Chapter 225: Treated as a Senior Yet Again


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“Which evil sect’s leader is this???”

Looking at Gong Ziliang beside him, even Mo Lin, who was at the 99th step, was also extremely shocked!

It was too terrifying!

The spiritual sense power in Gong Ziliang was really terrifying!

Such a terrifying spiritual sense, forget seeing it, even he had never heard of it!

‘The figure in front of him was definitely a supreme overlord of the evil sect.
Otherwise, it was definitely impossible for his spiritual sense to reach such a height!
“Junior Mo Lin greets Senior!”

‘When he thought of this, even if Mo Lin was enduring extremely terrifying pressure, he still cupped his hands at Gong Ziliang.


This scene shocked the demons on the low steps below!

Who was Mo Lin?

That was the ancestor of an evil sect!

To be able to make such an existence call him senior, how powerful was this black-cloaked figure??

“Greetings, Senior!”

At this moment, some living demons cupped their hands and said to Gong Ziliang, as if they were leading the group.

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Immediately, all the demons in the ruins actually cupped their fists at Gong Ziliang, and their voices could be said to be filled with supreme reverence.
“Ah, this… how did I become a senior again…”

‘When Gong Ziliang heard these praises, he felt his head ache.

How many times had this happened!

Previously, it was still reasonable for him to pretend to be a senior in front of his fellow disciples, but now, he was in the Demon Cult’s ruins!
He was actually addressed as a senior by a group of demons.
He did not know what kind of commotion this would cause if this matter was spread to the Supreme Academy!
Although he was looked at by such a group of demons, Gong Ziliang’s performance was still very stable!

‘Then, under the gazes of everyone, Gong Ziliang took another step forward and arrived on the 100th step!

‘When Gong Ziliang arrived, the Golden Claw Red Fox King that had been lying on the ground stood up again!

It roared at Gong Ziliang, its voice carrying dense ruthlessness!

“A Level 40 Personal Boss…”

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Gong Ziliang looked at the Golden Claw Red Fox King and slowly stretched out his right hand, pointing lightly at it!

Immediately, two different auras, one water and one fire, appeared on Gong Ziliang’s fingertip.

‘These two auras erupted and moved around Gong Ziliang.
In the end, they condensed into two different worlds, causing the demons below to stare blankly.

“I, I, I, I, am I seeing things?! This is the Water and Fire Intent??”

“Intent? Is this really the Intent that only a supreme genius can comprehend??”

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“Oh my god, and they’re two completely different Intents.
They mutually reinforce and counteract each other… How, how is this possible!”

“Is this a deity??”

After Gong Ziliang used these two Intents, the demons below were all stunned.

One had to know that being able to cultivate an Intent was already a blessing in disguise.
Only a top genius could comprehend an Intent!

Cultivating two Intents at the same time was no longer as simple.
This was a complete monster!

Such an existence was already not something that could be described as the child of the heavens!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang did not care about these people’s views.
Instead, he had already started fighting the Golden Claw Red Fox King!

Accompanied by a bang that sounded like the sea from the Water Intent, a huge wave really descended from the sky.
With the push of Gong Ziliang’s palm, it surged out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immediately, boundless waves drowned the entire 100th step.

‘The Golden Claw Red Fox King wanted to fight back, but it did not know how to fight back.
It could only be beaten passively and was directly sent flying more than ten meters away by Gong Ziliang’s attack!
Boom! Boom! Boom!

After this attack, the characteristics of the Water Intent were immediately displayed!

Before the Golden Claw Red Fox King could react, another wave that was even stronger than before attacked!

After this attack, the Golden Claw Red Fox King’s body was sent flying.

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Upon landing, its claws firmly grabbed the 100th step, immediately drawing a white scar that was more than ten meters long, before stopping!

At this moment, there was already fear in its gaze as it looked at Gong Ziliang.
The human in front of it seemed to be slightly different from the other humans!

“Fire Intent!”

Looking at this gap, the feeling of water covering Gong Ziliang’s body dissipated, and in its place was endless white flames!

When this flame appeared, the surrounding temperature instantly rose!

This flame continuously spun around Gong Ziliang’s palm.

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s control, this flame became a sharp blade!

Gong Ziliang waved his hand and a white flame appeared from this sharp blade, attacking the Golden Claw Red Fox King!

When the fox king saw this, it also attacked!

Its claws flashed, and a red lightning condensed in its mouth.
At the same time, its body began to quickly move, and the lightning in its mouth blasted towards the light that Gong Ziliang waved out with extreme speed!
Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, it had still underestimated Gong Ziliang’s attack.
After its red lightning touched the flames, it instantly dissipated!

No matter how much it attacked, it could not stop any momentum of this spark!

In the end.

Under the unwilling gaze of the Golden Claw Red Fox King, this spark struck its body ruthlessly!


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Accompanied by a white light, when the surrounding smoke dissipated, everyone saw that the originally lively Golden Claw Red Fox King was already lying on the steps and had become a burned corpse.
“This, this, this, this…”

“He killed this Fox King in one swing???”

“Oh my god!”

The demons below looked at the outcome of this battle in shock and did not react for a long time!

This Golden Claw Red Fox King was definitely powerful!

Otherwise, a Spirit Refinement Realm expert like Ancestor Mo Lin would not have been injured!

However, such a powerful fox king was actually killed so quickly by this mysterious expert?!

In fact, with these demons eyesight, they could naturally tell that this Golden Claw Red Fox King was unable to retaliate!

Be it the continuous bombardment of the Water Intent or the final eruption of the Fire Intent, the Golden Claw Red Fox King could not do anything.
It could only watch as the attack landed on its body.
This outcome could be said to have surprised them greatly.

“As expected of Senior!!”

Compared to the shock of the demon below, Mo Lin and Chang Wei, the two Spirit Refinement Realm existences, had a natural expression on their faces!

Others might not know, but they knew very well

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