Chapter 247 True Dragon Descends

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“How is this possible… He actually has a Divine Body!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of her, the girl’s eyes almost popped out.

A second ago, she was still thinking about existences with the bloodline of the Divine Beast.
All of them were supreme monstrous geniuses, and it was utterly impossible for them to appear in the Primordial Dynasty.

However, who would have thought that in the next second, not only did such a genius appear, but he also had the top phoenix bloodline among the Divine Beast Bloodlines!

This probability was too low!


While the girl was thinking, the Fire Phoenix in the sky had already begun to attack the spirit design.

After this Fire Phoenix swam in the sky, it directly opened its mouth and spat out an extremely high temperature flame!


This flame ruthlessly sprayed on the spirit design, immediately causing ripples in the spirit design.


In just a moment, everyone present heard an extremely crisp shattering sound from the formation.

“Is it about to break open…”

After hearing this voice, the girl’s face was already completely shocked.
She did not expect that the spirit design that she had spent so much effort not to open would actually be opened so easily!

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In the end, with the continuous bombardment of the Fire Phoenix, this spirit design finally could not withstand it and was directly shattered!

The moment this spirit design was opened, two terrifying roars sounded from the spirit design!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Without the obstruction of the spirit design, these two powerful auras rushed into the sky and directly turned into two pillars of light.

In the end, two pillars of light imprinted in the sky.

It turned into a black dragon and the shadow of a phoenix! Immediately, almost all the cultivators felt the commotion here!

“What a powerful divine beast aura! What’s going on…”

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“This direction seems to be towards the Fallen Phoenix Hill…”

“Could it be that a phoenix really descended on the Fallen Phoenix Hill??”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come with me to take a look!”

Immediately, the experts of the entire capital moved.
Even Qin Yu could not help but look over and instruct the Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts to investigate.

“What should we do? The experts in the Heaven Capital probably saw the phenomenon here!”

The girl looked at the phenomenon in the sky and said worriedly.
“The Heaven Capital is half a day’s journey from here! This time is enough!”

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded.
The girl hurriedly looked over.

She discovered that the Fire Phoenix in the sky had already returned to Gong Ziliang’s body.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang looked to be filled with motivation.
The power that was about to erupt from his body made her and the guard in front of her feel extremely shocked!

As the surrounding array formation disappeared, Gong Ziliang finally saw the scene clearly.

“This is… a dragon?”

However, when Gong Ziliang saw it clearly, he frowned slightly on the spot.

On the mountaintop, although there was no longer any spirit design, the true figure of the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix still did not leave.

Just as Gong Ziliang had seen previously, a black figure was indeed wrapped around this Divine Phoenix!

This figure looked extremely evil.
As long as one approached, they could sense intense negative emotions coming from its body!

As if it had noticed Gong Ziliang’s gaze, this black shadow wrapped the true figure of the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix around its body and looked at him.

As this figure turned around, Gong Ziliang saw a pair of blood-red eyes.
The head of this monster looked identical to the Legendary Divine Beast, True Dragon!

However, the difference was that every True Dragon descended with an auspicious sign! Not only did this black dragon not seem to have any auspicious aura, but its entire body emitted an extremely evil feeling!

“This is the Black Fiend!”

After the girl at the side saw the appearance of the black dragon, her small face suddenly became extremely pale, as if she had seen a demon.

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“Black Fiend?”

Hearing this, Gong Ziliang looked at the girl in doubt.

“The Black Fiend is the obsession of those divine beasts after they die.
Because they want to stay in the mortal world and are unwilling to return to dust, they turned into a kind of creature that’s between a living creature and a soul!”

The young woman took a deep breath and reluctantly explained to Gong Ziliang, “This Black Fiend is currently attempting to devour the true shadow of this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix!”

“Once the devouring succeeds, this Black Fiend can use the ability of the Phoenix Clan to revive completely!”

“So it’s a Vengeful Spirit!”

After hearing the girl’s words, Gong Ziliang immediately understood.

“Since you want to snatch my treasure, let’s see if you have the strength!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Black Fiend and snorted.

Now, he really treated this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix as a treasure!

Be it the phoenix feathers on its body or the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix itself, they could be said to be a supreme opportunity.

How could Gong Ziliang watch helplessly as such a huge opportunity was devoured by a Black Fiend!

“Be careful! Although it’s already a Black Fiend, it still retains 20% of its ability when it was alive…”

The girl watched Gong Ziliang walk towards the Black Fiend and could not help but remind him.

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At the same time, when the Black Fiend saw Gong Ziliang walking towards it, it also roared at him.

Its voice could be said to carry a clear warning!

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?!”

Gong Ziliang chuckled.
Then, his figure suddenly accelerated.
Before everyone could react, he had already appeared in front of the Black Fiend!

“So fast!!”

The girl behind him could not help but cry out in surprise when she saw this scene, and she covered her mouth with her small hand.

“Crimson Dragon Blade!” Then, with a light cry, accompanied by a spark, a fiery red Crimson Dragon Blade suddenly appeared in front of Gong Ziliang!


Gong Ziliang held the Crimson Dragon Blade and waved it forcefully!

Coincidentally, his attack triggered the special attribute of the Crimson Dragon Blade.

The sword qi that was slashed out transformed into a monstrous red dragon.
This red dragon was like a ghost.

After roaring in the air, he ruthlessly collided with the Black Fiend below!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, endless sparks rose from the center of the venue.

Under the young girl’s unbelievable gaze, the figure of the Black Fiend actually released the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix and was sent flying.

It landed on the ground and only stopped after creating a long crack!

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