Chapter 231 Gong Ziwu Appears


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Although the True Dragon phantom disappeared, the shock in everyone’s hearts did not retreat.
Instead, it became more and more!
Who was it that could summon such a terrifying True Dragon phantom?
This was the question in everyone’s minds!

In Gong Ziliang’s room, the temperature had already risen to an unprecedented height.
With the evolution of the Heavenly Frost Sword, Gong Ziliang saw a fire dragon
actually fly in from the window.

The last one attached to the Heavenly Frost Sword!

Accompanied by the continuous dragon roar, Gong Ziliang saw the pattern of a fire dragon appear on the Heavenly Frost Sword!

This pattern looked very realistic, as if it was carved by a special master on the sword body.

After looking at the fire dragon for a few seconds, he could even sense a True Dragon roaring at him!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the True Dragon phantom entered the sword, the entire Heavenly Frost Sword erupted with shocking light.
From the hilt of the Heavenly Frost Sword…
Red light began to continuously sublimate, causing the sword hilt to become as transparent and bright as a red crystal!

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Then, a flame pattern appeared on the Heavenly Frost Sword.
After the pattern appeared, the aura of the entire Heavenly Frost Sword increased greatly!
“This is the Crimson Dragon Blade!”

Looking at this brand new Crimson Dragon Blade, Gong Ziliang stretched out his right hand and held it.

“Gong Ziwu greets Master!”

The moment Gong Ziliang held the Crimson Dragon Blade, a red figure suddenly appeared from the blade and condensed beside him.

Gong Ziliang focused and discovered that this figure was slender.
He was wearing a red robe, and the pattern of flames was imprinted on the robe, causing his figure to
have an explosive force!

“Gong Ziwu!”

Looking at this young man who was about 18 or 19 years old, Gong Ziliang called out uncertainly.


Gong Ziwu smiled when he heard this, and then he nodded to Gong Ziliang.

“Good lord, I can even create a person! He can even give himself a name…”

Gong Ziliang looked at Gong Ziwu’s mature appearance and could not help but sweat!

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Good lord!

Was this his son or his brother?

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This appearance… seemed more like a brother now!

“Cough cough… let me see how much this Crimson Dragon Blade has grown!”

Looking at Gong Ziwu’s appearance, Gong Ziliang was also filled with curiosity about the current attributes of the Crimson Dragon Blade!
[Crimson Dragon Blade] (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack+50%

Special Attribute 1: 10% chance to trigger the Crimson Dragon Shadow.
When attacking, it will transform into a dragon shadow and deal 200% damage to the enemy!
Special Attribute 2: There is a 0.5% chance to one-hit kill targets below Level 100!

“Damn, my goodness! This attribute increase is really not small!”

Looking at the introduction of the Crimson Dragon Blade, Gong Ziliang’s eyes could not help but light up.

The Crimson Dragon Blade actually increased the attack power by 50%.
Just this attribute could be said to have exploded, directly giving Gong Ziliang the capital to fight

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above his level!

The two special attributes made Gong Ziliang’s eyes light up!

“Good lord! There’s a 10% chance to cause the Crimson Dragon Shadow when attacking and cause 200% damage to the enemy…”
This special attribute made Gong Ziliang almost drool.

The 10% chance meant that every 10 attacks, there would be one attack that would cause the Crimson Dragon Shadow to attack!
200% damage…

That was double the damage!

This ability alone could cause an unexpected attack to the enemy!

As for the second special attribute, it had a 0.5% one-hit kill effect.
This was a little terrifying!

There was a 0.5% chance of killing targets below Level 100 in one hit!

In other words, as long as Gong Ziliang was not defeated by the enemy, it would definitely result in a one-hit kill!

The two functions that the Crimson Dragon Blade activated were simply too powerful!

Then, Gong Ziliang looked at Gong Ziwu.
Now, Gong Ziwu was wearing a red robe.
Coupled with his handsome face, he looked like a person who had walked out of anime!

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“Master, I can now give you a buff to add 8 times the damage for an instant!” Gong Ziwu looked at Gong Ziliang and said.

“8 times damage…”

Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this, “Very good!”

He put away the Crimson Dragon Blade.

Although the Sublimation Gift Bag was very expensive this time, it was worth it!

Take the attributes of the Crimson Dragon Blade for example, it was already the best among the best!

As expected, against such a game, only money could become stronger!

[Ding! Congratulations on raising your VIP level to Level 5!]

At this moment, the system notification sounded.
Gong Ziliang was slightly stunned when he heard this and reacted.

After purchasing the $499 Sublimation Gift Bag, he finally increased his VIP level!

Then, Gong Ziliang checked his information.

Gong Ziliang: VIP 5

Attack Speed: +5

Defense: +5

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