Chapter 248 Is This a Divine Power?

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After landing, this Black Fiend roared at Gong Ziliang, but its eyes were filled with fear.

Seeing this, the girl and the others could not help but gasp.

One attack!

With just one strike, he repelled the Black Fiend!

Moreover, it seemed that even the Black Fiend was extremely afraid and did not dare to continue attacking!

Did such strength really exist?

“Sword Drawing Technique!”

Looking at the Black Fiend below, Gong Ziliang held the Crimson Dragon Blade in his hand flat.

Then, an extremely powerful sword qi erupted from the Crimson Dragon Blade!

The girl looked up at Gong Ziliang who had risen into the sky.

In her gaze, there was no other figure other than Gong Ziliang!

Finally, the accumulated sword qi began to erupt.

Immediately, red sword qi surged endlessly, turning into a long sky that ruthlessly slashed at the black fog below!

In the girl’s eyes, this sword qi was the only thing left in the entire world!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the end, when this sword qi descended, the entire mountaintop seemed to have been torn off!

The Black Fiend’s figure was almost instantly filled with endless sword qi!

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With a deafening sound, when the dust settled, the figure of the Black Fiend had already become translucent.

Now, it was no longer as ferocious as before.
It only had a posture of fleeing desperately!

“Don’t run!”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s voice appeared again.

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However, this time, Gong Ziliang had already arrived beside the Black Fiend.

“Netherworld Divine Palm!”

Looking at the Black Fiend’s translucent body, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate at all.
He stretched out his large hand, and his right hand instantly covered the entire Black Fiend’s body!


Immediately, extreme killing intent erupted from Gong Ziliang’s body.
Terrifying killing intent spread in all directions, causing the young woman in front to feel a bone-chilling cold.

It was as if the person standing in front of her was not Gong Ziliang, but a death god!

In a daze, the girl even saw a red hell pattern appear in front of her!


However, with a bang, the hell scene in front of him instantly disappeared.
At the same time, Gong Ziliang and the Black Fiend’s figures disappeared.

“Oh? Where is he??”

Then, Gong Ziliang and the Black Fiend’s figures disappeared at the same time, causing the young girl who was watching the battle to be extremely stunned and look around.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

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At the same time, in a small world.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang had already become a tall existence like the sky.
Below, the Black Fiend looked at the surrounding hell, his entire body trembling!

He’s too terrifying!

This man in front of him was too terrifying!

At this moment, the Black Fiend even felt a sense of resentment dissipate.
It felt like dust returning to dust!

This was because it did not want to face Gong Ziliang anymore!

“Netherworld Divine Palm!”

Looking at the Black Fiend below, Gong Ziliang’s expression was extremely indifferent.

Then, under the Black Fiend’s shocked gaze, Gong Ziliang stretched out his palm and struck out!

Immediately, the boundless palm struck this small world.

The extreme palm force caused the entire small world to almost instantly collapse!

The Black Fiend’s figure was also enveloped by endless light!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the end, when everything returned to calm, Gong Ziliang’s figure appeared on the peak of the Fallen Phoenix Hill again.


Looking at Gong Ziliang who broke through, the girl’s mouth moved slightly, as if she wanted to say something.

However, she did not seem to be certain, as if her guess was too crazy.
“Was that… a Divine Power?”

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Looking at Gong Ziliang in front of her, the girl’s eyes were shocked as she thought in her heart.

She was not sure.

Divine Powers were martial techniques that existed above Dao Intent.
The reason it was called a Divine Power was that the realm of this martial technique was already extraordinary and had reached a realm that only deities could reach!

There were even rumors that only existences above the Tribulation Transcendence Realm could comprehend the Divine Power Realm!

However, the Gong Ziliang in front of him was clearly not an expert at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

He could actually comprehend the Divine Power Realm…

How was this possible!

“I’ve already eliminated the Black Fiend! This place is already safe!”

Looking at the girl and the others’ stunned expressions, it was as if they had not reacted from the matter just now.

Gong Ziliang said casually to her before looking at the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix True Shadow in front of him!

Without the entanglement of the Black Fiend, the Divine Phoenix True Shadow seemed to have obtained relief and began to display its wings.
Its entire body seemed to be the most perfect thing in the world, causing people to involuntarily sigh in surprise.

“Thank you for saving me!”

The girl cupped her hands and thanked Gong Ziliang.

If not for Gong Ziliang, not only would it be impossible for them to obtain the Seven-Colored Divine Phoenix True Shadow today, but they might also suffer the backlash of the Black Fiend.

This caused their entire team to be left here! “We won’t touch this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix! Goodbye…”

Seeing this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix, the girl did not hesitate anymore.
Instead, she brought her guards and wanted to leave.

“Your Highness, haven’t you always wanted this Seven-colored Divine Phoenix True Shadow… I believe that if you reveal your identity, this young man should…”

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When the guard at the side heard the girl’s words, he could not help but remind her softly.

“No! I don’t have any treasure that can match the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix’s True Shadow! Let’s go…”

When the girl heard this, she immediately glared at the guard.
Then, without stopping for a moment, she immediately stood up and walked towards the foot of the Fallen Phoenix Hill.

When these guards saw this, they could only hurriedly follow and not dare to refute.

“Who is this person…”

When she arrived at the foot of the mountain, the girl raised her head and looked at the Fallen Phoenix Hill.

He was young and had a Divine Body.

His martial technique cultivation reached the Divine Power Realm.

It was absolutely impossible for such a young supreme being to be born in their Primordial Dynasty! “What a perfect existence…”

Unknowingly, this girl’s heart was already filled with Gong Ziliang’s figure.

“What a huge harvest…”

After seeing the girl leave tactfully, Gong Ziliang rubbed his hands and looked at the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix in front of him.

Because of the battle between the Seven-colored Divine Phoenix and the Black Fiend, almost all the feathers were present.

Gong Ziliang did not say a word and was about to pick them up.
However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to move forward, a white figure floated out of his body and instantly picked up all these phoenix feathers!

[Ding! Your Treasure Beast, Little Tuan Tuan, has successfully picked up 85 phoenix feathers for you!)

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