Chapter 213: Creating Joy With Money


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‘The potential and strength that Gong Ziliang displayed now simply made him gasp in surprise!

“Fortunately! Let’s quickly attack the city!”

Gong Ziliang smiled at Lin Xiao and did not ask about his performance in this battle in his previous life.

This was because in his previous life, he was not so good at cultivation!

‘What they should be doing now was to help Wan Qing and attack the city of the Bright Fire Dynasty!


Lin Xiao nodded when he heard this.
Then, he and Gong Ziliang transformed into two rays of light that rushed towards the battlefield!
“Gasp! What’s going on? Why was the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf suddenly killed?”

On the Bright Fire Dynasty’s side, the general guarding this city also saw the scene in the river ahead.

When he saw that the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that his prince had boasted to never die had been killed in front of him!

This made this general feel disbelief!
“Damn! Those two are coming this way…”
The general immediately felt nervous when he saw Gong Ziliang and the others flying over after dealing with the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.

Could they really withstand an existence that could kill the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf.

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However, this general soon knew the result!

“Jade Water, Water Dragon Bullet!”

“War Beast, Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!”

“Spirit Beast Four Symbols Technique, condense!”

‘As Gong Ziliang arrived in the sky above the battlefield, terrifying fluctuations erupted from his body.

The soldiers below saw water condense in the sky, and a lifelike huge water dragon appeared!

‘This water dragon roared and spat out water bullets at the army of the Fire Dynasty.
The water bullets exploded and immediately dispersed these troops!

Immediately, the entire Bright Fire Dynasty was in chaos!

Behind this water dragon, a red figure walked out of the air, accompanied by a furious roar.

In the next moment, a wind blade burning with sparks turned into a killing weapon and passed by them!

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Immediately, countless warriors fell.
The entire river even turned blood-red!


However, the most shocking thing was the last six different spirit beast phantoms formed by white lightning.
On these spirit beast phantoms, they felt an endless destructive aura!
With a furious roar, the six spirit beast phantoms attacked together and scattered the troops that were prepared to counterattack.

Immediately, the entire battlefield changed from the original advantage of the Bright Fire Dynasty to a huge disadvantage!

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“How can we fight this…”

In the city of the Bright Fire Dynasty, the general looked at the terrifying spirit beast phantoms below and his heart trembled.

How should they fight this battle!

Was this not bullying??

“Retreat! All the troops of the Bright Fire Dynasty, retreat immediately!”

Helpless, the general could only shout for retreat.
He did not dare to continue staying here.

He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, the entire army would be killed by Gong Ziliang alone!

“This is the joy of pay-to-win players…”
Looking at himself fighting a hundred enemies alone, Gong Ziliang could be said to have completely experienced the joy of those rich players in his previous life!
Previously, Gong Ziliang did not understand why someone was so stupid to spend so much money in a trash game.
What sense of accomplishment could there be??
However, Gong Ziliang already felt the joy of spending money!

This was something that a free-to-play gamer could never achieve!

“Using cash to create happiness…”
Looking at the Bright Fire Dynasty that had already begun to retreat below, Gong Ziliang could not help but sigh with emotion.
He felt extremely good in his heart!
“Little Liang, what are you doing…”

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Lin Xiao followed behind Gong Ziliang.
At this moment, his face had already turned numb.

The current Gong Ziliang had large wings on his back and a lion that was emitting flames under his feet.
Beside him was a young girl in a blue robe who was so beautiful that she did not seem to be from the mortal world.
There was also the golden spirit beast below and the various spirit beast phantoms
that Gong Ziliang had condensed just now.

Lin Xiao felt that he was not from the same world as Gong Ziliang!

This difference was too great!

“Let’s go!”

Gong Ziliang looked at Lin Xiao and chuckled.
He did not explain anything else and flew towards the city below.

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully conquering a city! You have obtained a Second Sand Attack Gift Bag!]

[Ding! Successfully opened the Second Sand Attack Gift Bag.
Congratulations on obtaining 20,000 ingots, 20,000 Star Ascension Stones, 20 Augmenting Stones, and 20 Mutated Beast Advancement Pills! ]

As Gong Ziliang stood on the city tower, the system’s voice also sounded in his mind.

Bright Fire Dynasty, Eastern Border City, Moon Goose Pavilion.

At this moment, a large number of black-robed people had already gathered here.
They stood there without moving.
All of them looked like statues, standing so still that it made one feel strange!
In front of them was a young man ina black robe.

The young man’s skin was pale.
The black patterns in his eyes continuously spun, as if he was calculating something.

This young man was none other than the Demon Cult’s Holy Son!

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“Eh? Two Bone Eroding Blood Wolves were actually defeated…”
suddenly, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son raised his head and a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes, as if he felt something unbelievable.
“Interesting, interesting! I didn’t expect that someone below the Spirit Refinement Realm could actually defeat the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!”
After the Demon Cult’s Holy Son was surprised for a moment, he revealed an extremely interested expression.

“Very good! Let me see who you are!”

The Demon Cult’s Holy Son smiled coldly before his figure flashed and instantly disappeared.


At the same time, after Gong Ziliang heard the system notification, he nodded in satisfaction.
In this case, he had really obtained a lot of rewards in this activity!

“They’ve already taken down the city…”

‘Wan Qing looked a little dizzy at this moment.
It was not because he had been beaten up, but because things had happened too quickly and he had not reacted at all.

Almost a moment ago, they were still pressed to the ground by the Bright Fire Dynasty.

However, with Gong Ziliang’s arrival, it seemed that all the problems were resolved.
This simply made Wan Qing feel extremely stunned!

Looking at Gong Ziliang, Wan Qing hurriedly cupped his hands and said very respectfully, “Student, I’ll definitely report today’s incident to the Supreme Academy and give you the greatest credit!”
“Alright, thank you!”

Gong Ziliang nodded.
After looking at Lin Xiao, he immediately stood up and rushed in the direction of Shangguan Yan.

After all, Shangguan Yan was facing the main body of the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf!

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