Chapter 218 Little Tuan Tuan

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Looking at the 400 dollars on him, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and finally pressed the purchase button!

[Ding! Congratulations on successfully purchasing the $388 Love Gift Bag! Obtained Human-shaped Treasure Beast: Little Tuan Tuan]

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! As the system notification sounded, Gong Ziliang saw a white light slowly appear in front of him and slowly dissipate with this white light.

In the end, a tall person wearing a white robe with a thin waist appeared.
Her body proportion was perfect.

Moreover, what stunned Gong Ziliang was this girl’s face.

Although her eyes were closed, she was already very beautiful!

It could be said that among the junior sisters that Gong Ziliang had seen before, each of them could reach 8 or 9 points!

However, when he saw this Little Tuan Tuan, Gong Ziliang instantly increased his total score to 100 points!

Moreover, Little Tuan Tuan scored full marks without any impurities!


Finally, with a soft whisper, Little Tuan Tuan’s eyes flickered slightly, and then her eyes slowly opened!

Her eyes were like purple crystals, and her pupils were purple.

Moreover, her eyes were extremely pure and natural!

She was a girl who had never experienced anything!

“Master, should we undergo dual cultivation?”

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Little Tuan Tuan looked at Gong Ziliang and the first thing she said stunned him!


Gong Ziliang looked at the Little Tuan Tuan in front of him and did not react for a moment.

Good lord!

This was too much!

Who asked about dual cultivation right from the start!

“Damn! Master, don’t be so surprised! This is my function!”

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Little Tuan Tuan looked at Gong Ziliang and smiled faintly.

In an instant, Gong Ziliang felt a hundred flowers blooming in front of him.
It was extremely beautiful!

Then, Gong Ziliang felt his heart heat up and subconsciously hugged Little Tuan Tuan.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night…

The next morning, accompanied by a ray of sunlight.
Gong Ziliang also opened his eyes and looked at the Little Tuan Tuan in his arms.
He coughed lightly and recalled the madness yesterday.

However, after thinking about it, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt his entire body become light!

When he looked at his personal information, he was immediately shocked!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s level had actually increased by four levels in a night, reaching Level 60!

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He obtained four levels overnight…

Didn’t this correspond to last night’s…

Gong Ziliang looked at the Little Tuan Tuan in his arms, his expression becoming a little strange!

If his guess was right, Little Tuan Tuan’s ability was too terrifying…

One had to know that he did not undergo any cultivation or use any medium-level Experience Pills.

This Little Tuan Tuan could actually raise his level to Level 60 without using the Experience Pills!

This was really unbelievable!

[Ding! Your level has reached Level 60! New Spiritual Sense function has been activated!)

(Ding! Your level has been detected to be Level 60! The gold farming event will be updated.
You need to clear it once before the Treasure Beast Function can be used to clear it automatically!]

(Ding! Your level has been detected to be Level 60! Earth Intent can now be activated.]

As Gong Ziliang checked his body, the system’s notification began to surge crazily, causing him to be a little absent-minded!

“It actually increased so much…”

Hearing the system notification, Gong Ziliang hurriedly opened the system interface and discovered that it had indeed become a little different!

A new ability appeared in the system’s skill interface: Spiritual Sense!

Seeing this ability, Gong Ziliang’s eyes immediately lit up!

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Spiritual sense was an ability that only a cultivator above the Spirit Refinement Realm could cultivate!

However, not every Spirit Refinement Realm expert could cultivate spiritual sense!

Those who could cultivate spiritual sense were people who had experienced major changes in their minds or bodies.

Only when one was in extreme despair could they grasp a trace of the spiritual sense and cultivate this extremely rare power!

Now, he could already cultivate his spiritual sense!

(Ding! Do you want to spend 1,000 ingots to cultivate your spiritual sense?]

Gong Ziliang probed.

An interface immediately popped up.
After hesitating for a moment, Gong Ziliang pressed the cultivation button.


Immediately, accompanied by a bang, Gong Ziliang felt golden lights appear in front of him!

At the same time, a brand new perception spread out in all directions from Gong Ziliang’s mind!

This feeling was very strange.
Gong Ziliang was lying on the bed, but he could clearly sense everything outside the door!


Moreover, as the cultivation time increased, this perception ability was still continuously strengthening and strengthening!

A few moments later, Gong Ziliang’s entire mind had already arrived in the sky above the Moon Goose Pavilion!

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From his point of view, he could see the entire Moon Goose Pavilion!

“How magical…” Gong Ziliang lay on the bed with his eyes closed.
He felt that his senses had become countless times more sensitive.

Apart from his eyes and palm, Gong Ziliang could clearly see everything around him with just this spiritual sense!

“So this is the world in the eyes of mighty figures…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the city below and a strange feeling that everything was under his control rose in his mind!

“If I continue to fight now, my overall perception ability will probably increase greatly! As long as there’s a slight flaw in the enemy, I can instantly capture it!”

Gong Ziliang opened his eyes in surprise, indicating that he was very satisfied with this Spiritual Sense function!

In the City Lord’s Mansion of the Moon Goose Pavilion.

At this moment, as the city of the Bright Fire Dynasty was broken through.
The current City Lord’s Mansion was filled with laughter.
Almost everyone had a smile on their faces.

Above, two old men with white hair and white beard were also smiling as they watched this scene!

“I didn’t expect this! I didn’t expect that before the two of us attacked, this largest battlefield in the Eastern Border had already ended!”

One of the elders touched his white beard and sighed.
“Elder Yuan is right! I didn’t expect that in the end, the two of us at the Spirit Refinement Realm would drag the entire city down!”

The other old man also smiled bitterly.

“Sigh, actually, I came here this time because I heard that the ability of the Bone Eroding Blood Wolf that appeared in the Eastern Border was very powerful, so I wanted to come over to train and see if I could cultivate my spiritual sense at a critical moment!”

Elder Yuan looked at the old man at the side and coughed lightly before saying, “I presume Elder Li thinks so too?”

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