Chapter 251 Young Supreme Being

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Apart from a black land that was more than 20 square meters under Gong Ziliang’s feet, everything around him was endless flames!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Intense flames continuously burned.
The extremely high temperature made Gong Ziliang feel as if he had died in a sea of flames!

“Could the opponent on this level be fire…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the surrounding situation and could not help but guess in his heart.


Just as he finished guessing, a beast roar sounded from the flames at the side.

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s strange gaze, he indeed saw the flames around him begin to extend in front of him, turning into the shape of a bird!

This sparrow looked at Gong Ziliang and let out a long cry.
Intense heat emitted from its mouth.
Perhaps even ordinary Spirit Refinement Realm experts did not dare to rashly touch it! “Playing with fire against me…” Gong Ziliang looked at the bird and could not help but reveal a strange expression.

Ever since he comprehended the Fire Intent, his control of fire could be said to have reached the peak!

If this bird was condensed from flames, wouldn’t that be what he wanted!


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As Gong Ziliang opened his palm, a white spark emitted from it!

The intense white flames seemed to be natural kings, causing all the flames on the 50th level to suddenly become weak!

Even the sparrow opposite Gong Ziliang could not help but tremble after sensing the white flames in his hand.

In fact, before Gong Ziliang could attack it, the bird’s entire body began to collapse because it could not withstand the powerful aura of this white flame!

“Looks like I can also pass this 50th level…” After Gong Ziliang noticed the change in the bird,

He could not help but smile.
With a flick of his finger, the white flame in his hand turned into a white light spot that instantly passed through the bird’s body!

Just as Gong Ziliang barged into the Infinity Tower, Elder Li also returned to the Crown Prince Palace.
After returning, Elder Li did not stop at all.
He immediately walked towards Qin Yu.

“Your Highness, Your Highness! Something happened!”

Elder Li arrived at the room where Qin Yu was staying and hurriedly shouted at the door.

“Elder Li, what happened? Why are you so anxious?”

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After Elder Li finished speaking, Qin Yu’s voice sounded from the side.

When Elder Li saw Qin Yu, he seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw.
He hurriedly walked over and said, “Your Highness, something major has happened! A young supreme being of an Empire or Holy Land seems to have arrived in our capital…” “What?! A young supreme being from an Empire or a Holy Land??”

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Hearing Elder Li’s words, Qin Yu’s expression immediately changed.

As the Crown Prince of the Primordial Dynasty, the information in Qin Yu’s hands was really much more!

Their current Primordial Dynasty looked very impressive, but in the Empire, it was not conspicuous!

The Empire was the most powerful place in the entire continent.

As for the Holy Land, it was a colossus that surpassed the empire.
There were countless experts in the Holy Land! Compared to the geniuses inside, these so-called geniuses of the Primordial Dynasty were all no different from ordinary disciples!

Now, Elder Li actually said that a disciple of an Empire or a Holy Land had arrived in the Primordial Dynasty.
This made Qin Yu tense up.

“Can you tell me in detail?”

Looking at Elder Li in front of him, Qin Yu could not help but hurriedly ask “It’s like this! I wonder if you still remember the guy who ran around in Heaven Capital during the day?”

Elder Li looked at Qin Yu and smiled bitterly

“That’s right! I still remember!”

Qin Yu nodded when he heard this.
After this matter ended, he specially sent people to investigate if Gong Ziliang was in the inn he had arranged.

After some investigation, Qin Yu was almost certain that the figure that even Elder Li could not catch up to yesterday was Gong Ziliang!

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“I saw him again on the Fallen Phoenix Hill!”

Elder Li took a deep breath and told him everything he had seen and heard on the Fallen Phoenix Hill.

Qin Yu’s expression was fine at first, but the more he listened, the greater the shock on his face.

When he heard the Moon Cry Divine Phoenix Body, the shock on Qin Yu’s face instantly spread to the greatest!

“Moon Cry Divine Phoenix Body? How is this possible… The last time such a physique appeared was a thousand years ago…”

Qin Yu gulped and said in shock.
“That’s right! Therefore, I suspect that this person is a young supreme being from the Empire or the Holy Land! Otherwise, at this age, even if an ordinary person started cultivating in their mother’s womb, it’s impossible to reach this level…”

Elder Li nodded, his tone could be said to be filled with endless shock.

“No way! I can confirm that this young man you see should be a graduate of the Supreme Academy this year.
Wait! A graduate student!!”

As Qin Yu spoke, his eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had thought of something.

“Previously, when I heard that he could reach the Spirit Refinement Realm in a month, I felt that it was extremely unbelievable! However, if this person is really as you guessed, a young supreme being from the Empire, then everything will make sense…”

Qin Yu took a deep breath and immediately called out a few of his personal guards.

“The few of you, quickly go and ask Gong Ziliang about the sect before he entered the Supreme Academy.
Ask him what’s different about him.
It’s best if you can bring the elders and sect masters who are in charge of the sect over…”

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Qin Yu narrowed his eyes and ordered the guard.


When the guard heard Qin Yu’s words, he nodded.
Then, his figure dissipated like smoke and almost instantly left.

“Young supreme being! Is he really a young supreme being…”

Qin Yu stood in his small courtyard.
Even though it was already very late, he still did not feel sleepy at all!

“Your Highness, I’ve brought Elder Mei Hua of the high-grade sect, the Myriad Sword Sect!”

Finally, just before dawn, with the first ray of sunlight in the morning, the guard from before appeared again.
However, at this moment, a child who looked to be eight or nine years old appeared beside him.

This child was none other than Elder Mei Hua!

“Elder Mei Hua, I’ve really offended you by rashly inviting you here this time!”

Qin Yu looked at Elder Mei Hua in front of him and hurriedly said.

“Mei Hua greets Your Highness the Crown Prince! May I know why Your Highness summoned me overnight?” Elder Mei Hua looked at Qin Yu in front of him in doubt.

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