Chapter 201 This Kid is Too Ruthless

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He could actually instantly form such a hard sand sword!

What was even more terrifying was that she actually felt a pressure that made her entire body tremble on Gong Ziliang!

It was as if he had not used his full strength!


At this moment, a cough of blood sounded from the center of the collision.
The female disciple hurriedly looked over and saw that Qian Wen was spitting blood at this moment.
His hands were trembling, and he looked ahead with a look of disbelief!

“My attack was actually broken instantly! How is this possible…”

Qian Wen looked at his hands.
Even now, he still could not react!

When they collided just now, his attack was almost instantly broken by the sand sword!

The sharp aura of the large sword simply made Qian Wen feel a sense of danger!

Fortunately, Gong Ziliang stopped in the end and turned the sand sword that collided with his body into yellow sand again.
Only then did Qian Wen preserve his life, and he only suffered minor injuries!

Otherwise, he would not be lying on the ground breathing, but had already become a corpse!

“I’ll be taking your treasures!”

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While Qian Wen was still in a daze, he suddenly heard Gong Ziliang’s voice coming from afar.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang continued to sit above the Golden Fire Lion and waved his hand with his back facing them…

“Is this the strength of an ancient supreme genius…”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s back, Qian Wen gulped.
Even if the two of them were just two minor realms apart, he still crushed him like a hot knife cutting through butter!

Such strength and talent simply shook him off by more than ten streets!

“This brat…”

At this moment, the scene that occurred in the sky was already seen by Academy Master Wu Hai and the few old men.

These few old men’s eyes widened at this moment.
Their faces were filled with disbelief, as if they had seen something that was impossible!

“This kid is too ruthless! He actually even…”

Wu Hai looked at Gong Ziliang’s swaying back and his face could not help but twitch.

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Too ruthless!

He did not expect that Gong Ziliang would be so ruthless!

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Originally, he thought that it was already not bad to let Gong Ziliang enter the Spacetime Realm and fight those ancient geniuses!

However, who could have imagined that Gong Ziliang would deal with their own people from the Supreme Academy first!!

“Academy Master! Where did you find this kid?? That Qian Wen is my student!!”

At this moment, an old man beside Academy Master Wu Hai was immediately upset.

Looking at Wu Hai, he directly roared, “What’s this! Qian Wen’s talent is so good, he’s close to the first in the third-year! He was defeated before meeting any supreme genius?”

“Teacher Sun, calm down!”

In the face of this old man’s roar, Wu Hai hurriedly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and did not even dare to breathe loudly, “This is an accident, definitely an accident!”

“What… what’s going on!”

When Teacher Sun heard Wu Hai’s words, he finally sighed helplessly.
Even he did not know whether to laugh or cry at this moment.

This was the first time such a situation had happened in their Supreme Academy!

After all, at this moment, no first-year students had been able to enter the Spacetime Realm.
Moreover, they had not mistaken their classmates for the supreme geniuses of history.

It could be said that Gong Ziliang had really broken a record of the Supreme Academy’s Spacetime Realm this time!

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“Kid, you have to control yourself!”

Wu Hai stood there awkwardly.
He looked at Gong Ziliang below and even wanted to directly throw him out!

“Martial techniques, spirit stones, weapons… why does he only have these things…”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang was sitting on the back of the Golden Fire Lion and looking at the battle results he had obtained leisurely.

Originally, he thought that as a third-year student of the Supreme Academy, Qian Wen should have many good things on him!

However, Qian Wen’s poverty had simply exceeded Gong Ziliang’s imagination.

Be it martial techniques, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, or weapons, all these things were not stuff that Gong Ziliang wanted!

They were too common! “I didn’t expect the students of the Supreme Academy to be so poor… Looks like I’ve overestimated them!” Gong Ziliang sighed.
After casually picking up some better medicinal pills and leaving them behind, he threw the rest of the things into a corner of his bag and sorted them out when he returned.

“High-grade Yellow-rank medicinal pill, Berserk Pill.
After consuming it, it can increase your strength, speed, and entire body functions by a large amount of three minutes.
After using it, you will enter a tired state, and your body’s functions will deteriorate!”

Looking at the introduction on this medicinal pill, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up slightly.
This Berserk Pill sounded like a good thing!

Unfortunately, there would be side effects after using it.
If he could not win in three minutes after eating it, he would probably become a lamb to be slaughtered!

“That’s right! Perhaps this medicinal pill will be useful in the future!”

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Gong Ziliang put away this medicinal pill in satisfaction.
It was not a loss to fight Qian Wen!

However, just as the smile on Gong Ziliang’s face disappeared, the Golden Fire Lion below him suddenly let out a low roar!

He was stunned when he heard this and looked forward.

In front of him was a figure covered in smoke!

This figure looked to be a young man, but his face was always covered in a layer of white fog, causing others to be unable to see his original appearance.
“Hmm?” Gong Ziliang looked at this figure and was slightly stunned.
This was because in his perception, there should be nothing ahead.
There should not be such a figure!

“Third-year student of the 148th batch of the Supreme Academy, Wu Wanghai, sixth-stage True Martial Realm.
I request a battle!”

The figure looked at Gong Ziliang and placed his palm up.
“A student from the 148th batch??”

Hearing this era, Gong Ziliang immediately recalled what Qian Wen had said when he signed up.
Qian Wen was a third-year student of the 169th batch, and this Wu Wanghai in front of him was actually the 148th!

There was actually a difference of 21 batches.
It was probably around 100 years in history! “Is he the supreme genius that Academy Master Wu Hai said would leave his figure in this Spacetime Realm?”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Wu Wanghai in front of him and immediately understood.

“First-year student of the 169th batch of the Supreme Academy, Gong Ziliang, at the sixth-stage True Martial Realm!” Gong Ziliang got down from the back of the Golden Fire Lion and looked at this figure solemnly.

“Our cultivation levels are comparable! We can fight!”

Wu Wanghai nodded when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words.

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s gaze, he suddenly took out a huge black bag and poured out the contents of this black bag!

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