Chapter 221: Gold Farming, Three-Legged Golden Toad


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On Gong Ziliang’s side, after half a day of adjustment, he finally adjusted all his skills to their optimal state.
At this moment, the sky outside had already darkened.

Unknowingly, Gong Ziliang had been busy for the entire afternoon!

“Hah! Prepare to start gold farming!”

Looking at the time, Gong Ziliang felt that it was about time to start the 20 points gold farming event.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s eyes suddenly focused.
This was because he sensed that two existences at the Spirit Refinement Realm had actually arrived at the inn he was at!
“Something’s not right!”

Gong Ziliang did not cause a commotion.
As he sat here and opened the gold farming activity, he used his powerful spiritual sense to observe the existence of these two Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators!
“Looks like that mighty figure is here…”

Below the inn, Elder Yuan and the others looked at this small inn, their gazes revealing a very confident light!
They were almost certain that the existence that emitted the Heavenly Sword Intent was here!

Therefore, the two of them did not say anything and began to walk separately into the inn

“So they’re here to find a mighty figure…”
After hearing Elder Yuan and the others, Gong Ziliang immediately understood and came over.
At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.
“I didn’t expect that there would be an expert in this inn! Forget it, forget it.
This has nothing to do with me.
Let’s prepare for the gold farming event!”

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Gong Ziliang stretched his body and retracted his huge spiritual sense.
After all, he did not have the habit of asking about others’ privacy!

[Ding! It is now 8 PM.
Please be prepared.
The gold farming activity will begin immediately!]

‘As expected, after the time arrived, the system’s voice sounded in Gong Ziliang’s ears extremely accurately.

Then, Gong Ziliang’s vision suddenly changed.
When he recovered from his shock, he discovered that he had actually appeared on a high mountain and cliff!

‘The scenery here was very beautiful.
Even under Gong Ziliang’s feet, he could see a sea of clouds surging!

The surroundings were also surrounded by mountains.
The scenery could be said to be very elegant and charming!

However, Gong Ziliang was not in the mood to observe these scenes now.
At this moment, his gaze was completely attracted by the few colossi in front of him!

In front of Gong Ziliang stood a group of huge golden toads!

However, the difference was that each of these golden toads had three legs!

The three-legged golden toads stood there as if they were waiting for Gong Ziliang to attack!

“Three-legged golden toad?! This time, it’s actually the three-legged golden toad!!”

Seeing these three-legged golden toads, Gong Ziliang immediately felt extremely surprised!

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‘Wasn’t the three-legged golden toad a symbol of wealth and luck??

With so many three-legged golden toads, how could they not drop some good things!

“Hehe, looks like we’re going to be rich in this gold farming event!”

Gong Ziliang chuckled and felt very excited.

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“Come on!”

After taking a deep breath, when Gong Ziliang opened his eyes again, his gaze had already become very calm.

“Myriad Sword Convergence!”

Looking at these three-legged golden toads, Gong Ziliang directly used a relatively powerful move.

Immediately, a sword light emitted from the Heavenly Frost Sword and slashed at the three-legged golden toad!

The sharp sword light slashed at the three-legged golden toad, causing a huge white scar to appear on its body.


Then, a huge damage number appeared on the head of the three-legged golden toad!

‘At the same time, the total health of the three-legged golden toad was displayed!

[Three-Legged Golden Toad (Health Points): 1 Million! ]

“Damn, you son of a watermelon! 1 million!”

Seeing the system notification, Gong Ziliang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Good lord!

One million health points!

If he used the Myriad Sword Convergence and slashed away 5,000 HP each time, he would probably need to use it continuously to defeat a three-legged golden toad in a few minutes!

However, even Gong Ziliang could not use a large-scale attack martial technique like Myriad Sword Convergence continuously!

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After using it three times, Gong Ziliang estimated that the spiritual qi in his body would be exhausted!

“Let’s try the Sun Moon Sword Technique!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the three-legged golden toad.
The aura of the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand changed, and it actually transformed into the miniature of the sun and moon.

The moment this Sun Moon Projection appeared, the Heavenly Frost Sword in Gong Ziliang’s hand also erupted with a monstrous sword qi!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless sword intent gathered in Gong Ziliang’s hand from all directions.
Under this terrifying enhancement, the miniature sun and moon in front of him became extremely realistic, as if it really existed!

In the end, Gong Ziliang swung his sword.
The Sun Moon Sword Shadow transformed into a ray of light that ruthlessly struck the three-legged golden toad.


This time, the damage on the three-legged golden toad became even more impressive, five times that of the previous attack!

“So powerful!”

Seeing that it had lost more than 20,000 health points at this moment, Gong Ziliang looked at the power of the Sun Moon Sword Technique in surprise!

It seemed that this Sun Moon Sword Technique was even stronger than the Myriad Sword Convergence!

“However, it’s still not enough…”

Gong Ziliang smiled bitterly and felt that it was a pity.
This was because although his sword was powerful, it was still not a move that could be used continuously.

If he wanted to defeat the three-legged golden toad, he needed a martial technique that could cause continuous damage to him!

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“Right, Earth Intent!”

In the end, Gong Ziliang placed his gaze on the Intent!

The Earth Intent could both erupt and defend.
It could be said to be the best choice for Gong Ziliang to use to grind this three-legged golden toad to death!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Gong Ziliang muttered softly, an extremely powerful suction force erupted from his palm.

Although he was now in the space of the gold farming activity, the surrounding mountains were actually really attracted by his strength.
Countless rocks crazily condensed in the sky above him!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the end, these rocks of all sizes condensed together to form a large hand completely formed from rocks!

The large hand floated above Gong Ziliang’s head.
He moved his palm slightly, and this stone hand also moved.
It could be said to be very agile!

“Looks like there are many ways to use this Earth Intent!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the three-legged golden toad in front of him and revealed a very cruel smile!

Then, in the eyes of the three-legged golden toad, this huge hand formed from rocks rumbled down and struck the three-legged golden toad!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, endless explosions sounded.

The three-legged golden toad’s body flew back for more than ten meters before stopping!

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