Chapter 268 War Beast Fusion

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Then, as the temperature in the entire room suddenly increased, a golden figure slowly walked out of the space.

This figure’s footsteps were very slow, but every step was abnormally stable.

Its lion-like gaze emitted the aura of a king.
Even if ordinary spirit beasts saw it, they would probably directly kneel and bow down!

This was Gong Ziliang’s War Beast, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!

“Come! Let me see what ability this Heaven Ascension Wings has…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon and nodded.
Then, he threw the Heaven Ascension Wings in his hand at the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!


When the Heaven Ascension Wings and the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon collided, a white light immediately appeared.

This white light enveloped the body of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon.
One could vaguely see a figure with wings continuously brewing!

[Ding! Congratulations on your War Beast fusing with an equipment.
Please keep throwing ingots until the fusion is completed!)

Under Gong Ziliang’s surprised gaze, a notification window appeared in front of him!

Then, it was a fusion frame of 10,000 ingots per try!

“10,000 ingots per try? Why is this fusion even more expensive than when I activated my Intent!”

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Seeing this notification, Gong Ziliang could not help but complain.

This was too much!

He did not expect that the War Beast could also use equipment.

When fusing, the system could actually deduct his ingots from here.

This was simply too much!

“There’s no other choice! We can only smash it forcefully!”

Looking at the fusion button in front of him, Gong Ziliang could only grit his teeth in the end and begin to smash ingots for the war beast.

[-10,000 ingots]

[Fusion successful once…]

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[-10,000 ingots]

[Fusion successful once…]

Gong Ziliang’s fingers continuously clicked on the fusion frame in front of him.
He looked at the ingots on his personal information that were disappearing at a rapid speed.

This made Gong Ziliang have the thought of quickly opening a checkpoint to invest!

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It seemed that he could only invest after clearing the round.
Otherwise, these ingots were not enough for him to spend!

[Ding! Congratulations! Your War Beast has successfully fused with the equipment!]

About two minutes later, when Gong Ziliang heard this notification, he heaved a sigh of relief!

Although only two minutes had passed, to Gong Ziliang, it felt like a century!

In these two minutes, there were still 50,000 ingots left in Gong Ziliang’s bag!

In other words, if the system did not indicate that the fusion was completed, Gong Ziliang would probably be completely bankrupt next!

“Alright! You’ve spent so much of my ingots.
I want to see what new ability you’ve obtained!”

Looking at the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon that was slowly dissipating the white light in front of him, Gong Ziliang said with slight anticipation.

In the end, when the white light on the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon dissipated, Gong Ziliang also saw its appearance clearly.

At this moment, the appearance of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon could be said to have changed greatly! The original Fierce Wind Fire Dragon’s entire body was pure gold.
Although it was extremely mighty, the golden color on its body was too dazzling, making one feel that it was flashy without substance!

Now, other than gold, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon’s entire body was also covered in white!

On the back of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon, as the Heaven Ascension Wings continuously grew on its back, white lines gathered along the body of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon to the center of its brows!

This not only did not reduce the aura of the originally mighty Fierce Wind Fire Dragon, but it also added a hint of indifference!

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Moreover, what made people unable to help but notice was the pair of white wings of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!

After equipping the Heaven Ascension Wings, it was simply like adding wings to a tiger for the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!

It could be said that regardless of whether it was the speed or strength of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon, it was more than twice as powerful as before!

“Let me see your attributes!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the appearance of the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon and felt very satisfied.

Therefore, he rubbed his hands and prepared to check the specific attributes of this Fierce Wind Fire Dragon!

Fierce Wind Fire Dragon… [Heaven Ascension Wings)

Level: 54

Attribute: Wind Attribute Damage+20%, Water Attribute Damage+20%…

[Flying Wings Attribute Skill (Flying): Obtained Flight Speed+20% [Skill 1] Fire Wind Blade: Send out a wind blade that contains a fire attribute wind attack.
It will deal 200% fatal damage to the enemy!

[Skill 2] Hurricane Wings: The Fierce Wind Fire Dragon brandishes the Heaven Ascension Wings on its back and releases a hurricane, forming a tornado that absorbs all the enemies along the way, causing 300% of the attack!

“This attribute enhancement…”

After seeing the attributes of this Fierce Wind Fire Dragon, Gong Ziliang felt a wave of surprise.
This attribute enhancement was too much! Just by giving it an equipment, this Fierce Wind Fire Dragon seemed to have become another powerful War Beast!

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“Good, good, good!”

Gong Ziliang nodded in satisfaction.
It could be said that the increase in the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon this time was simply a huge surprise for him!

“Then, next is to increase my strength!” Gong Ziliang looked at his bag and finally looked at the Level Pill.

This time, not only did he drop some equipment, but he also dropped many low-level Experience Pills.


Looking at these low-level Experience Pills, Gong Ziliang muttered softly.
(Ding! Congratulations on successfully synthesizing three high-level Experience Pills!]


Gong Ziliang did not hesitate at all.
He directly opened his mouth and threw all three high-level Experience Pills into his mouth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, accompanied by a crazy surge of spiritual qi, Gong Ziliang felt that almost all the spiritual qi in his body was drawn away at this moment.

However, as the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique circulated at a high level, in the next moment, the spiritual qi around Gong Ziliang surged towards his body in an extremely domineering manner!

In just an instant, almost all the spiritual qi in the entire inn surged towards Gong Ziliang’s room.

For a moment, all the cultivators in the inn raised their heads in shock and looked at Gong Ziliang’s room.

How much strength was needed to absorb all the spiritual qi in the inn?!

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