Chapter 205: Parkour on the Battlefield


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“see! If I condense it with all my strength, I can condense a spirit beast that is identical to my realm and has a perfect form! If I pursue quantity, I can condense six spirit beasts.
However, the strength of these spirit beasts is only at the first-stage True Martial Realm…”
After Gong Ziliang sensed the change in the aura of these spirit beasts, he immediately understood!

“Not bad, not bad! If I unleash this Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique on the battlefield, I’m afraid it can change the outcome of a small-scale battle!”

After Gong Ziliang looked at these six spirit beasts, he nodded in satisfaction.
Then, he waved his hand and stored all these spirit beasts back.

“Hehe! I have another trump card!”

Looking at the various skills in his skill column, Gong Ziliang’s mood could not help but become even better.

(Ding! Level 1 Warning! Level 1 Warning! Time Limited Event has begun!]

Just as Gong Ziliang was smiling and looking at his skills, the system’s sudden voice shocked him.

“What is this…”

At the same time, in Gong Ziliang’s vision, an introduction of an activity interface suddenly appeared.

{Ding! Your level has been detected to be Level 56.
You have met the requirements of the event.
You can participate in the monthly limited time Sand Attack Event! As long as you succeed in your conquest, you will be able to obtain rich rewards and various large gift bags!!]
[Limited Time Sand Attack Event: Hot-blooded conquest.
If you’re my brother, come and slash me! Please carry out the Sand Attack Event during the event.
As long as you successfully kill an enemy, you can obtain a Gift Bag! After successfully attacking the sand, you can obtain a Sand Attack Gift Bag!]

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Event Duration: 6 days, 59 minutes, 56 seconds

“Limited Sand Attack Event?!”

Looking at this system introduction, Gong Ziliang’s mind buzzed.
He immediately recalled the Sand Attack Event on those hot-blooded web-browser games in his previous life.

The so-called Sand Attack Event was actually just an activity to defend or attack cities in the game.

Two sides would lead their troops to fight.
The winner would become the new City Lord!

However, Gong Ziliang did not expect that one day, he would actually experience this Sand Attack Event.

“This activity will last for an entire week!”

Looking at the time, Gong Ziliang could not help but laugh loudly!

This event was really timely.
After all, he was going to the front line to complete the mission tomorrow!

In this case, would there be no cities for him to attack?

After Gong Ziliang noted down the time-limited event, he continued to organize his cultivation resources.

Time passed very quickly.
In the blink of an eye, it was already the second day.

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‘When the sky lit up, Gong Ziliang had already put on his clothes and headed to the gathering place for this mission with Wang Chong and the others.

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Because they were going to reinforce all the front lines of the Primordial Dynasty, even if they had a total of 100 first-year students, the support location of each student was different!
They would all be messed up and scattered in the front lines of the Primordial Dynasty!

In the end, Gong Ziliang and Wang Chong arrived at the classroom they had been in previously and discovered that Teacher Zhao, Teacher Wu, and Teacher Luo were all here.

Seeing that everyone was here, these teachers began to give Gong Ziliang and the others their mission cards.

“This time, I’m going to reinforce two cities!”

After Gong Ziliang received the mission card that belonged to him, he looked at it and discovered that the place he was going to was the Eastern Border Region!

There were two cities that were suffering the violent bombardment of the Bright Fire Dynasty.
Therefore, Gong Ziliang had to reinforce these two cities!

“Please set off tomorrow!”

Teacher Zhao looked at the students below and said, “This is your first mission! It’s also a test for you.
I hope you can obtain outstanding results!”

“Junior Brother Liang, I’m going to the Northern Border! Let’s meet up after I return!”

‘Wang Chong cupped his hands at Gong Ziliang and stood up to leave, heading for his target location!

“Alright! Let’s meet again when we return!”

Gong Ziliang nodded and looked at the city displayed on his mission card.
He began to travel!

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Eastern Border, Flatwater Mountain Range.

This was already the border area of the Eastern Region.
There were mountain ranges everywhere.

Because this was the border of the Primordial Dynasty and the Bright Fire Dynasty, almost all adults here were fighting large and small wars!

In this mountain range was a medium-sized city.

From the outside, this city looked like an ordinary city in the mortal world.
Only after sensing the powerful spiritual qi fluctuation continuously coming from the city did he dare to confirm that this city was indeed a place for cultivators.

Accompanied by a loud roar, a golden spirit beast figure slowly arrived at the peak of the mountain range and looked down.

“This should be the first city—Flatwater Pass!”

Looking at the slightly tattered city below, Gong Ziliang compared it with the map on the mission card and discovered that the place he was looking for was not wrong!

“I didn’t expect Little Heaven to have already become so fast!”

Gong Ziliang touched the Golden Fire Lion below him and was extremely surprised!

If it was an ordinary True Martial Realm cultivator, it would probably take them half a month to reach this Flatwater Pass from the Supreme Academy!

Under the speed of the Golden Fire Lion, Gong Ziliang only used a short two days to arrive here!

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This speed could not be said to be shocking, but it was extremely terrifying!

[Ding! Detected that it is now 12 PM on Monday.
The Parkour Event will begin in 5 minutes.
The event will last for 10 minutes! During the Parkour Event, you will randomly obtain various items…]
(Parkour Location: Flatwater Pass Battlefield!)

(Time: Five minutes! ]

“Good lord, the battlefield is so cool…”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard the voice that suddenly sounded in his ears, he was slightly stunned.
A week had passed so quickly!

“Forget it! Let’s do it!”

Looking at the Flatwater Pass below, Gong Ziliang muttered softly.
Then, the Golden Fire Lion roared and jumped down from the mountain peak!

Flatwater Pass, City Lord’s Mansion.
At this moment, this place could be said to be covered in worry.
Everyone’s faces were covered in graveness!

On the highest seat here, a middle-aged man with a beard and wearing a black-gold robe had an extremely heavy expression.
He was the City Lord of Flatwater Pass, a seventh-stage True Martial Realm cultivator, Ning Ji!

“City Lord, that Bone Eroding Blood Wolf is simply an invincible existence on the battlefield! What should we do?”

A servant wearing a set of armor reported the situation anxiously..

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