Time seemed to have slowed down countless times.
A dense aura of death enveloped him!

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“Sword Drawing Technique!”

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded in his ears!

Then, Wang Chong saw a blood-red sword force suddenly appear between him and the poisonous bee.

The terrifying sword force emitted an extremely sharp aura.
Even the claws of the poisonous bees were cut off by the sword force without any resistance!

“Junior Brother Liang…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, Wang Chong’s pupils constricted slightly!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was actually wearing a gorgeous set of clothes…


This armor was black in color and covered Gong Ziliang very tightly.

Moreover, there were strange attributes coming from above, causing Gong Ziliang’s overall aura to increase rapidly!

“This is… an Extreme Realm Artifact? Moreover, it’s an entire set of Extreme Realm Artifacts?”

Looking at this set of clothes, Wang Chong immediately recognized it and was extremely shocked.

As the genius of the Myriad Sword Sect, Wang Chong naturally knew what this Extreme Realm Artifact meant.

That was a powerful tool that could increase his attributes!

In fact, he already had an Extreme Realm Artifact on him.

However, that was the life-saving treasure that Elder Mei Hua had given him.
Until the last moment, that artifact would not be effective!

However, now, seeing the entire set of Extreme Realm Artifacts on Gong Ziliang, Wang Chong was shocked!

This entire set of Extreme Realm Artifacts was probably something that even their Myriad Sword Sect could not take out!

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“As expected of the reincarnation of a mighty figure, this method is really impressive!”

Wang Chong sighed, his tone filled with respect for Gong Ziliang!

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“Don’t worry! We still have a chance!”

Gong Ziliang looked at Wang Chong and said very calmly, “Actually, we only need to defeat this Queen Bee before those spirit beasts arrive!”


Looking at the current Gong Ziliang, Wang Chong nodded and directly retreated.

“The True Martial Realm… Alright! Let me see how powerful the True Martial Realm is!”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly.
The Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand suddenly revealed a unique aura!

“Water Intent!”

Accompanied by Gong Ziliang’s scoff, under Wang Chong’s shocked gaze, a blue stream of water slashed out from his hand.

This stream was like a stream, but as the water flowed more and more, this stream also became a little tempestuous!


The longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand trembled.

The Heavenly Frost Sword pierced towards the Queen Bee along with the waves!


The tip of the Heavenly Frost Sword struck the shell of the Queen Bee, emitting a crisp sound.

However, this attack did not break through the Queen Bee’s defense.
Not even a trace was left on its body!

When the bee saw Gong Ziliang’s attack, it directly let out a sharp cry, as if it was mocking him.

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He even dared to use such an attack to embarrass himself…

“Don’t worry! This is just the beginning!” Gong Ziliang smiled at the Queen Bee and said in a mysterious tone.

Ding Ding Ding…

Then, a huge lone goose suddenly appeared under Gong Ziliang’s feet.

After this goose appeared, Gong Ziliang’s speed immediately increased greatly.
He transformed into afterimages that continuously attacked the Queen Bee!

The bee wanted to attack Gong Ziliang in anger, but even it could not see his movements clearly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Gradually, as Gong Ziliang’s attacks became faster and faster, the sound of the waves became louder and louder!

Finally, after Gong Ziliang struck the Queen Bee more than 30 times.

The next attack finally broke through the Queen Bee’s defense and pierced into its body!

Immediately, the bee screeched in shock and hurriedly retreated!

It looked at the wound in its abdomen and felt that it was unbelievable!

What had this human done?

Why were his attacks getting stronger each time?

Now, even it was almost unable to block Gong Ziliang’s attack!

“Intent! This is definitely an Intent!”

Wang Chong looked at the vast power that had already accumulated in Gong Ziliang’s body and was momentarily stunned speechless.

Intent could definitely be considered a Great Dao that only top geniuses could comprehend!

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This was the first time he had seen someone capable of using Intent.
This was already an extremely precious opportunity for him!

“Don’t run!”

Seeing Queen Bee retreat, Gong Ziliang immediately chased after her.

The Water Intent emphasized on continuously exerting force and overlaying it layer by layer to deal the most damage!

If he stopped in the middle, all his previous efforts would be wasted!

Therefore, when he saw the bee retreat, Gong Ziliang immediately chased after it.

The power of this sword was even stronger.
Under this sword, more than half of the claws behind the bee were cut off!

Even the wings on its back were cut.
Immediately, its entire body fell down as if it was drunk.

Looking at Gong Ziliang who was chasing after her, the Queen Bee’s body was trembling.

If it could unleash its full strength when Gong Ziliang had just used the Water Intent, it would not have lost so quickly!

Now, with such a comprehensive attack of the Water Intent, even it could not withstand such a terrifying attack!


At the critical moment, the poisonous bees rushed forward.

They were densely packed, numbering in the thousands.

At this moment, they had turned into a black wall that blocked the Queen Bee below.

Gong Ziliang slashed at it.

Immediately, the wall in front of him collapsed!

However, this also bought time for the Queen Bee.

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Using this time, the Queen Bee immediately rolled and crawled towards the beehive!

“Buying time?”

Seeing that his attack had scattered in front of him, his entire body trembled!

“There’s no hurry!” Gong Ziliang shook his head.

Then, he picked up the Heavenly Frost Sword and walked towards the beehive.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang muttered softly, “Fire Intent!”

Immediately, an extremely terrifying temperature spread outwards with Gong Ziliang’s body as the center!

Wang Chong, who was about to stop Gong Ziliang, felt as if he had seen a ghost after sensing this aura and directly retreated two or three steps in fear.

“Intent? It’s actually another Intent! Moreover, it’s completely different from the Intent just now…”

Wang Chong’s tone was trembling, and his heart beat several times faster!

For ordinary top geniuses, being able to comprehend an Intent was already enough for their elders to brag about for a long time.

Comprehending two Intents?

This had never happened on this continent before!

“A mighty figure is indeed a mighty figure! This kind of ability is really unbelievable!”

In the end, Wang Chong could only sigh.

The talent that Gong Ziliang displayed now simply made him feel incredibly ashamed!

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