ooks like!”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands and directly clicked on it.


Immediately, the scene in front of Gong Ziliang changed!

Gong Ziliang looked at Zhou Zhou and discovered that he had already arrived in a huge stone pagoda.

In front of him, a group of mosaic monsters was forming!


Finally, with a furious roar, the monster became clear from the mosaic!

Then, Gong Ziliang saw a huge black rooster walk out!

The feathers on the rooster were blackish-gold, and the terrifying thing was their mouths.
They seemed to be ground every day, and they were extremely sharp!

“No way… Chicken again!”

Looking at this group of roosters, Gong Ziliang recalled that his first gold farming monster was a rooster!

Gong Ziliang had not forgotten that appearance!

He did not expect to encounter a rooster in the Infinity Tower again!

“Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike!”

Looking at this rooster, the Heavenly Frost Sword directly appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

At the same time, a sword force that could split the sky emitted from his body and locked onto this group of roosters!

[Black Gold Chicken Health Points: 100!]

“Cluck… Cluck…”

When they saw Gong Ziliang, these roosters immediately became energetic.

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They directly pointed their sharp beaks and rushed towards Gong Ziliang.


At the same time, the sword in Gong Ziliang’s hand moved.

Immediately, a huge blood-red light emitted from his sword and struck the roosters!

Immediately, these roosters turned into black fog and disappeared from this Infinity Tower.

[Ding! Congratulations on passing the Infinity Tower! You have obtained $2 Voucher+2,000 Ingots!]

“So easy…”

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang raised his brows.

This was simply not difficult at all!

[Ding! You have reached the second level!]

Then, before Gong Ziliang could react, he had already arrived at the second level.

The monsters on this level were almost identical to the roosters on the first level.

However, the difference was that their health had already reached 1,000!

Gong Ziliang also swept his sword and directly cleared the level!

Then, Gong Ziliang arrived at the third level.

The monsters on this level were still roosters, but this time, their health had already reached 10,000!

After Gong Ziliang swept his sword down, these roosters were not dead.
They still had 1,000 points of health left!

“So they’re all continuously becoming stronger!”

Looking at the roosters that had crawled up again, Gong Ziliang nodded and readied another sword strike.

Immediately, the roosters fell to the ground.

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Then, the fourth level, the fifth level…

When Gong Ziliang arrived at the sixth level, the health of these chickens also broke through 50,000!

He had to use two martial techniques to send these chickens on their way!

On the tenth level, a huge black-gold rooster appeared in front of Gong Ziliang!

This black-gold rooster had a total of 80,000 points of health!

“Cluck… Cluck…”

When the black-gold rooster saw Gong Ziliang, it immediately attacked.

Gong Ziliang also used the Lone Goose Movement Technique to approach before striking the black-gold rooster.


Immediately, a huge damage exploded from the black-gold rooster!

Looking at this damage value, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.
He threw another four or five attacks.

After a few seconds, the rooster could not hold on anymore and fell to the ground.

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a $10 Voucher+10,000 ingots!]

“Oh my! This chicken is actually worth $10!”

Looking at the amount that dropped, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.

This $10… was earned too simply!

If he cleared this Infinity Tower, could it be that he would really obtain a $1,000 reward…

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s heart skipped a beat.

[Do you want to continue challenging the 11th level?]

“Yes!” Gong Ziliang nodded and planned to charge forward in one go!

[Ding! You have arrived at the 11th level!]

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