Chapter 294 Spiritual Sense Breakthrough, Shocking Everyone!

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At the same time, Gong Ziliang in the inn absorbed all the surrounding endless spiritual sense power into his mind!

Immediately, the extremely huge spiritual sense seemed to have transformed into a fist that blasted towards Gong Ziliang’s mind!


Then, a sound like shattering glass sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang felt that his spiritual sense had reached a brand new level!

“This is the second level of Spiritual Sense! The Howl Realm…”

Gong Ziliang opened his eyes and looked at the inn in front of him.
Although he was still in this inn, his current perception had expanded to the entire Azure City!

More than ten meters away, the shock on the faces of Bing Xin and Mo Yue in the next room was…

The hair of the pedestrians 300 meters away was blown by the wind.

The sound of a thousand-meter wooden stick falling to the ground.

Three thousand meters away, Xu Qiang and the two Demon Cult elders faced off!

At this moment, these scenes seemed to have become very slow in Gong Ziliang’s perception.
He was like a black hand that looked down on the entire world, feeling that he already had the ability to control everything! [Ding! Congratulations on successfully raising your spiritual sense!)

“As expected…”

Gong Ziliang retracted his huge spiritual sense and began to be silent!

He had to consolidate his current strength.

Now, he had just obtained such a terrifying spiritual sense.
Perhaps, as long as he was slightly excited, the spiritual sense would explode!

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“Could it be that there’s a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure in this Azure City…”

Little did he know…

The commotion that Gong Ziliang created now could be said to have frightened the two Demon Cult elders outside!

The two of them looked at Azure City in front of them, the shock in their eyes surging without any concealment!

“Such a terrifying spiritual sense power, I’m afraid only a mighty figure at the Spiritual Sea Realm can grasp it!”

The two Demon Cult elders looked at each other, their gazes filled with shock!

Above the Tribulation Transcendence was the Spiritual Sea Realm! After stepping into the Spiritual Sea Realm, he would become the mighty figure that other cultivators spoke of!

Even in the entire Primordial Dynasty, the existence of the Spiritual Sea Realm was probably only limited to one person, the Grand Emperor!

Even the current monarch, Qin Shanhe, had not reached the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Apart from that…

Unless it was some old fogies that avoided the world, otherwise, there was definitely no second mighty figure!

Could it be that this Primordial Dynasty had actually sent a mighty figure to Azure City for a Gong Ziliang?


When they thought of this, these two Demon Cult elders immediately wanted to think about it!

After all, with the existence of the Spiritual Sea Realm, if the two of them went up, the other party would probably be able to slap them to death!

“What should we do!”

At this moment, these two Demon Cult elders could not help but feel troubled.

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If they retreated now, what awaited them was definitely Mo Yun’s monstrous anger.

However, if they were blocked here now, they did not dare to step foot into this Azure City at all!

The scene immediately became awkward!

“What are the Demon Cult disciples doing here…”

Gong Ziliang looked in the direction of the city tower outside.

In his perception, he could naturally sense the Tribulation Transcendence Realm aura that Xu Qiang and the two Demon Cult elders had erupted with!

Such a terrifying aura was naturally noticed by Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense!

“In that case, I’ll give them a huge gift!”

Gong Ziliang stood up and opened his door.

“What are you doing…” However, when Gong Ziliang opened the door, the figure of the Gemini Stars immediately squeezed out from the door.

The two of them looked at Gong Ziliang, their gazes revealing extreme shock, because the two of them also felt the terrifying aura from before!


The power of this spiritual sense made the two of them feel extremely shocked!

“You’ll know soon…”

Gong Ziliang smiled at the two of them and took the lead to walk out.

“Xu Qiang, are you really not letting us in?”

Outside the city, the Demon Cult’s elders were closing in step by step.
They looked at Xu Qiang in front of them and were already about to attack!

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“You can try…”

Xu Qiang looked at the two Demon Cult elders in front of him and said without any fear.

“Forget it! If this Azure City really has a Spiritual Sea Realm expert, I’ll accept my fate!”

The two Demon Cult elders looked at each other and a firm expression appeared in their


“Great Heavenly Demon Slash!”

With their angry shout, a red light lit up in their hands.

Then, their palms combined into one, turning into a red slash that slashed at Xu Qiang in front of them!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This attack combined the strength of the two Demon Cult elders and could be said to be extremely powerful.

The power was so great that it even made the other Demon Cult members feel deep despair!

“Mountain Splitter!”

Seeing this slash, Xu Qiang also drew his Fire Phoenix Sword.

Immediately, an extremely hot light mixed with the cry of a fire phoenix rushed into the sky!

In just a moment, it directly and ruthlessly collided with the attacks of the two Demon Cult elders!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three of them were all Tribulation Transcendence Realm experts.
The collision could be said to be extremely magnificent.

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The entire city gate of Azure City swayed under this collision.

Its terrifying Tribulation Transcendence Realm strength even made the surrounding experts involuntarily vomit blood and retreat!

“He’s actually so powerful…” The Demon Cult Elder saw that their attacks could not do anything to Xu Qiang for a moment and could not help but be a little surprised!

“In that case, I’ll let you use the things I prepared for that kid first!”

The two Demon Cult elders nodded at each other and retreated at the same time.

At the same time, the two of them stretched out their hands at the same time, and a golden lotus flower actually blossomed in their hands!

“This is the Demon Cult’s Sacred Lotus Flower!”

When he saw this golden lotus, City Lord Xu Qiang’s expression could not help but change.
He hurriedly retracted his spiritual qi!

The Demon Cult’s Sacred Lotus Flower could be said to be one of the Demon Cult’s top treasures!

Back then, rumor had it that this Sacred Lotus Flower was one of the most precious artifacts in the world!

The petals of a Sacred Lotus Flower had the power to suppress a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert!

The lotus seeds inside were even more powerful.
Even existences at the Spiritual Sea Realm had to run when they saw it!

Xu Qiang did not expect that these two Demon Cult elders would actually carry such a treasure on them today!

It was really terrifying!

“Oh no! I can’t withstand this power!”

After the Demon Cult’s Sacred Lotus Flower appeared, Xu Qiang immediately felt the pressure on him increase greatly.

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