Chapter 335: The Might of the Heavenly Dao, Going Against the Heavens! 

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As for the Divine Dragon Body and True Phoenix Body, they could be said to be existences that stood at the top of the pyramid. 

Even in the legendary Holy Land or the Empire, a sub-dragon or sub-phoenix bloodline Divine Body could be respected as the Holy Son and determine the providence of the Grand Empire for hundreds of years. 

Even if it was the sub-dragon bloodline, it was rare to see it in a thousand years.
In any case, as long as it was related to dragons and phoenixes, it was an abnormally ridiculous existence. 

Not to mention that Gong Ziliang had both.
The word monstrous could not describe the shock he gave Qin Chuan. 

As the saying went, there was no harm without comparison.
Before Gong Ziliang appeared, although his grandson was not impressive, he was still acceptable. 

However, after being refreshed by Gong Ziliang time and time again, Qin Chuan, who had half of his body in the ground, could not help but have the thought of opening a smurf account. 

Qin Shanhe directly kicked Qin Yu to the ground and said resentfully, “If you had one ten-thousandth of Gong Ziliang’s talent, I would wake up laughing in my dreams.
Can’t you learn from him?” 

“Why don’t we just strangle him to death and have another child? I think he’s crippled!” 

Qin Chuan nodded in agreement. 

Perhaps he would win the lottery and give birth to a Son of Providence.
While the father and son were still young, he might even be the leader of the Empire! 

Qin Yu was immune to the words of his father and grandfather. 

In any case, Gong Ziliang was his idol. 

The stronger Gong Ziliang was, the more he benefited. 

Previously, they had all thought wrong.
Gong Ziliang was not a fledgling eagle! 

This was not pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, but a dragon instead! 

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The Sky Lion Face from before was at least at the peak of the Spiritual Sea Realm! 

However, it was still forcefully shattered by Gong Ziliang as a third-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator. 

Now, Gong Ziliang had even condensed the Divine Dragon True Phoenix Faith Body.
With such talent, as long as he was willing, 

In the Holy Land or the Empire, if he casually displayed his strength, there would definitely be countless emperors who would treat him as an honored guest. 

A Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert in his early twenties was considered a peerless genius in the Holy Land of the Empire. 

However, it was not impossible.
However, condensing a Divine Body and fusing the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix was definitely unprecedented. 

As long as he could lick Gong Ziliang’s boots until he felt good, Great Xia’s Bai Family was nothing! 

“I’ve decided.
From now on, Gong Ziliang will be the High Priest of the Primordial Dynasty.
As long as he’s willing, half of the kingdom can be handed over with both hands!” Qin Shanhe said firmly. 

“Your Majesty, think twice.
The High Priest is second only to one person and above all others.
He controls the lifeline of the Primordial Dynasty, and Gong Ziliang is an outsider after all.” 

A clan elder cupped his hands and persuaded. 

“That’s right.
Shanhe, your actions are indeed rash.
In my opinion, 

“Not only do we have to confer Gong Ziliang the title of High Priest, but according to his talent, he will definitely lack cultivation resources.
We also have to use the power of the Primordial Dynasty to help him cultivate!” Qin Chuan nodded and said. 

Qin Yu spat out blood as if he was not the biological son. 

Why did he not notice in the past that these two old fogies actually had the attribute of bootlickers in their bones! 

In the void, as the power of faith continuously purified, the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix swam out. 

It circled above Gong Ziliang’s head and interweaved. 

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A loud dragon roar and phoenix cry resounded in the sky. 

It was as if it was announcing to the world that Gong Ziliang’s Divine Body was about to form and a golden age was about to begin! 

At the same time, a thunderclap struck in the void. 

In front of Gong Ziliang, a ravine that was thousands of miles deep exploded. 

An extremely ominous feeling assaulted his heart! 

“The power of the Heavenly Dao!” Qin Chuan roared. 

When he was young, he had seen in the books that the existence of the Heavenly Dao was to correct chaos. 

What was the Heavenly Dao? It controlled everything in the world and could determine life and death with a thought. 

It was just like an empire that was prosperous and could last forever! 

Providence was the blessing of the Heavenly Dao.
In the end, it was just a soft policy.
The Heavenly Dao was the ruler of everything in the world. 

Providence was also a shackle. 

Gong Ziliang had long sensed that all three thousand Great Dao could attain the Dao. 

The path of nirvana was the path of Dao Validation.
Only by successfully attaining the Dao could one step into a higher realm. 

Logically speaking, why would a person like Gong Ziliang, who had providence gathered in his body and was born with the Heavenly Dao, attract the animosity of the Heavenly Dao? 

Precisely because Gong Ziliang had long seen through the secret, it could be said that he wanted to act recklessly for once. 

In this life, he would only follow his heart. 

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The three thousand Great Dao were all controlled by the Heavenly Dao.
Peerless experts who walked out would completely become slaves of the Heavenly Dao. 

As for Gong Ziliang, he had the system and wanted to defy the heavens! 

Why did the power of the Heavenly Dao attack him today? It was because his talent had already made the Heavenly Dao feel uncontrollable. 

If it let him grow, there would be a time when he would break through this Heavenly Dao! 

Sensing the extremely majestic divine force in his body, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up. 

The current him was not the Heavenly Dao’s match at all! 

The God’s Hand hidden behind the void had already been seen through by Gong Ziliang.
His strength was at least above the Spiritual Sea Realm. 

“Ding! Detected the power of the Heavenly Dao.
Host, please accept the battle.
If you defeat the power of the Heavenly Dao, you will break through the shackles of providence!” 

“After sensing that the host’s life is in danger, the system will activate the Undying Golden Body.
You will be immune to three indiscriminate attacks.
Good luck!” 

Could he withstand the strength of the Divine Opening Realm? 

However, from the looks of it, the system meant that he had to withstand Nirvana, he would die if he could not. 

Now, he could only brace himself! 

Gong Ziliang held the Heavenly Dragon Blade and turned around to step forward.
In the void, his gaze was sharp as he faced the lightning clouds hidden in the God’s Hand. 

“Oh my god, what outrageous thing did Gong Ziliang do? Even the Heavenly Dao wants to kill him!” 

Qin Chuan had already led the Qin Family far away. 

It would have been fine if it was the Sky Lion Face, but if it went against the Heavenly Dao, it would simply be courting death. 

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“Father, since Gong Ziliang is the High Priest now, the Primordial Dynasty should advance and retreat with him!” 

Seeing that his father wanted to escape, Qin Yu hurriedly shouted. 

“Together? The heavens are really jealous of geniuses.
I’m afraid Gong Ziliang won’t live past today!” Qin Chuan sighed softly. 

In the past hundreds of years, the Qin Family had finally encountered an opportunity to transform into a dragon. 

However, he would be killed now before he matured. 

Gong Ziliang was not tolerated by the Heavenly Dao, so it was decided that the Primordial Dynasty could not have anything to do with him. 

After all, the rise and fall of a dynasty was also closely related to providence. 

All of Gong Ziliang’s achievements so far… 

Even when he was at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm… 

Even if he cultivated the Divine Dragon and True Phoenix Body, his strength and talent were that of an unrivaled genius. 

However, to anger the might of the Heavenly Dao, he was already a dead man in Qin Chuan’s eyes. 

If they interacted closely, they would inevitably be implicated by the power of the Heavenly Dao.
This was not a wise choice. 

Qin Yu’s face darkened.
It turned out that his father was a fence sitter without any shame! 

A moment ago, he had said that he wanted to use the power of the Primordial Dynasty to nurture Gong Ziliang. 

In the next moment, he wished he could cut ties with Gong Ziliang! 


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