Chapter 184: Opportunity Is Coming, Spacetime Realm


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[Ding! Congratulations on successfully raising your Ancient Sword Control Technique to Level 53!]


With the system notification, Gong Ziliang felt a huge amount of information explode in his mind.

Then, the various inherited sword techniques related to the Ancient Sword Control Technique were deeply engraved in his mind.


‘When Gong Ziliang recalled all the information regarding the Ancient Sword Control Technique, he realized the so-called Ancient Sword Control Technique was just as its name implied.
It granted the ability to manipulate swords freely!
‘When he cultivated the Sword Control Technique to the large success stage, he could completely command hundreds of long swords at the same time.
Moreover, it was as agile as using his fingers!
At that time, one person could even set up a sword formation on his own.

It could be said to be extremely impressive!

As he thought, Gong Ziliang’s mind moved slightly, and the Heavenly Frost Sword appeared in his hand.

As Gong Ziliang moved his finger slightly, the Heavenly Frost Sword flew around his body.

Then, no matter how Gong Ziliang brandished it, the Heavenly Frost Sword could quickly realize his movements.
It could be said that he was really using his palm!

It was even to the extent that Gong Ziliang felt that even if he commanded dozens of swords at the same time, he could also reach his current exquisite control!

“Good kid! You’ve actually cultivated this Sword Control Technique to such an extent!”

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At this moment, a muffled voice suddenly sounded.

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he raised his brows.

At the window, Wu Hai was leaning on the wall and looking at Gong Ziliang in shock.

“Kid, your cultivation speed is too fast!”

‘Wu Hai leaned on the wall and looked at Gong Ziliang in a daze, feeling that it was very unbelievable!

As the previous Academy Master of the Supreme Academy, he naturally knew that this Ancient Sword Control Technique was their Profound-rank martial technique!

How long had Gong Ziliang been cultivating it? He had actually used the Sword Control Technique to such a level!

This was already not something that a genius could do.
This was simply cheating!

“Tkilled the disciple of the Demon Cult.
Now, can you tell me what the so-called supreme fortuitous encounter is?”

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‘When Gong Ziliang saw Wu Hai, his eyes immediately lit up.
He did not plan to say anything else about the Sword Control Technique.

“Of course!”

‘Wu Hai glanced at Gong Ziliang and his tone became very serious.

“The opportunity I’m talking about is the legendary Spacetime Realm!”

‘Wu Hai slowly said to Gong Ziliang, “The Spacetime Realm is the most special mystic realm in my Supreme Academy! This is because you can fight a former supreme genius of the same realm there!”
“Fighting a former supreme genius in the same realm?”

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‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he was a little surprised.

“Yes! Some of these geniuses have already become experts that suppress a region! Some have already become piles of bones on the path of cultivation, turning into a part of heaven and earth…”
“However, the Supreme Academy absorbed and recorded their strength in all realms, allowing you to cross space-time to fight them!”

‘Wu Hai nodded, his tone filled with excitement, “Think about it.
Fighting with these young geniuses of the same level will definitely greatly increase your combat experience!”

“Moreover, if you can pass the test of the Spacetime Realm, you can obtain all sorts of generous rewards! It’ll definitely be greatly beneficial to your cultivation!”

“In that case, this is indeed a supreme fortuitous encounter!”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard Wu Hai’s words, he was immediately interested!

“However, to enter this Spacetime Realm, there are still conditions.”

‘Wu Hai looked at Gong Ziliang and suddenly coughed lightly, “That is, you have to obtain the recognition of the three first-year teachers to have the qualifications to enter the Spacetime Realm!”
“after all, this Spacetime Realm is a competition between top geniuses.
If one’s talent doesn’t meet the requirements, they won’t obtain anything good even if they go!”

‘Wu Hai explained to Gong Ziliang, “As long as the three teachers recognize you, it means that your talent has reached the requirement and you’re qualified to enter!”

“Receive the acknowledgement of the three teachers…”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard this, he nodded.

“Right! This Spacetime Realm has always been in an open state! Therefore, the faster you obtain recognition, the sooner I can let you in!”

‘Wu Hai nodded at Gong Ziliang, his tone could be said to be filled with hope for him.

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“Come on, kid! I think very highly of you!”

“When you receive the recognition of the three first-year mentors, it will be the time we meet again!”

‘Wu Hai looked at Gong Ziliang.
In the next moment, his figure turned into a stream of smoke and slowly disappeared in front of him.

“This old man! He really left just like that!”

Looking at Wu Hai directly disappear without any reluctance, Gong Ziliang could not help but shake his head.
He felt that this old man really did not give him any time to speak.
In the next three days, Gong Ziliang completely toured the corners of the Holy City.

After this round, Gong Ziliang had a sensation!

This place was huge!

If there was a need to describe it, it would be very big!

It was really too big!

‘With Gong Ziliang’s current speed, it could be said that traveling a thousand miles a day was not excessive.

However, on this day, Gong Ziliang did not manage to find anything.

In the Holy City, it could be said to be filled with cultivators from all directions.

These cultivators were mostly itinerant cultivators, but their strength seemed to be very powerful.
It was obvious that they were people who had experienced all kinds of slaughter!
‘As the Supreme Academy was about to begin the new students’ admission ceremony, these cultivators also gathered, as if they wanted to see the truth.

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“Supreme Academy, the new students’ matriculation ceremony has begun!”

At this moment, a light shout suddenly sounded in front of them.
Following that, the gazes of some disciples immediately condensed in front of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, thousands of people instantly ran in the direction of the Supreme Academy’s entrance.
Moreover, on the way, more people joined the group.

Clearly, they wanted to see how magnificent the Supreme Academy this year was!

Gong Ziliang also followed in the crowd.
When he arrived at the entrance of the Supreme Academy, he discovered that there were already many disciples standing there!
These disciples were the 100 disciples who stood out in the previous Grand Competition!

Among them, Gong Ziliang even saw a few familiar figures.
They were Zi Yanrou of the Hundred Flower Sect and Ba Shan of the Tyrant Fist Sect.

The two of them had also passed the test and become the new disciples of the Supreme Academy!

However, in terms of grandeur, the Myriad Sword Sect was still the most impressive!

‘The seven-person team could be said to have attracted the gazes of many people.
Almost all the new students this year were intentionally or otherwise approaching the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect.
“Junior Brother Liang, here!”

However, when the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect saw Gong Ziliang, they immediately waved at him to indicate that he should come over.

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