Chapter 222: There’s Something Wrong With the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token!


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‘The pair of large hands in the sky also became damaged because of the attack.
However, soon, a large number of rocks appeared in the surroundings and condensed towards the large hand!

In just a moment, the hand returned to its original state.


At this moment, Gong Ziliang raised his head to look at the three-legged golden toad and discovered that a new record had appeared on its head!

This attack shockingly took away almost 17,000 health points from this three-legged golden toad!

If this speed continued, he would be able to kill one in less than ten minutes!

“alright! I’ll use you today!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the huge stone hand in his hand and attacked the three-legged golden toad again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

‘Waves of explosions sounded continuously.

About an hour later, with the system notification that the gold farming activity had ended, Gong Ziliang dispersed the money in his hand.

Looking at the golden vouchers in front of him! Without saying a word, Gong Ziliang hurriedly picked them up.

He discovered that the gains this time were really far beyond the previous gold farming activities!

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“It’s actually $60!”

Looking at the vouchers that he had dropped this time, Gong Ziliang was very surprised.

In other words, even if he lay in bed and did nothing, he would still have a stable income of $60 per day!

Moreover, this did not include the amount of money he could get if he killed real gold monsters!

As his current strength increased, he believed that he would definitely defeat more gold farming monsters in the future.
At that time, once it dropped and he really fought gold farming monsters, his daily income would increase greatly!
This was simply an increasing amount of money!


After laughing loudly, Gong Ziliang exited the gold farming space in extreme satisfaction.

“I feel refreshed!”

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Looking at his room, Gong Ziliang felt refreshed.

He felt that if he continued like this, he would probably grow rapidly in a short period of time!

At that time, his strength would definitely show explosive growth.

“Eh, those two Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators haven’t left?”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang inadvertently released his spiritual sense.
He immediately felt that the two Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators in the inn had not left yet!

However, the two of them felt a little puzzled now.

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“How can this be… Didn’t we already search this inn? Why don’t we see that mighty figure…” Elder Yuan looked at the inn behind him and said in confusion.

“That’s right! Could it be that this mighty figure doesn’t want to see us??” Elder Li guessed.

“Sigh, what a pity, what a pity! I originally thought that I could use this opportunity to increase my strength.
After all, the Demon Cult’s ruins are about to open…” Elder Yuan sighed when he heard this.
“With our current strength, we probably can’t go to the Demon Cult’s ruins!” When Elder Li heard this, he shook his head repeatedly.
“Perhaps this mighty figure is also here for the Demon Cult’s ruins!”
“Demon Cult’s ruins?”

Hearing the two of them talk, Gong Ziliang could be said to have heard them very clearly.

“The ruins of the Demon Cult? It sounds so familiar!”

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he felt that it was familiar.

Then, he patted his head and took out a golden token from his bag!

This token was the equipment that Gong Ziliang had dropped after defeating the three-headed dog summoned by the Demon Cult’s Holy Son!

In the explanation of the Demon Cult’s Holy Son, it seemed to be saying that this Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token was a treasure used to open the Demon Cult’s ruins!

Now that he heard these two Spirit Refinement Realm people mention it again, Gong Ziliang recalled.

“Eh?! You’re actually playing such a trick on me!”

Holding this Demon Cult Son of Heaven Token, Gong Ziliang suddenly frowned as if he had discovered something strange!

“I didn’t expect that the dignified Demon Cult’s Holy Son would actually use such a method to continue living?”

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Looking at this Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token, Gong Ziliang said with a calm tone.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking, a figure actually flashed past on the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token and quickly disappeared inside.

Although this figure only appeared for a moment, Gong Ziliang still captured this shadow very accurately!


‘When he saw this scene, Gong Ziliang’s sea-like spiritual sense instantly erupted and directly transformed into a terrifying spiritual qi vortex that ruthlessly smashed towards the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token!

Immediately, an extremely tragic cry sounded from the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token.

A moment later, a black figure appeared from the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token in disbelief.

This figure was none other than the Demon Cult’s Holy Son who had been tortured to death previously!

However, when everyone thought that the Demon Cult’s Holy Son was dead, he silently entrusted his soul to the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token and attempted to deceive everyone so that he could survive!
“How, how, how did you discover me…”
At this moment, the Holy Son was hiding in the Demon Cult’s Heavenly Token.
The shock in his tone could be said to be expressed without any concealment.

It was too unbelievable!

The soul concealment cultivation technique he used was impossible for even a Spirit Refinement Realm existence to discover him!

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Unless it was a mighty figure with an extraordinary spiritual sense that could rely on the extremely powerful spiritual sense power to break through everything and forcefully drag him out!

Just now, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son felt this aura on Gong Ziliang’s body.

This was really unbelievable!

“What’s the purpose of your Demon Cult’s ruins?”

Gong Ziliang did not answer the Demon Cult’s Holy Son’s question and instead asked indifferently.

‘At the same time, his spiritual sense also wrapped around the Demon Cult’s Holy Son.
As long as he used slight force now, the Demon Cult’s Holy Son would be pulled out.
Because there was no host body, he would directly be turned to ashes!

“The Demon Cult’s ruins are a ruin that we discovered in recent months!”

After the Demon Cult’s Holy Son felt Gong Ziliang’s strength, his entire soul trembled.
“I heard from the elders in the sect that there’s a huge opportunity inside that can allow one to directly reach the Tribulation Transcendence Realm and cultivate the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique!”
“Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique?”

Hearing this name, Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned.

This Ancient Dragon Phoenix Physique could be said to be very famous!

It was ranked tenth among the Divine Bodies!

Legend had it that if one could cultivate it successfully, they would be like the dragons and phoenixes in this world..
Their strength would be matchless!

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