Chapter 204 May I Ask if There Are Immortals in This World?

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“Sigh, may I ask if there are immortals in this world?”

After Gong Ziliang repeated this, he felt a sudden huge karma envelop him!

It was as if this sentence was a key.
As long as he said it, he would be bound by this karma.


As if it sensed the change in Gong Ziliang, the white figure’s footsteps that were walking forward suddenly stopped.
It turned around and glanced at Gong Ziliang.
“Interesting, interesting!”

Then, this figure continued to turn around and walk into the dense forest ahead.

“Sigh, may I ask if there are immortals in this world?”

He kept saying this nonstop.

“Who are you?” Looking at this person’s back, Gong Ziliang asked.

However, when Gong Ziliang said this, this white figure had already disappeared into the dense forest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the same time, the entire Spacetime Realm began to tremble continuously, as if it could disappear at any time!

“It seems that I should retreat…”

Finally, along with the white smoke around him completely disappearing, the entire Spacetime Realm also disappeared!

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Gong Ziliang’s vision immediately widened.

“What a strange figure…”

Gong Ziliang shook his head and suppressed that strange figure in the depths of his mind, not bothering about anything.
“Oh? It’s those two disciples…” After doing all this, Gong Ziliang looked around.
Soon, he saw Gong Ziliang’s familiar figure.
It was Qian Wen and the female disciple he had encountered previously.

Seeing that the two of them had yet to react, Gong Ziliang immediately fled, so as to not appear too awkward if he bumped into them and got exposed!

“Kid, why are you running so quickly…” Just as Gong Ziliang was escaping, Wu Hai’s voice sounded in the sky.

Then, under Wu Hai’s gaze, Gong Ziliang instantly ran for a few hundred meters.
His entire body had already become a small black dot!

“This kid!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang, Wu Hai did not know how to evaluate him in the end.

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However, without a doubt, the potential Gong Ziliang displayed now was already the highest in their Supreme Academy’s history!

“I didn’t expect that time inside the Spacetime Realm would be so fast.
Five days have already passed outside!”

After Gong Ziliang arrived at the small house he was staying in, he discovered that an entire five days had passed!

He felt that only a short moment had passed!

Such a strange sensation made Gong Ziliang feel that the passage of time in his body had become a little different!

“Fortunately, I bought the Treasure Beast Substitution Function previously.
Otherwise, wouldn’t I have missed out on the resources these few days…”

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Looking at the $220 vouchers in his bag, Gong Ziliang really felt very happy!

What was more comfortable than earning money lying down?

“There’s only a day left before I have to head to the front line to support the Primordial Dynasty as Wang Chong said!”

Gong Ziliang calculated the time.

He realized that he had been quite busy these few days!

“Then let’s use this time to learn the Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique!”

After Gong Ziliang thought for a moment, he took out the martial technique he had just obtained from his bag!

This Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique was indeed shocking when used by Wu Wanghai!

The few spirit beasts condensed were also extremely powerful!

If at that time, Wu Wanghai was not fighting Gong Ziliang but Qian Wen, he would probably have really won!

It could be said that this martial technique allowed Wu Wanghai to directly have the ability to fight across realms!

As Gong Ziliang thought, he opened this Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique.
Immediately, a line of words appeared in his eyes.

The entry level Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique could condense a spirit beast.
At the Small Success stage, it could condense two spirit beasts.

At the Great Success stage, it could condense three spirit beasts…

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Like this, when cultivated to the highest level, one could condense real spirit beasts!

“The highest realm is the descent of real spirit beasts…”

After seeing the introduction of this martial technique, Gong Ziliang could not help but gasp! This martial technique was too terrifying!

When the two of them fought, one side would directly condense more than ten spirit beasts.

Moreover, each of them had extremely powerful strength like real spirit beasts!

How could they fight?

This was simply a martial technique that overwhelmed the opponent with numbers!


[Ding! Detected medium-grade Earth-rank martial technique, Spirit Beast Four Symbols.
Do you want to spend 5,000 ingots to learn it?]

“This… is actually a medium-grade Earth-rank martial technique!!”

After hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang’s eyes revealed a trace of excitement!

This was the first time he had obtained a medium-grade Earth-rank martial technique.
Moreover, he had directly obtained such an awesome martial technique!

“Learn! Max out the skill level!”

Gong Ziliang endured the excitement in his heart and raised this skill to Level 56…

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Immediately, various introductions regarding the Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique appeared in Gong Ziliang’s mind! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After Gong Ziliang digested all this information, he stretched out a finger towards the sky.

Immediately, like the scene with Wu Wanghai, white lightning appeared!

This lightning descended from the sky and landed on Gong Ziliang! Not only did he not feel any damage, but he also felt very comfortable! “Condense!” Looking ahead, Gong Ziliang’s heart skipped a beat.

In the next moment, white lightning crazily rushed out from his body!

These lightning turned into snow that gathered about five or six meters in front of Gong Ziliang!

After a terrifying suppressive aura appeared, a white tiger covered in lightning walked out of the space in front of them!

This white tiger was completely different from the one condensed by Wu Wanghai!

Previously, the tiger-shaped spirit beast released by Wu Wanghai was only in the shape of a tiger.
Even the tiger’s eyes and nose had not condensed.

It was completely a white figure!

Now, this white tiger that Gong Ziliang had condensed was not only showing the details of its entire body perfectly, even the fur on its body appeared clearly in front of him! If anyone saw this white tiger, they would definitely not imagine that this was something condensed from spiritual qi!

Gong Ziliang looked at the white tiger and waved his hand lightly.

The ferocious tiger suddenly roared, and its entire body actually split into six balls of light!

These lights condensed into six different spirit beasts!

However, the intrinsic details of these spirit beasts were far inferior to the white tiger just now!

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