Dao Intent!

Therefore, relying on his own Intent to stand out, Gong Ziliang finally forcefully wiped out the light that the old man released!

Of course, his blood-red sword force could not withstand it either and dissipated in the end.


Seeing this result, even the old man’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

Although he had used his hand to unleash the sword intent just now, it was not weak at all.
In fact, it was very powerful!

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Even an ordinary True Martial Realm cultivator would probably not be able to withstand it!

This kid actually relied on his strength to destroy it!

“Alright! It’s really getting better and better!”

After the old man recovered from his shock, he drank a mouthful of the Monkey Wine and revealed a smile.

There was even a hint of admiration in his gaze as he looked at Gong Ziliang!

“Alright! Kid, I’ll give you a gift!”

The old man laughed and stretched out his finger.

Then, Gong Ziliang felt that something seemed to have appeared in his mind.

However, before he could see the old man, he had already turned around and left.

“Senior, how should I address you?” He looked at the old man’s back and asked.

“Just an ordinary name that’s not worth mentioning!”

The old man waved his hand in an extremely carefree manner.

“Senior, you gave me…”

Gong Ziliang pointed at the thing in his mind.

“Take this as compensation for taking your Monkey Wine!”

The elder laughed and disappeared.
At the same time, the entire dream world began to collapse.


Gong Ziliang suddenly woke up from the table.

He hurriedly looked around and discovered that the Monkey Wine he had placed on the table had indeed disappeared!

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