However, the system seemed to have gone offline.

“Uncle Zhao, look, there seems to be a dead person over there!”

On the carriage, the young girl lifted the curtain and pointed in Gong Ziliang’s direction.

“Mind your own business and speed up on the way to Tong Pass!”

The man leading the convoy waved the whip in his hand.

Since ancient times, Tong Pass had been the path that caravans had to take.

Murder and robbery happened often, so they could not care less.

This time, the young miss was also in the caravan.
If anything happened, it was not something he could afford to bear.

“Save… save me!”

Gong Ziliang used all his strength to wave his hands.

“He’s still alive!”

Qin Yao’er jumped down from the carriage and ran towards Gong Ziliang.

“Stay on guard!”

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Zhao San jumped off the horse and followed Qin Yao’er.

“How can he be so heavily injured!” Qin Yao’er covered her eyes when she saw Gong Ziliang, who was covered in blood and had no intact skin.

Gong Ziliang felt his eye bags become heavier and heavier.
He fainted before he could last until the two of them arrived.

At midnight, Gong Ziliang woke up again.

He was in a camp with a bonfire around him.

A group of armored men sat in a circle.

Zhao San walked in front of Gong Ziliang with a wine pot and handed it over, “Fortunately, you’re lucky.
You can actually survive after suffering such heavy injuries.”

“Cough cough… Thank you.
I’m Gong Ziliang.
May I know where this is?”

Gong Ziliang drank a mouthful of wine and coughed.

He vaguely remembered that before he lost consciousness, he was swept into the void crack.

He wanted to figure out his current situation.

“Tong Pass, we’re a caravan of the Zhao Family in Heavenly Star City.
You have to know that this Tong Pass is filled with bandits.
Usually, very few caravans pass by.
This is also because you’re not destined to die.”

Zhao San patted Gong Ziliang’s shoulder.

“Which dynasty does Heavenly Star City belong to?” Gong Ziliang asked in confusion.

First of all, he had to figure out where he was.
There were many dynasties in the Northern Region, and there were even more small kingdoms in the dynasties.

How could Gong Ziliang know about this Heavenly Star City?

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“Dynasty? Heavenly Star City is a small city on the northwest border of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.”

Zhao San was immediately puzzled.

He had never heard of the term dynasty.

He only knew that Heavenly Star City belonged to the Purple Cloud Kingdom.

“We can be considered to have formed a good relationship.
Why don’t you stay in the convoy and recuperate in peace? You can return to Heavenly Star City with us and make plans later?” Zhao San asked.

Gong Ziliang was so heavily injured that the people accompanying him were probably already gone.

Now that he was heavily injured, if he did not leave with the caravan but continued to stay here, he would die.

Gong Ziliang also agreed happily.
Now, he did not even know where he was.

Right now, he only had to reach Heavenly Star City first before making other plans.

Zhao San summoned those armored soldiers to a bonfire.

Gong Ziliang also supported his staggering body and walked up.

“This place is less than 20 miles from Tong Pass.
It’s a natural chasm.
The leader of the bandits, Zuo Shandiao, has even reached the peak Meridian Opening Realm!”

“In the past, that Zuo Shandiao would definitely not dare to attack the Qin Family’s caravan.
At most, we would spend money to avoid calamity.
Now, the greatest variable is our Miss.” Zhao San expressed his worries.

That Zuo Shandiao was famous for being a lecher.
If he knew that the young lady was also in the caravan, he would definitely not let them go easily.

Qin Yao’er was a famous beauty in the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
How could this Zuo Shandiao let go of the opportunity?

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