Chapter 175: Demon Cult’s Invasion!

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“Who are they…”

Looking at these black-clothed people, Gong Ziliang raised his brows.

He could sense that the cultivation of these black-clothed people was extremely not weak.
Almost all of them were around the True Martial Realm!

“Demon Cult!”

After looking at it for a long time, the old man spat out two words.

These two cold words sounded from the old man’s mouth, even making the surrounding air freeze!

“Demon Cult…”

Hearing this name, Gong Ziliang understood.

This Demon Cult was also mentioned in the information just now.
However, it also recorded that after being defeated by Academy Master Wu Hai, the Demon Cult did not appear in everyone’s vision again.
“Target, Wu Hai! Kill!”

The gazes of these four black-robed men gradually became ferocious as they looked at the old man!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After saying this, the figures of the four of them moved at the same time.
Immediately, a powerful True Martial Realm aura instantly enveloped the surroundings!

“Kid, leave quickly!”

The old man looked at these black-robed people and said something to Gong Ziliang behind him before immediately flying forward!


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At the same time, his aura erupted!

“Ninth-stage True Martial Realm?”

After sensing the aura of the old man, Gong Ziliang frowned slightly and felt that something was amiss.

Although a ninth-stage True Martial Realm cultivator was already considered a great expert, logically speaking, if this old man was the previous Academy Master of the Supreme Academy, Wu Hai, then his strength would definitely not be so low!
After all, the instructor he had encountered previously was already at the Spirit Refinement Realm!

However, if this old man was not Wu Hai, who could he be?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as Gong Ziliang was thinking, the old man and the black-robed men had already started fighting.

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Immediately, numerous powerful True Martial Realm auras swept through the surroundings, causing those disciples that were competing in the distance to feel such a formidable pressure, and they all looked over.
“Kid, why aren’t you leaving?!”

‘The old man was fighting four black-robed people.

Although the strength of these black-robed people was also at the eighth or ninth-stage True Martial Realm, for a time, they did not immediately defeat the old man.
Instead, they fell into a stalemate.

‘The old man turned around and saw that Gong Ziliang was still standing on the spot without leaving, so he asked anxiously.


However, just as the old man spoke, the four black-robed people also seized this opportunity to directly slap towards the old man!


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After being struck by this palm, the old man directly spat out a large mouthful of blood.
At the same time, his entire body flew back, drawing a distance of dozens of meters.

“Old thing, you’re dead today!”

The four black-robed people hurriedly followed after seeing this.
At the same time, a powerful demonic aura was emitted from their hands!

“Damn it…”

‘The old man still wanted to stand up, but his injuries were really too serious now.
He could not even stand up, let alone continue fighting!
“Sword Drawing Technique!”

At this moment, a light sound suddenly sounded from the side.

Then, under the shocked gazes of the old man and the few black-robed people, a dense Dao Intent emitted from Gong Ziliang’s body!

With a light scoff, the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand erupted with an unprecedented dazzling light.

Then, in everyone’s eyes, a blood-red sword force rushed into the sky and slashed at the four black-robed people!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying blood-colored sword qi cut through between the black-robed men and the old man.

The endless Dao Intent contained in this sword qi caused these black-robed people to have no choice but to give up on attacking and hurriedly defend!
Even they did not dare to be struck by this sword qi!

While he was free, Gong Ziliang grabbed the old man’s body and retreated.

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“Damn it! He escaped…”

‘When these black-robed people reacted, they discovered that Gong Ziliang and the others were long gone.

“Forget it! Our goal this time is the Grand Competition of the Supreme Academy.
There’s no need to waste time here!”

In the end, these black-robed people discussed for a moment before hurriedly retreating.

“Good kid, after not seeing you for a few days, your strength actually increased again!”
Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, the old man’s gaze revealed a shocked expression that could not be eliminated.

Gong Ziliang’s sword attack just now could be said to be extremely shocking.

He had directly repelled four True Martial Realm experts alone.
Even he might not be able to do it!

He did not expect that in a few days, Gong Ziliang had actually grown to such an extent!

“Who are you?!”

Looking at the old man in front of him, Gong Ziliang did not say anything to him but asked directly.

“Me?” The old man was stunned when he heard this, as if he did not expect Gong Ziliang to actually ask this question, “Wu Hai!”

“Wu Hai…”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard the old man say this name personally, he still felt that it was a little unbelievable, “You’re the previous Academy Master of the Supreme Academy, Wu Hai?!”
“That’s right!” Wu Hai nodded and admitted this very openly.

“But… aren’t you already dead?”

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Gong Ziliang recalled the information recorded and could not help but look at Wu Hai in surprise.

“That’s only a method to deceive the world…”

‘Wu Hai waved his hand to stop Gong Ziliang from being surprised, “Three years ago, Hei Sha and I fought a decisive battle here.
In the end, both of us suffered heavy losses.
We agreed that we would not fight in the next three years!”

“At that time, the entire Primordial Dynasty was frightened by the Demon Cult, Out of helplessness, I fabricated fake news that the two of us perished together to stabilize the hearts of the people!” Wu Hai explained to Gong Ziliang.

“Demon Cult? Hei Sha? What’s that…”

When Gong Ziliang heard the two names that Wu Hai said, he could not help but feel a little curious.

“The Demon Cult is a sect that exists across the entire continent! There are figures of the Demon Cult in every province!”

‘When the Demon Cult was mentioned, a heavy expression immediately appeared on Wu Hai’s face, “The Demon Cult of our Primordial Dynasty belongs to the smallest branch! It can be said to be extremely small!”
“Hei Sha is the Altar Master of this Demon Cult branch!”

‘Wu Hai sighed as if he was a little tired, “This Demon Cult has always been trying to cause chaos in the cultivation world and has continuously attacked the kingdoms.
Now, it has already become a colossus!”

“Not to mention our Supreme Academy, even the entire Primordial Dynasty is only a kingdom that can be destroyed with a flick of the finger in the Demon Cult’s headquarters!”

“So powerful!”

When Gong Ziliang heard Wu Hai’s words, he immediately felt a little shocked.
This was the first time he had come into contact with such a powerful faction!

“Kid, can you do me a favor?”

At this moment, Wu Hai suddenly grabbed Gong Ziliang’s sleeve and looked at him solemnly

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