Chapter 336: God’s Hand 

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Gong Ziliang, who was floating in the void, naturally heard their conversation and only smiled bitterly. 

This was human nature.
Although he knew that on this path, the Heavenly Dao would come to find him one day, he did not expect it to be so fast! 

The lightning clouds originally occupied a corner of the northwest area, which was only dozens of miles. 

At this moment, faint explosions sounded in the lightning clouds. 

The covered sky quickly expanded.
Wherever it passed, thunder rumbled. 

“I can’t wait anymore!” 

Gong Ziliang snorted coldly and slapped his hand, rising into the air. 

He knew the difference between him and the Heavenly Dao, even if it was only the power of the Heavenly Dao. 

It was definitely not something he could resist.
Looking at the current situation, the God’s Hand behind the lightning clouds had not condensed yet. 

He had given himself a chance.
He only had to shatter the God’s Hand before it condensed. 

What could the power of the Heavenly Dao do to him?! 

Sharp sword intent flickered behind him, and there were thousands of cold lights. 

Everything in the world seemed to be avoiding the sword intent summoned by Gong Ziliang. 

“Myriad Sword Convergence!” 

Every word was sonorous, and tens of thousands of sword intent appeared behind him. 

At this moment, it became illusory and flew towards Gong Ziliang’s body! 

It condensed into a huge light sword that was hundreds of feet long and silently floated behind Gong Ziliang. 

Although the sword did not move, it gave people a feeling of rest. 

Now that he had stepped into the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, the power of Gong Ziliang’s every move was naturally incomparable! 

“This Gong Ziliang is simply bold and reckless.
He actually refuses to give up and wants to resist the Heavenly Dao!” 

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A sigh sounded from below.
Fighting the heavens was simply extremely stupid in their eyes. 

The citizens of the Primordial Dynasty had previously treated Gong Ziliang as the hero who killed the Sky Lion Face. 

Now, they shook their heads and felt that he was extremely arrogant! 

Some had even begun to curse Gong Ziliang. 

Provoking the heavenly might would only cause trouble for himself and might even implicate the Primordial Dynasty! 

They wanted Gong Ziliang to get lost from the Primordial Dynasty. 

As the ruler of the dynasty, Qin Shanhe actually turned a deaf ear to these words. 

Now, he could not change anything. 

After today, Gong Ziliang would no longer exist in this world. 

Perhaps in a few days, the Primordial Dynasty would be completely destroyed by the Bright Fire Dynasty. 

Gong Ziliang ignored the chaos underground and waved his sleeve. 

The huge light sword behind him slowly trembled. 

The sword emitted a sorrowful sound! 

That’s right, even this Supreme Sword Intent could sense the terrifying power of the God’s Hand behind the lightning clouds! 

Fear appeared in the depths of the sword intent. 

Helpless, Gong Ziliang could only retract his sword intent. 

He did not even have the intention to fight.
Even if he released it, it would be useless. 

A moment later, the lightning clouds filled the void for nearly ten thousand miles. 

There was no light in the entire sky. 

A violent storm and thunder continuously swept through the world covered in lightning clouds! 

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Gong Ziliang discovered that this lightning cloud actually carried some Heavenly Dao laws. 

Every move and action of his could only be executed with spiritual qi. 

The Heavenly Dao ruled over everything, which meant that all his moves were under this lightning cloud. 

It was like a joke. 

After a fruitless test, Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and sat down cross-legged. 

He ignored the lightning clouds. 

If he wanted to crush the power of the Heavenly Dao, he could only wait for the lightning clouds to dissipate. 

Once the God’s Hand condensed, he would be facing an existence at the Divine Opening Realm. 

Moreover, fear came from the unknown. 

Gong Ziliang was not sure if he could shatter the power of the Heavenly Dao as long as he crushed this God’s Hand. 

One Divine Opening Realm cultivator was already an extreme headache for Gong Ziliang.
If there was another one… 

He might as well kill himself.
In any case, the outcome would be the same. 

Seeing Gong Ziliang sit down cross-legged, he seemed to have accepted his fate. 

The rumbling in the lightning clouds was even stronger, as if it was showing off. 

The three members of the Qin Family also closed their eyes and mourned for Gong Ziliang. 

Finally, the lightning clouds that swept for thousands of miles stopped in their tracks. 

In the center of the sky, a golden light passed through the dark lightning clouds and illuminated the entire sky.
Then, a huge hand appeared in front of everyone! 

Just a finger could sweep through a territory of a thousand miles! 

With a palm strike, it was definitely an existence that could destroy a region! 

Such a shocking scene made even the Sky Lion Face fall behind. 

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If just one hand was so terrifying, what kind of existence was this hand? 

God’s Hand! 

Qin Chuan’s eyes almost popped out. 

According to the ancient book when he was young, the power of the Heavenly Dao was also ranked. 

For ordinary people, a thunderclap from the Heavenly Dao could destroy their soul and body. 

The person who could become a huge figure and stand at the peak of the world would cause the power of the Heavenly Dao to manifest as a light sword or a furnace. 

The God’s Hand was the main body of the Heavenly Dao! 

To be able to cause the God’s Hand to descend meant that the Heavenly Dao had already treated Gong Ziliang as its mortal enemy. 

The Heavenly Dao felt threatened by Gong Ziliang? 

Qin Chuan felt that his world view had already been shattered by Gong Ziliang! 

He was able to threaten the heavens? Ridiculous! 

This was something only seen in myths! 

The God’s Hand bathed in divine light and dispersed the lightning clouds that covered the entire sky. 

It gave people the feeling that light had reappeared in the world and was extremely sacred. 

“Gong Ziliang, the Heavenly Dao has bestowed you with immense providence, but you dare to defy the heavens.
Today, the Heavenly Dao will suppress you forever!” 

An ethereal voice resounded in the void. 

More than 100 million citizens of the Primordial Dynasty heard it clearly! 

This was the judgment of the Heavenly Dao! 

Going against the heavens! 

Although they did not understand, they felt that it was incredible! 

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It was so cool! 

“I, Gong Ziliang, have lived two lives and have no worries remaining.
I only want to follow my heart.
If the Heavenly Dao doesn’t accept me, I’ll blow up the heavens!” 

Gong Ziliang looked at him coldly and said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner. 

“You’re stubborn.
The Heavenly Dao rules over all things.
Even if your talent is outstanding, that’s the gift of the Heavenly Dao.
Today, this place will be your burial ground!” 

The ethereal voice pierced through the world again. 

“The Heavenly Dao is so long-winded.
If you want to fight, come.
The so-called gift is just a joke!” 

The Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear transformed into three black dragons that circled in the void and fought against the God’s Hand! 

The power of the Heavenly Dao crushed all living beings in the world, even Nirvana Realm experts. 

They could not resist and could only die obediently. 

Gong Ziliang was an exception. 

In his mind, his life was in his own hands! 

If the Heavenly Dao wanted him to die, he would go against it! 

The body of the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear was also trembling slightly. 

The God’s Hand quietly floated in the void, continuously emitting the power of providence. 

It was as if the Heavenly Dao was blessing the world. 

Underground, the citizens of the Primordial Dynasty knelt on the ground. 

They bowed reverently to the God’s Hand in the void. 

Although the power of providence could not increase the strength of ordinary people, it was a blessing that could only be chanced upon by luck. 


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