Chapter 161: Leave This Spirit Beast to Me!

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“Eh, what’s this.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s figure appeared where the golden elephant had

At this moment, it had already been defeated by him.

However, it left behind a golden spirit core.
This spirit core floated in the air,

and one could feel an abundant Profound Realm aura coming from it.

Then, Gong Ziliang went to other places on the battlefield and immediately

gathered a full number of spirit cores!

It was even to the extent that his bag was about to be filled with these spirit


In the end, Gong Ziliang held the Profound Realm spirit core and returned to

the city tower

When the others saw this spirit core, they immediately cried out in surprise.

A soldier looked at the spirit core in Gong Ziliang’s hand and said in shock, “Ah!

This is a spirit beast core! Moreover, it’s at the Profound Realm! It’s worth a lot

of money!

“It’s worth a lot of money? Is it copper coins?

When Gong Ziliang heard this, his eyes immediately lit up.

“Yes! This spirit core can indeed be exchanged for a large number of copper

However, are you sure that what you want is not spirit stones?

When the soldier heard Gong Ziliang’s words, he nodded, but he could not help

but remind him.

“No! I want copper coins!” Gong Ziliang shook his head and held an Illusory

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Core Realm spirit core in his hand, “You can buy this with copper coins

“Buy it with copper coins? Did I hear wrongly?

When the soldiers heard this, they looked at each other and did not react.

Good lord!

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This spirit core was worth a lot of money in the mortal world.

Because the spirit pills that cultivators consumed were really too expensive, so

low-level cultivators like them chose to consume the spirit core in the spirit

beast body to cultivate!

It could be said that these two were equivalent to spirit stones for cultivators!

Now that they heard that copper coins were actually able to exchange for these

spirit cores, these soldiers were all smashed by this huge feeling of happiness!

“Report! The Upper Ancient Kingdom sent news that the disciples of the

Myriad Sword Sect were heavily injured.
The Upper Ancient Kingdom has been


Just as the generals were surprised, a soldier’s battle report sounded, causing

the atmosphere to quickly become tense again!

“Report! The Upper Ancient Kingdom has sent news that the King of the True

Martial Realm Beast Tide has appeared and that the disciples of the Myriad

Sword Sect have been heavily injured.
The Upper Ancient Kingdom has been


The soldier’s voice sounded in the city tower, causing the slightly victorious

atmosphere here to immediately become heavy.

“The king of the beast tide has appeared, and the disciples of the Myriad Sword

Sect are heavily injured..

When Gong Ziliang heard this news, he frowned slightly and had a bad feeling.

“Alright! Tll go over and support them now!”

Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and left under the respectful gazes of all the

soldiers on the city tower.

The Upper Ancient Kingdom was only a small kingdom when compared to the

Azure Ancient Kingdom or the Imperial Ancient Kingdom!

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However, now, almost all the other nine kingdoms had sent people to reinforce

the Upper Ancient Kingdom!

The reason was that a True Martial Realm spirit beast had appeared here!

This True Martial Realm spirit beast looked like a huge black Vajra, but the

difference was that its muscles could be said to be abnormally developed!

It was even to the extent that this black Vajra only placed its fist on the top of

the city tower, and cracks spread down from the top!

At the same time, a powerful aura of the True Martial Realm surged over from

its body.

Its terrifying power made other cultivators not dare to attack at all!

“Myriad Sword Technique!

Jade Water Sword Technique!

At this moment, the voices of the two women sounded.

Then, Chu Shuang and Zhu Ziwei, the two disciples, actually attacked from

both sides at the same time!

The two of them had the strength of the eighth-stage Illusory Core Realm.

this moment, when they attacked together, it could be said that sword qi

surged, causing the soldiers beside them to stare blankly.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

However, when the gorilla sensed their attack, it did not dodge at all and

reached out to grab them at the same time!



Immediately, Chu Shuang and Zhu Ziwe’s attacks collided with the Vajra’s


However, to their surprise, their attacks did not cause any damage.
All of them

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were blocked by the terrifying defense of the Vajra’s palm!

“How is this possible

Looking at the Vajra who had not even broken his skin, a look of despair

flashed in Chu Shuang’s eyes.

Such a powerful spiritual beast was definitely not something that they, the

disciples, could deal with!

This was considered a major mistake in the sect’s information.
Otherwise, with

the strength of the two of them at the eighth-stage Illusory Core Realm, they

could escape even if they could not complete an ordinary red-grade mission!


At this moment, Vajra grabbed the longswords in their hands.
Facing these two

beautiful disciples, Vajra did not have any thoughts of showing mercy to


Tt waved its hand.

Immediately, Chu Shuang and Zhu Ziweï’s bodies flew back like cannonballs!


Zhu Ziwer’s body smashed into the mountain peak, immediately creating a

huge hole!

She fell into the huge hole and did not climb out for a long time


On the other side, Chu Shuang spat out blood in the air.

However, what made her even more concerned was that in the direction she

fell, there were all kinds of weapons!

Some weapons and spears even faced upwards, waiting for Chu Shuang’s body

to land on them.

“Oh no

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Seeing this, Chu Shuang’s expression changed slightly.

Even if she was an expert at the llusory Core Realm, although she would not

die if she landed on this weapon, she would probably not be able to get out of

bed in a month or two!

At this moment, a white figure suddenly flashed past and hugged Chu Shuang’s

soft body.
Moreover, it landed on the mountain peak beside her very steadily.

Junior Brother Gong Ziliang

Looking up at Gong Ziliang’s well-defined face, Chu Shuang was actually a

little stunned.

“Leave this spirit beast to me!

Gong Ziliang did not think too much.
His gaze was also fixed on the Angry

Vajra in front of him!


Seeing that Gong Ziliang had actually caught Chu Shuang who had thrown him

out, the Angry Vajra immediately roared, its voice could be said to be filled

with unprecedented anger!


Then, the Angry Vajra borrowed the height of the city wall and actually directly

jumped down and pounced towards Gong Ziliang!

“Junior Brother Liang, you have to be careful! This Vajra’s defense is simply


When Chu Shuang saw the Vajra attack, he was immediately shocked.

Then let’s see if its defense is stronger or my recovery ability is stronger!”

Gong Ziliang smiled and seemed to be unmoved!

Then, in Chu Shuang’s shocked gaze, Gong Ziliang actually did not use any

martial techniques.

He faced the Angry Vajra and also threw a punch!

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