tretch of its hand, a whirlwind that looked even more ferocious than before spiraled up and attacked Bai Chuxia.
At the same time, its right claw seemed to be doing something.

When Bai Chuxia saw this, she immediately kicked her feet on the rock wall and bounced away.
In the blink of an eye, the whirlwind hit the rock wall.
Immediately, sand and rocks splattered everywhere.
The strength was extremely powerful.

At the same time, Bai Chuxia was in a state of suspension.

When the Fire Cat King saw this, it revealed a confident and strange smile.
At the same time, it stretched out its right claw.

Another whirlwind collided!

When Gong Ziliang saw this, his heart shook and he roared, “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”


Gong Ziliang was so anxious that he started to curse.

At the same time, he no longer watched the show.
With a spring step movement, he rushed forward and used his experience of killing chickens to immediately unleash a Dragon Roar Fist Technique.

In the state of suspension, Bai Chuxia looked at the whirlwind that pounced at her and thought that she was really doomed this time.
If she suffered this move, she would be crippled even if she did not die!

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Bai Chuxia wanted to use the sharp sword in her hand to resist the Fire Cat King’s whirlwind.
Instead of waiting for death, it was better to take a gamble.

However, before she could react, the shadow of a golden dragon suddenly appeared in front of her.
The head of the golden dragon faced the whirlwind.

With a dragon roar, it collided with the whirlwind.


Thump! Thump!

Her eyes lit up.
Bai Chuxia only felt the fluctuation of the two energies colliding.
She was not injured.
After landing safely, she quickly retreated.

Gong Ziliang immediately shouted, “You’re really worrisome.
Let me do it!”


After the Dragon Roar Fist Technique and the Fire Cat King’s whirlwind confrontation, Gong Ziliang already knew if he could fight the Fire Cat King.

Although he was only at the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm, his proficiency in the Dragon Roar Fist Technique had already reached the Minute Subtlety realm.
He could withstand an attack from the Fire Cat King, who was above the Qi Refinement Realm.

If he took out the Heavenly Frost Sword, with the bonus damage, wouldn’t he be able to easily kill the Fire Cat King?

‘No, I still have the Profound-rank Sword Drawing Technique!’

Didn’t the system say that when he unsheathed his sword, he could instantly destroy everything?

If he was that desperate, he could pull it out and try!

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Moreover, looking at Bai Chuxia’s current state, she definitely could not defeat the Fire Cat King.

There was no helping it.
This handsome and charming little brother had to save the damsel in distress.


Bai Chuxia immediately disagreed with Gong Ziliang’s actions and hurriedly said, “It’s better for us to join forces to attack the Fire Cat King.”

At this point, even if she wanted to run, she could not.
There was no other choice.
Therefore, she could not let this wretched man die on his own.

She could only try her best.

Gong Ziliang did not respond when he heard this.
After smiling faintly, he rolled up his sleeves and suddenly rushed forward.


A dragon roar resounded throughout the canyon, and the golden dragon phantom suddenly darted towards the Fire Cat King.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang picked up the levelless red weapon, the Heavenly Frost Sword, that he had only used once.
He followed closely behind the golden dragon phantom.

Regarding this, Gong Ziliang had a plan.

When the Fire Cat King saw this, it had long seen through Gong Ziliang’s little thoughts.
It did not summon the whirlwind to resist Gong Ziliang’s golden dragon phantom again.

Instead, it chose to jump to the side and wait for an opportunity to counterattack.

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he indeed took a step forward and temporarily canceled his previous thoughts.
He also jumped to the side with the Fire Cat King.

At this moment, a figure appeared behind the Fire Cat King…

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