Chapter 171: The Owner of the Token Is Dead?

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This figure became more and more real.
In the end, it even turned into the appearance of a middle-aged man who looked to be in his thirties or forties.

“Hello! I’m the instructor of the Supreme Academy, Li Moran! Kid, your cultivation and martial techniques are not bad!”

Before Gong Ziliang could ask anything, Li Moran told him, “Are you interested in becoming my disciple? Say yes and I’ll immediately ensure that you become a disciple of the Supreme Academy!”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard Li Moran’s words, he was immediately stunned.

Good lord!

This condition was too tempting!

As long as he nodded, he would be able to obtain the qualifications that others could only obtain after risking their lives.

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This was no longer a free lunch.
This was a freaking buffet!

“There’s no need! There was already an instructor from the Supreme Academy who came to find me!”

However, in the end, Gong Ziliang still shook his head.

He remembered the strange old man he had encountered in the mortal kingdom.

The old man had said that as long as he could enter the Supreme Academy, he would be able to obtain the Supreme Body Refinement Technique that could perfectly temper his Divine Body!

“Oh? That’s too bac

Li Moran was a little disappointed when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words, “Then who’s this instructor who’s looking for you? I might know him!”

“He didn’t tell me his name.
He only gave me a token!”

‘As Gong Ziliang spoke, he took out the token that the old man had given him.

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Actually, Gong Ziliang also wanted to figure out what was going on with this old man.
Otherwise, even if he entered the Supreme Academy, he would not know where to find him to ask for the Supreme Body Refinement Technique!
“Oh? This… this is!”

However, when Li Moran saw the token in Gong Ziliang’s hand, his originally gentle expression instantly changed greatly, and a terrifying fear surged into his eyes.
Gong Ziliang could sense that at this moment, Li Moran’s entire aura had changed.

It was even to the extent that he could not control his strength, causing a huge force to surge out from his body!

“Spirit Refinement Realm!”

Jian Zun looked at these disciples and began to distribute charts.

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On this map, there was the information of their opponents in the first round.
It could be said to be extremely detailed.

“This time, the first round of the Supreme Academy Tournament will begin tomorrow morning! Therefore, please be prepared!”

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Jian Zun looked at these disciples below and said in a very serious tone, “After all, what you want to join now is an academy that all the cultivators of the Primordial Dynasty have to join even in their dreams!”
After that, Jian Zun let them return to their rooms to prepare.

This night was bound to be a sleepless night for many people!

However, this did not include Gong Ziliang!

After clearing all the activities and dungeons today, Gong Ziliang lay on the bed and slept.

In his opinion, nothing was more nourishing than a beautiful sleep!

The next morning, when the sky just lit up, the disciples in the inn were already prepared!

“Very good!”

Jian Zun’s gaze swept past the disciples one by one and finally stopped on Gong Ziliang, “Let’s go! Let’s set off!”

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With a wave of Jian Zun’s hand, all the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect lined up and followed.

The first round of the Supreme Academy Tournament was about to begin!

Holy City.
As the center of the entire Primordial Dynasty, it could be said to possess the most prosperous street in the entire Primordial Dynasty!

As the center of the entire Holy City, the Supreme Academy was the best of the best.
It was magnificent!

Gong Ziliang followed Jian Zun along the way.

After they walked for about half of the distance, the surrounding sect disciples could be seen clearly!

In the end, all the disciples surrounded a golden door!

This door looked extremely tall.
On the door, there were golden clouds carved.
It looked very noble and elegant, as if it was the most sacred hall in the world!

Now, the disciples who had come here all had pious expressions on their faces, as if being able to come here was already a supreme honor for them!

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