Chapter 230 $220 Voucher


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After walking out of the ruins, Gong Ziliang did not stay here.
He quickly left.

After all, if he stayed here for too long and exposed himself, it would be troublesome!

“Hah… he’s finally gone…”

Seeing Gong Ziliang leave, Mo Lin and the others also heaved a sigh of relief!

The pressure that Gong Ziliang gave them was too great!

This was the first time they had seen such a powerful Demon Cult Overlord!

“I wonder which big shot has the time to come here…”

Patriarch Chang Wei looked in the direction Gong Ziliang left and did not retract his gaze for a long time.

“I don’t know! However, what I know is that our evil sect might prosper now!”

Ancestor Mo Lin shook his head from the side, but his gaze was filled with anticipation!

Regarding this, Patriarch Chang Wei nodded at the side.
“This mighty figure appeared in our evil sect.
Looks like we can indeed compete with those righteous sects!”
Mo Lin and Chang Wei looked at each other.
Their gazes flickered with extremely excited light.

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“You’re back…”

After returning to the inn, Gong Ziliang immediately changed his clothes.

“Let’s start tidying up now…”

After taking a deep breath, Gong Ziliang began to sort the gains from this trip to the ruins!

In terms of gains, the first thing he saw was the various equipment in his bag!

These equipment were all shining.
It could be said that every one of them could cause a storm of blood!

“System, recycle all the white and green equipment!”

Looking at these equipment, Gong Ziliang first pressed the button to recycle them.

Immediately, the equipment in the entire bag began to be sorted.

[Ding! Recycling is successful! Congratulations on recycling 12 Level 40 equipment.
You have obtained 12,000 ingots, 12 Augmenting Stones, and 12 Star Ascension Stones!]
As the system notification sounded, Gong Ziliang saw the white and green items in his bag disappear!

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At the same time, his ingots quickly increased to 250,000!

Although Gong Ziliang had a lot of ingots previously, after all the expenditure previously, there was only 250,00!

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“So poor! I’m so poor!”

Gong Ziliang smacked his lips and felt poor.

“Unknowingly, there are already so many Augmenting Stones! Level up!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Augmenting Stones and Star Ascension Stones he had obtained from recycling this time.
Only then did he realize that after his previous accumulation, the Augmenting Stones in his bag had already reached more than 300!
Looking at so many Augmenting Stones, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate and directly activated Strengthening!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immediately, Gong Ziliang saw his equipment begin to flicker with colorful light!

About a moment later, these 300 Augmenting Stones were almost exhausted!

Gong Ziliang looked at his equipment level and realized that almost all eight of his equipment had been strengthened by more than 30 levels.
The strengthening set
attribute had also become Level 4!

Level 4 Strengthening Set Attribute: All Equipment Sturdiness+10%, All Equipment Active Skill Cooldown-5%!

“Not bad!”

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Looking at the increased attributes, Gong Ziliang nodded.
After all, it was better than nothing!

“Next, it’s the most exciting red packet opening!”

After strengthening the equipment, Gong Ziliang looked at the two Lucky Charge Red Packets lying in the corner of his bag!
These two Lucky Charge Red Packets were from a Level 40 Wild Boss!

No matter how bad they were, they could definitely give him a few hundred dollars!

“System, I hope you can be nice this time!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the two red packets.
After praying to the system, he pressed the open button.

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining two $220 vouchers!]

When the system’s voice sounded, Gong Ziliang thought that he had heard wrong!

What did he hear?

Two $220 vouchers??

Wasn’t that $440!?

He had actually obtained $440 from these two red packets!

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This was simply a bug in the system!

The system that had always been like a miser was actually so generous!


Looking at his new vouchers and the $60 vouchers he had obtained from gold farming previously, it had reached exactly $500!
What could he buy with $500…

With an excited heart, Gong Ziliang immediately opened the Merchant Shop to check.

As soon as he looked, Gong Ziliang discovered that there were really many things he could buy!

However, what tempted him the most was the Sublimation Gift Bag of the Heavenly Frost Sword!

Sublimation Gift Bag: It can allow the weapon to evolve and sublimate.
Its attributes will all increase! It contains 1 Weapon Sublimation Stone+100,000 ingots!]
“Weapon Sublimation Gift Bag! I’ll buy it!”

Looking at the introduction of this gift bag, Gong Ziliang felt very satisfied.

The Heavenly Frost Sword had already broken through to the maximum level previously.
However, he had not had enough spare money to evolve it!

ow that he had $500, he could buy this $499 Sublimation Gift Bag!

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