Chapter 137: Level 30 Boss Appears!

Then, the Lone Goose Movement Technique was used, and Gong Ziliang’s figure turned into a shadow.

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In the next moment, he arrived beside the sword.


Gong Ziliang opened his hand and grabbed the sword hilt.
He also began to pour his spiritual qi into the longsword.


Immediately, the longsword emitted a buzzing sound!

Moreover, it continuously trembled in Gong Ziliang’s hand!

There was a spirit in the sword that was attempting to resist Gong Ziliang!

“If I don’t subdue this sword spirit, it’ll be very difficult to control this sword!”

Gong Ziliang frowned.
At this moment, all he could do was hold this sword tightly.

After pondering for a moment, Gong Ziliang crazily injected his spiritual qi into the sword.

As expected, after a large amount of spiritual qi entered the sword, it immediately quietened.

Then, the vibration became smaller and smaller.

The sword spirit in the sword seemed to have been subdued by Gong Ziliang’s special spiritual qi!


Finally, a crisp sound sounded.

The sword stopped shaking and was obediently held in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

Gong Ziliang knew that he had successfully subdued it!

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“Kid, congratulations on obtaining my treasure…”

While he was subduing this weapon, an old man’s voice sounded in his ears.


When Gong Ziliang heard this, he looked at the longsword in front of him in surprise.

“That’s right! I’m the owner of this sword.
No! It should be the previous owner, Tian Nizi!”

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The voice replied to Gong Ziliang.

“He should be the master of the Divine Flame Ruins…” Gong Ziliang guessed in his mind.

“Seeing that we’re fated, why don’t I give you a chance!” This old voice sounded again.

Then, before Gong Ziliang could react, a scarlet spiritual qi surged into his body!

Immediately, boundless spiritual qi filled Gong Ziliang’s dantian!

Under the control of the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique, Gong Ziliang’s spiritual qi had always been in a full state!

At this moment, with so much spiritual qi suddenly filling him, the balance was instantly broken, and Gong Ziliang’s body directly turned red!

The vast spiritual qi made him feel like he was about to explode!

“Level up! Level up!”

Sensing this power, Gong Ziliang hurriedly took out medium-level Experience Pills and began to crazily stuff it into his mouth.

[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 33!]

[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 34!]

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[Ding! Your level has increased to Level 35!]

As the system continuously reminded him, when he finally reached Level 35, Gong Ziliang felt that the spiritual qi in his body had reached a balance!

“It directly increased by three levels…”

Gong Ziliang was a little shocked.
One had to know that every increase in spiritual qi in the Illusory Core Realm was countless times more than in the Meridian Opening Realm!

If he increased his spiritual qi by one stage, it would probably allow a Meridian Opening cultivator to increase his cultivation by three stages!

Even so, he was still forcefully raised by three levels!

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Spirit Artifact—Soul Transformation Sword!]

[Soul Transformation Sword: Transforming into a soul with one slash, death and destruction follows! It has extraordinary power and has great lethality against the soul!]

“It’s actually a spirit artifact…”

When Gong Ziliang heard the system’s introduction, he could not help but nod.

Now, he only had the Immortal Transformation Pot.

The Immortal Transformation Pot had been helping him refine that spirit crystal jade essence, so he did not use it.

He did not expect that today, he would actually find a spirit artifact in the ruins!

Moreover, it was a weapon!

Not only that, but his cultivation level had also increased to the fifth-stage Illusory Core Realm!

“This trip was not wasted!” Gong Ziliang said happily, “This opportunity came so easily.
There’s really no sign at all!”

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt a series of explosions coming from outside the house.
Moreover, spiritual qi at the peak of the Illusory Core Realm continuously blasted over, as if they were in a battle.

“What’s going on…”

Gong Ziliang looked over curiously and discovered that other than the huge hole he had created, there was actually another door!

It seemed that the door was the correct path to enter this secret room!

This battle fluctuation came from outside the door!

Gong Ziliang frowned and gently opened the door.
He immediately saw that it was bright outside.

“Great Ox Demon Fist!”


Accompanied by a loud sound, a black phantom ox roared and rushed towards Gong Ziliang!


However, when this bull was more than ten meters away from Gong Ziliang, it suddenly dissipated in the air as if it had collided with a transparent barrier.

“Damn it! I still can’t hit it…”

Then, an angry voice sounded from outside.

When Gong Ziliang heard this voice, his expression was a little strange.
Wasn’t this the voice of Ba Shan…

“Oh no! The top disciples of the three sects have already tried it, but still, no one can reach this monster!”

“Damn it! Why is there a monster with a spiritual body in this ruin?!”

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“What should we do now? If we can’t defeat this monster, how can we obtain the treasure in the secret room opposite!”

“Damn it!”

Then, the voices of the disciples sounded.

There were men and women in these voices.
Clearly, the disciples of the three sects were outside!

“The secret room opposite? Treasure?”

Hearing the conversation of these disciples, Gong Ziliang’s expression immediately became strange.

Wasn’t he in a secret room?

Could it be… this was the place they were talking about?

[Ding! Level 30 Personal Boss Hell Bloodthirsty Demonic Bee detected! Please defeat it as soon as possible!]

“Level 30 Personal Boss? Hell Bloodthirsty Demonic Bee?”

Hearing the system’s words, Gong Ziliang immediately looked forward.

As expected, he saw a black-red figure stopping in the air outside the secret room!

This figure was like a huge bee, but its body was transparent.
As it flapped its wings, there was a rapid flapping sound.

On its body, Gong Ziliang felt the terrifying aura of the peak of the Illusory Core Realm!

Opposite the demonic bee were disciples of the three sects who were staring blankly!

These disciples looked at the demonic bees.
Even if they threw all their attacks at it, they could not touch it at all and directly passed through!

On the contrary, the sound emitted by the demonic bee made these disciples dizzy and could not raise their spirits!

Even Zhao Ling, Ba Shan, and the others stood on the spot in silence..
Clearly, even they could not do anything to this spiritual body…

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