Chapter 191: Two Martial Techniques at Once

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“Unfortunately, I can keep up with this speed…”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly.
Then, in the eyes of the students, a violent white light suddenly blossomed on his back!


As this white light rose, under the shocked gazes of all the students, a pair of pure white wings rushed into the sky and spread beautifully!

When these wings appeared, Gong Ziliang’s speed suddenly increased.
He could actually follow Xiu Luo’s speed and transform into a white light that collided with her figure!

“These are… wings? The Heavenly Feather Race?!”

Xiu Luo felt Gong Ziliang’s aura.
Her gliding body paused slightly in the air and felt that it was unbelievable!

This was because after those wings appeared, she actually felt that Gong Ziliang’s speed had already caught up to her!

In her impression, only the elusive experts of the Heavenly Feather Race could grow wings!

“However, this pair of wings is not enough…”

Xiu Luo looked at Gong Ziliang, and the speed of her feet changed.
Then, she actually retreated to increase the distance between her and Gong Ziliang and began to search for his weakness to attack! “You want to pull away? Hmph! You’re looking down on me!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the retreating Xiu Luo and smiled.
At the same time, the white wings on his back suddenly released a golden light.

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After this light appeared, Gong Ziliang’s speed instantly increased greatly.
He almost increased his speed by three times and attacked Xiu Luo!

This was the active skill of Gong Ziliang’s Soaring Wings.
It could increase his movement speed by 300% for ten seconds!

With this ability, the distance between Gong Ziliang and Xiu Luo was instantly closed.
The speed was so fast that even Xiu Luo could not react for a moment!

“What… why are you so fast!!!”

This time, Xiu Luo was really unable to maintain her calm.

She looked at Gong Ziliang, who was only about a meter away from her, and for the first time, fear appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“Low-grade Earth-rank, Myriad Star Technique!”

While Xiu Luo was in a daze, Gong Ziliang snorted coldly and showed no mercy.
An extremely dazzling light erupted from his body! “Ten breaths!”

As Gong Ziliang used his martial technique, the students below were also calculating the time.
In a short moment, ten breaths of time had already passed!

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As time passed, an extreme starlight appeared, blinding everyone!

“What level of martial technique is this… Just the beginning actually has such an aura!”

When the disciples below felt this power, their expressions changed greatly and they felt that it was unbelievable! This was because this power had already exceeded the range of the True Martial Realm!

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“Gasp! An Earth-rank martial technique…”

At this moment, a shocked expression appeared on Xiu Luo’s face.

Although an Earth-rank martial technique was powerful, it was still very difficult to cultivate.
Usually, it required a large amount of time to accumulate before one could grasp an Earth-rank martial technique!

Usually, it was already quite impressive for a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator to be able to grasp an Earth-rank martial technique! Now, what Gong Ziliang displayed was an Earth-rank martial technique! Boom!

Then, in everyone’s eyes, the seven star pattern of the Big Dipper appeared in the sky! The Big Dipper and Gong Ziliang resonated with each other from a distance.

Vaguely, it even formed a strange array formation, causing his figure to become unfathomable!

Then, Gong Ziliang looked at Xiu Luo and took the first step!

This step echoed with a star in the Big Dipper.
As starlight scattered down, Gong Ziliang’s aura increased by a level at this moment!

“This Myriad Star Technique is indeed powerful…”

Gong Ziliang felt the increase in strength in his body and could not help but be very surprised.
The Myriad Star Technique was a martial technique that continuously accumulated one’s strength through overlapping! In the end, after walking seven steps, his strength would reach the highest level and he would release a powerful martial technique in one go!

However, this martial technique had a fatal flaw.
It took too long!

As long as it was interrupted while accumulating energy, the Myriad Star Technique would not be able to unleash its power.


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Gong Ziliang also knew this flaw, so he did not stop at all and directly walked out the second step, and third step…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, under the enhancement of these two steps, Gong Ziliang’s strength increased by a large amount again, and he was almost at the Spirit Refinement Realm!

“This can’t continue!”

After Xiu Luo felt the rapidly increasing aura in Gong Ziliang’s body, she knew that she could not let him continue to accumulate strength like this! Otherwise, forget about 100 breaths, even if it was 1,000 breaths, she would probably not be able to defeat Gong Ziliang!

“Asura Slash!”

Accompanied by a light scoff from Xiu Luo, in the next second, a blood-red light slashed out from her body.
In the red light, it contained an extreme killing aura, and a terrifying light swept in all directions!

It caused some trees to break, and even the clouds in the sky dissipated because of this attack!

At this moment, the gazes of countless experts in the entire Supreme Academy looked over!

This was the attack of a Spirit Refinement Realm expert! This also made the expressions of everyone below change!

“Teacher Luo, why did you use this power…”

Teacher Wu felt the aura of this attack and his entire body subconsciously moved.
He and Teacher Zhao looked at each other and were instantly prepared to save Gong Ziliang at any time.

This was because no one could guarantee that he would be able to survive this attack!

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Although they said that they wanted to teach Gong Ziliang a lesson, how could they bear to really hurt such a genius!

If such a genius were to suffer the slightest mishap, it would be their Supreme Academy’s loss!

“Ancient Sword Control Technique!”

Looking at Xiu Luo’s attack, Gong Ziliang still maintained his high speed movement.
At the same time, the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand let out an extremely loud sword cry!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, it actually left Gong Ziliang’s control and attacked Xiu Luo!

The Heavenly Frost Sword continuously spun in the air before suddenly slashing at the Xiu Luo’s terrifying attack.

Immediately, this impact turned into an endless storm that spread crazily in all directions!

Although the Heavenly Frost Sword did not have Gong Ziliang’s control and was directly sent flying by this Asura Slash, it really received this attack!

This scene could be said to have shocked the people below until their eyes almost popped out!!

“Gasp! This is the Ancient Sword Control Technique!!!”

They saw Gong Ziliang stretch out a hand to command the Heavenly Frost Sword.
At the same time, he was still maintaining the power of the Myriad Star Technique!

He was using two techniques at once!

Moreover, there was an Earth-rank martial technique among them!

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