Chapter 155: Wood Intent!

“Fashion Transmogrification, Water Dragon Ball!”

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In the end, when he saw that the black boar still had about 50,000 to 60,000 health, Gong Ziliang suddenly retreated.
At the same time, the Jade Water Robe on his body suddenly rippled.

Behind Gong Ziliang, Jade Water’s figure appeared and stretched out her hands to support him.


Immediately, a dragon roar sounded, and then a large amount of water pillars appeared on Gong Ziliang’s body and rushed into the sky!

These water pillars condensed in the air and gradually transformed into the shape of a huge dragon!

This water dragon roared at the sky, as if it was announcing its terrifying strength!

A huge amount of energy was released from its body.
It rolled in the air continuously and finally looked at the black boar below and spat out a huge water pillar!


When the water pillar struck the black boar, its entire body took a few steps back!

At the same time, the health bar on the black boar’s head quickly disappeared!




Continuous damage continuously appeared on its body.
The energy health bar on the black boar’s head disappeared at a visible speed!


Finally, with the last roar of the black boar, its huge body slowly fell!

“So powerful!”

Although he had expected that the power of this Water Dragon Ball would be very powerful, when Gong Ziliang used it himself, he was still stunned by the powerful force!

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It was definitely a Profound-rank martial technique!


The moment it fell, a golden pillar of light erupted from its body and rushed into the sky!

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Even the clouds in the sky turned golden!

“Eternal Mark, Shocking Attack!”

A huge golden pillar of light illuminated the surroundings, causing everything to become ordinary!

It was as if it was the center of the world!

Gong Ziliang could not believe his eyes.
When he rubbed his eyes, he realized that he had really killed a real gold farming monster!

“Oh my! How lucky!”

Gong Ziliang hurriedly walked over and put away all the vouchers that the black boar had dropped!

“80 vouchers worth $0.10 and 1 voucher worth $10!”

Looking at this harvest, Gong Ziliang could be said to be very satisfied!

This gold farming monster had brought him a total of $18.

Looking at the remaining 40 minutes, Gong Ziliang did not dare to waste it and hurriedly continued to fight!

Immediately, an extremely intense martial technique fluctuation appeared in the entire battlefield!

Then, after a battle, a large number of vouchers appeared in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

After checking, Gong Ziliang realized that there were actually a total of 480 vouchers.
Just the grids of the bag alone took up five positions!

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Moreover, this did not include the $10 vouchers that had dropped!

“This gold farming activity gave me $58!”

Gong Ziliang calculated.
Looking at the vouchers that he quickly increased, he realized that those gift bags that cost a few hundred dollars were not that expensive!

“Alright! Next, it’s Intent…”

After Gong Ziliang charged these vouchers in satisfaction, he looked at the Intent Function!

He could be said to be very interested in this concept.

The reason was that this function was too powerful!

Be it the current Water Intent or Fire Intent, they had both become Gong Ziliang’s trump card!

If he could continue to awaken more Intents, Gong Ziliang’s strength would undoubtedly become even stronger!

“Come on! Let me see what Intent I can awaken…”

Gong Ziliang opened the Intent Function and indeed discovered that the third Intent had already been unlocked.

This Intent wrote Wood!

Clearly, what Gong Ziliang could activate this time was the Intent of Wood!

“Wood Intent? Come on, my baby!”

After Gong Ziliang adjusted his state, he immediately clicked on the Intent.

[Ding! Do you want to spend 100 ingots to increase the Wood Intent once?]

“Yes!” Gong Ziliang immediately said without any hesitation.


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As soon as he said this, Gong Ziliang felt as if he had entered a huge plant world.

Endless life aura surrounded him.

Here, these plants seemed to have life force as they stared at Gong Ziliang tightly.

Their gaze seemed to be filled with judgment!


After Gong Ziliang felt this pressure, he opened his eyes in surprise.

The Wood Intent this time seemed to be a little different from before!

“Strange! Why did the aura of the divine beast suddenly disappear after it appeared!”

At the same time, outside the courtyard.

The old toad had not left.
At this moment, it was searching the entire world for the traces of the divine beast.

However, what puzzled it was that the divine beast it felt seemed to have disappeared into thin air an instant after coming out!

This made it unable to do anything.
It did not know where to find it…


However, at this moment, an extremely dense wood-element aura suddenly sounded from below.

The old toad touched its chin and felt that it was unbelievable.

In its confusion, the old toad actually gave up on finding the divine beast.

It went to observe Gong Ziliang through the crack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang felt a little uncomfortable.

This was because of the wood attribute spiritual qi that was originally swaying around him.

At this moment, it actually began to crazily burrow into his body!

With so much spiritual qi entering his body, Gong Ziliang’s body immediately bulged like a balloon that was about to explode!

However, after this wood attribute spiritual qi entered his body, it began to automatically adhere to Gong Ziliang’s meridians and internal organs!

This made Gong Ziliang’s body instantly filled with tenacity!

This feeling was extremely comfortable.

However, compared to the spiritual qi that was about to explode in his body, it was slightly insignificant!

“Bear with it!”

Gong Ziliang tried hard to guard his inner heart.

Because the wood attribute spiritual qi was continuously strengthening his body, even if the current Gong Ziliang was already swollen to an extremely exaggerated state, he still did not explode.
Instead, he continuously refined the spiritual qi in his body!


Finally, about two hours later, Gong Ziliang completely refined these wood attribute spiritual qi.
At the same time, his body returned to its original appearance!

“Hah… it seems that my defense has increased greatly!”

Looking at his palm, Gong Ziliang condensed a wisp of spiritual qi and slashed it open.

However, to his surprise, in less than three seconds after the wound appeared, it actually automatically recovered!

“Gasp! What a shocking recovery ability…”

Looking at his palm that was as good as new, without even a scar, Gong Ziliang could not help but be extremely surprised.

“Looks like this Wood Intent is to increase my defense and recovery speed!”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and immediately understood the function of this Intent..

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