The power could not be underestimated.
If he was not careful, it would explode.

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The range of the explosion was definitely not inferior to the consequences of the Divine Punishment.

For a moment, Gong Ziliang had an extremely bad headache.

Without any time to think, he raised the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear in his hand.

It emitted an extremely dazzling light, and the huge ‘Seal’ word formed again.

Gong Ziliang also knew the third move of the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.
Previously, he was not strong enough and could not use it.

Now, he could do it easily!

The huge golden net formed by the Divine Seal enveloped the huge lightning ball.

Gong Ziliang discovered that the cultivation in his body was quickly depleting!

In just an instant, his strength fell from the peak of the Nirvana Realm to the seventh-stage.

Gong Ziliang finally understood why the artifact spirit needed to burn its source to use this Divine Seal.

With the cultivation left behind by the Demon Patriarch, he could also shatter the Heavenly Dao.

However, the artifact spirit knew that if its cultivation was exhausted.

Even if the Heavenly Dao was shattered, Gong Ziliang could not control the situation with his current strength.

Then, the lightning clouds summoned by the Heavenly Dao were definitely a calamity for the Northern Region.

It could be said that the artifact spirit had chosen to sacrifice its origin for the common people of the Northern Region.

Gong Ziliang was a little ashamed.
If they could do this, why should they be labeled as traitors by the world?

The Demon Patriarch had always been concerned about the world but was also not tolerated by the world.

As for those sanctimonious people, they could sit high in the palace!

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They were respected by all the people, but a true person like the Demon Patriarch carried a lifetime of infamy!

Gong Ziliang could not help but imagine that one day, he would be like the Demon Patriarch.

If he was not tolerated by the world and encountered such a situation, how would he choose?!

The spear in his hand emitted a cold light, and his entire body’s cultivation burned.

The spear tip pierced towards the huge lightning ball in the void with a sonic boom!

Gong Ziliang’s body transformed into a ray of light that forcefully blocked the lightning ball that crossed the void.

It was torn into two.
The inside of the electric ball was extremely unstable.

Coupled with the fact that it was forcefully torn apart, a huge energy fluctuation swept down!

“Divine Seal!”

Gong Ziliang shouted and used the Divine Seal again.

The golden net sealed the energy tide that swept out.

Gong Ziliang’s cultivation quickly burned!

“Third-stage Nirvana Realm!”

“Ninth-stage Heaven Deity Realm!”

“First-stage Spiritual Sea Realm!”

“First-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm!”

In the void, a crack suddenly appeared and devoured the aftershock of the electric ball explosion.

A moment ago, the entire world immediately became extremely quiet.

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Gong Ziliang’s tottering body was also swept into the void crack.

All the citizens of the Primordial Dynasty, including Qin Chuan and his son, knelt on the ground and prayed sincerely.

They knew the scene best at the center of the explosion.

If not for Gong Ziliang, not to mention the Primordial Dynasty, the entire Northern Region would probably be destroyed!

“You are not allowed to reveal any information.
According to what I said previously, the Primordial Dynasty will hide and raise Qin Yu with the strength of the dynasty!” Qin Chuan said with a heavy expression.

Similarly, he had seen in an ancient book that the Heavenly Dao was the balance of the order of the world.

The shattering of the Heavenly Dao meant that the laws were shattered.

A phenomenon suddenly appeared in the world, and a great calamity was bound to happen.

The crack that was torn open in the lightning cloud in the void was the sign of a phenomenon!

A calamity was about to arrive!

In the entire region, no faction could escape unscathed, including the Holy Land or the Empire.

Not to mention the small Primordial Dynasty, now that Qin Yu had obtained the blessing of the heavens, his cultivation speed could not be compared to before.
If he had another 30 years, Qin Yu was very likely to break through to the Heaven Deity Realm.
Coupled with the luck absorbed by the Primordial Dynasty, at that time, perhaps they would have some ability to protect itself.

The previous scene made Qin Chuan extremely afraid.

A huge dynasty was actually so small in front of the Heavenly Dao.

With a thought, the Heavenly Dao could casually attack and cause the Primordial Dynasty to be doomed.

It also made him understand the importance of high-level combat strength!

Just like Gong Ziliang, he was extremely talented and powerful.

He could crush the Heavenly Dao alone!

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He was an existence that was on par with the Heavenly Dao!

Although Qin Chuan did not know Gong Ziliang’s strength, in his heart, perhaps even a true immortal was only so-so.

He, Qin Chuan, was the ruler of the Primordial Dynasty, and the Great Dao was the ruler of the five things in the world.

He was truly born from the will of the heavens and would die if he defied it!

Such an existence was actually shattered by Gong Ziliang’s spear!

Qin Chuan could not help but imagine if Qin Yu could reach this level in his lifetime!

Wouldn’t the entire Northern Region become the possession of the Primordial Dynasty?

At that time, it would not be a small Primordial Dynasty, but the Primordial Holy Land that stood in the Northern Region!

Once upon a time, he had ambitions.

However, this was the reality.
Before this, the Primordial Dynasty even had to worry about the situation tomorrow!

The covetous Great Xia Dynasty could devour it at any time!

But now, the tables had turned!

The Primordial Dynasty had obtained the favor of the Heavenly Dao and was augmented by providence.

The Great Xia Dynasty did not dare to risk the wrath of the world by destroying the Primordial Dynasty and destroying their hundred years of providence.

Everything seemed to be resolved easily.

As for Gong Ziliang, he could only sigh.
The heavens were jealous of geniuses!

It was impossible to survive after being swept into the void crack that could even devour the Heavenly Divine Punishment!

There was no chance of survival!

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After the void crack devoured the lightning clouds, it fell silent.

Great Xia Empire, Imperial Observatory.

A white-robed old man looked at the slowly closing crack in the void with an extremely heavy expression.

The Great Xia Emperor, who was wearing a dragon robe, slowly walked to the old man’s side and asked, “Prime Master, what does this change mean?”

“The Heavenly Dao is unfathomable!” The Prime Master said fearfully.

“Could it be?” The Great Xia Emperor fell silent.

“The one who attacked earlier was the Heavenly Dao.
As for the other fluctuation, it has already reached the peak of the Nirvana Realm!”

The Prime Master told him the news he had obtained.

“Is that true? Why didn’t I know that there was actually such an expert in the Northern Region?”

The Great Xia Emperor immediately felt his heart palpitate.

One had to know that all the movements in the entire Great Xia Empire were under his control.

A peak Nirvana Realm expert was enough to overturn the entire Great Xia Dynasty.

Now, in the Northern Region, such a peerless expert had actually appeared without any warning.

If this person had ill intentions, the Great Xia Dynasty would face a calamity.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry.
I can tell that this person had probably broken through his shackles and wanted to immediately ascend, but in the end, he attracted the Heavenly Dao’s Divine Punishment!”

“After the previous battle, I did not sense anything else.
I believe that the aura of that supreme expert has been wiped out by the power of the Heavenly Dao!”

The Prime Master guessed.

After all, in their understanding, who could resist the Heavenly Dao?

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