“This is my fortuitous opportunity!” Gong Ziliang chuckled and did not explain so much to Wang Chong.

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The two of them continued forward, and soon, the cry of a disciple sounded.

“We’ve arrived at the second obstacle.
This is the sword formation set up by the Hundred Flower Sect!”

When everyone heard this, their minds shook, and they hurriedly walked forward.

In the end, all the disciples saw a huge stone door appear in front of them!

This stone door looked extremely heavy.
It stood there and directly blocked the path forward.

On the stone door were five different-colored rocks.
On these rocks, the sect symbol of the Hundred Flower Sect was carved.

Clearly, this stone door was the second test the Hundred Flower Sect gave them!

“For this round, our Hundred Flower Sect is testing everyone’s teamwork ability!”

At this moment, as the Eldest Senior Sister of the Hundred Flower Sect, Zi Yanrou stood out and explained to them, “If you want to pass through the stone door, you need a team of two or more people.
As long as the strength of the martial technique you combine can reach the level of Sword Intent, then you’ll pass!”

“Now, we can begin!”

Zi Yanrou looked at the disciples below who were avoiding her gaze.

Then, they looked in the direction of the disciples of the Hundred Flower Sect.
Immediately, those disciples understood and flew out two female disciples to arrive beside Zi Yanrou.

“Hundred Flower Sword Technique, Combination Sword Technique!” Zi Yanrou sneered, and then various flowers appeared beside her.

Under the contrast of these flowers, this Zi Yanrou looked like a fairy that had descended from the sky!

In fact…

The female disciples beside her all became side characters.
No one placed their gazes on them at all.


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However, although the flowers were beautiful, the power that erupted made the expressions of all the disciples present change.

From their auras, all the disciples present could sense that the three of them had not reached the Sword Intent realm.

However, when the three of them stacked the Intent of the three different swords,

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they actually complemented each other’s strengths.
Its terrifying aura instantly reached the level of Sword Intent!


When the three of their attacks landed on the stone door, the five stones on the door began to flicker!

In the end, these stones stopped flickering.
Only one stone remained bright.

“Martial technique level… Martial Intent! You have met the requirement, you can pass!”

Then, a voice sounded.

With the sound of a heavy stone door rising, this stone door opened for Zi Yanrou and the others.

“Disciples, let’s begin!”

Zi Yanrou nodded at the disciples below and walked in without any hesitation.

“Senior Brother Pan Shan, form a team with me!”

“Junior Brother Liang Bao, come with us!”

“Senior Brother Wang Wei, I heard that your Sword Dao has improved greatly recently.
Why don’t you test it together?”

Immediately, the disciples below began to search for their teams.

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However, no disciples came around Gong Ziliang!

Among the three sects, only Gong Ziliang stood here alone, looking very unique!

It was not that these disciples looked down on Gong Ziliang, but the time he had been in the Myriad Sword Sect was too short.

It was so short that these disciples did not know what level Gong Ziliang’s current understanding of the Sword Dao had reached.

“Junior Brother Wang, why don’t you come over too!”

Wang Chong looked at the inner sect disciple beside him and waved at him.
In the group of inner sect disciples, the Eldest Senior Brother of the Myriad Sword Sect, Zhao Ling, was surprisingly among them!

As a famous figure of the Myriad Sword Sect, Zhao Ling’s comprehension of the Sword Dao had definitely reached the level of Martial Intent!

It could be said that as long as he joined this team, it meant that he did not even need to work hard to pass through this stone door.


Wang Chong was stunned when he heard this.

Then, he looked in Gong Ziliang’s direction.
In the end, he gritted his teeth and shook his head at this disciple, “I’m sorry, I’ve already found my teammate!”

Then, under everyone’s puzzled gazes, Wang Chong ran towards Gong Ziliang.

This scene was naturally seen by many people.

For a moment, there was actually a smile in the crowd.

“Is this Wang Chong stupid? He actually gave up on sticking with Zhao Ling and ran to find Gong Ziliang? I admit that his strength might be very strong, but in the Sword Dao, he’s probably really inferior to Senior Brother Zhao Ling!”

“That’s right! Senior Brother Zhao Ling is a genius who has already comprehended Sword Intent!”

“Such an existence is rare even in the Myriad Sword Sect!”

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“Gong Ziliang looks so young, how can he possibly cultivate martial techniques to the level of Martial Intent?”

“Sigh! Wang Chong, you’re really short-sighted!”

“In my opinion, other than Wang Chong, no one else wants to team up with Gong Ziliang! As the eldest disciple of the Flower Sect, Zi Yanrou needs two teammates to pass! Could it be that Wang Chong thinks that their cooperation is better than hers?”

These disciples whispered in the crowd.

However, everyone present was a cultivator, so they clearly heard this.

These words immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“Junior Brother Liang, you don’t have a teammate? What do you think of me?”

At the same time, Wang Chong arrived in front of Gong Ziliang.

“Senior Brother Wang actually dares to team up with me?”

Looking at the conflicted Wang Chong, Gong Ziliang felt a little surprised.

This was because he had only interacted with Wang Chong a few times because of Elder Mei Hua.

He did not expect that Wang Chong would stand out at this moment.

One had to know that if they really could not pass the second round,

then, this would be the end of their exploration of the Divine Flame Ruins!

“Junior Brother Liang, don’t say that.
I said that I would take care of you.”

Wang Chong smiled, his tone filled with a determined aura.

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“Alright! Don’t worry, we’ll pass.”

Gong Ziliang was stunned when he heard Wang Chong’s words.
Then, he also smiled.


At this moment, there was a bang on the other side of the stone door!

Those disciples could not sit still anymore and began to attempt to attack the stone door for the first time!

“Great Spiral Sword!”

“Heavenly Sun Sword!”

“Jade Snow Sword!”

Immediately, gorgeous sword moves were used from these disciples’ hands and crazily smashed towards the top of the stone door!

However, no matter how they attacked, the stone door did not move at all.
There was no sign of it opening at all.

“The fusion sword technique focuses on your cooperation!”

At this moment, Zhao Ling walked up.

He looked at the stone door in front of him.
Clearly, he did not use any martial technique, but a dense sword intent spread out!

The disciples beside him were doing their best to fuse their sword intent into Zhao Ling.

Immediately, Zhao Ling’s sword intent increased greatly and struck the stone door!

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