Chapter 277 I Saw My Little Brother’s Shadow

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“Who did this…”

At this moment, a group of people were gathered in the Crown Prince’s Palace.

In front of them lay Pang Tianlai!

However, at this moment, Pang Tian looked extremely miserable.
His eyes, nose, ears, and mouth were still bleeding non-stop.

At the same time, his body was twitching crazily.

It could be seen that all the veins in his body had been destroyed because of the powerful sound wave he created!

In other words, even if Pang Tianlai woke up, he could only be a cripple who could not cultivate!

“It’s a student called Gong Ziliang…”

At the side, Zidi was standing here very obediently reporting the situation.

Moreover, when Zidi looked at the person in front of him, his gaze carried a wisp of fear, and he seemed to have not expected that he would actually come to the Primordial Dynasty!

“Oh? There’s actually someone in the Primordial Dynasty who can defeat Pang Tianlai? How many moves did this person use to defeat him?”

The person looked at Pang Tianlai and chuckled, then asked lightly.
“One move… No! It seems that he hadn’t even taken one move…”

Zidi pursed his lips and trembled for a long time before saying.
“Oh?? What did you say…?” After hearing Zidi’s words, the smile on this person’s face suddenly froze.

Then, he hurriedly turned around and revealed a stunned expression.
“Not even one move?”

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“That’s right! Back then, that person only patted Pang Tianlai’s shoulder and his body began to stiffen.
Then, he became like a balloon.
In the end, he was forcefully sealed in his body by his powerful sound wave and could not be released.
He fainted from swelling…” Zidi nodded and told this person the scene from before! “Gasp!! There’s actually such a person in the Primordial Dynasty…” Hearing Zidi’s words, a shocked expression involuntarily appeared on this person’s face.

Clearly, he was also a little shocked by Zidi’s words!

Pang Tianlai was a young supreme being after all.
How could he be sealed so easily!

“How did he do it…”

Looking at Pang Tianlai in front of him, this person could not help but pull his arm again and begin to carefully diagnose him! “Wait, this is…”

After a few minutes, this person let go of Pang Tianlai’s wrist in shock.
Moreover, he revealed a shocked expression again!

“Spiritual qi! What heavy spiritual qi! The density of this spiritual qi is probably not something that many people in the Tribulation Transcendence Realm can reach, let alone the Spirit Refinement Realm…”

This person’s tone was a little trembling, as if he could not believe the outcome of his investigation!

“No wonder, no wonder! If Pang Tianlai could lose to such an existence, his life was worth it!”

This person took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart!

“On this spiritual qi, I sense my younger brother’s figure!”

After looking at Pang Tianlai, this person could not help but sigh.

“What, your younger brother…” When Zidi heard this, he could not help but gasp.
“How is this possible! No matter how powerful this guy is, he’s definitely not stronger than your younger brother… After all, your younger brother is…”

Zidi looked at this person’s back and his tone was filled with shock!

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“I already know what happened here!”

However, this person did not continue.
Instead, he waved his hand at Zidi and said, “Tell me now that this Primordial Dynasty has already been occupied by me, Bai Niantian! Let those young supreme beings who want to come to the Primordial Dynasty and fight for the Profound Heaven Sword save their strength!”


After hearing Bai Niantian’s words, Zidi nodded and silently retreated.

“Brother, I wonder how you’re doing!”

Only when Bai Niantian was the only one left in the entire Crown Prince Palace did he sigh and look at the sky above!

Bai Niantian’s younger brother, Bai Niansheng!

He was a rare genius in the history of the entire continent!

He had reached the Tribulation Transcendence Realm at the age of 20!

It could be said that Bai Niansheng had created the record of the entire continent in history!

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that Bai Niansheng was an existence that possessed a huge fortuitous encounter!

Even if he walked on the road, divine beasts would take the initiative to come and become his mount.

The ropes on his hair were all divine artifacts made of ancient black gold

He was a genius.

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Supreme Genius.

Son of Providence.

When these words landed on Bai Niansheng, they even seemed a little poor!

With such a terrifying talent, his younger brother completely blocked Bai Niantian’s light!

When others mentioned their Bai Family, the first person they thought of was always him, Bai Niansheng.
As for Bai Niantian, he had become an ordinary


“This Profound Heaven Sword is my chance to turn things around!”

Bai Niantian clenched his fists lightly.
“This time, the Profound Heaven Sword will definitely be mine!”

“I’m finally at the limit!”

At the same time, Gong Ziliang finally reached Level 60 checkpoint!

At this moment, the monsters in this round had already become huge monsters!

These monsters flickered with phantom images.
They wore black armor and tightly wrapped these monsters that were like black smoke.

In their hands, they could still clearly see sickle-shaped weapons that looked extremely powerful!


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Looking at these monsters, Gong Ziliang had already begun to use the Fire Intent to envelop the Crimson Dragon Blade and directly stabbed the monster!


With a slight shattering sound, Gong Ziliang saw the armor on this demonic creature begin to slowly shatter.

In just a moment, it cracked and fell from its body!


Then, this demonic artifact transformed into a stream of smoke and dissipated.
At the same time, equipment and ingots appeared on the ground!

“Now that I’ve defeated a monster, I can already obtain 10,000 ingots…” Looking at his Treasure Beast picking up the ingots on the ground, Gong Ziliang could not help but reveal an excited expression.

If this trend continued, wouldn’t he be able to quickly gather the two million ingots for Body Tempering?

“Eh, feathers actually drop on this level…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the various items in his bag and could not help but feel a little excited.

Now, it seemed that this level dungeon could be said to be a comprehensive Instance Dungeon!

No matter what resources, they could drop from this dungeon!

However, compared to other dungeons, the probability of dropping precious treasures was very low.

It was so low that it made one’s hair stand!

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