“Uncle Zhao, you don’t have to say anymore.
I’ve already made up my mind.
I’ll leave Heavenly Star City in a few days!”

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Gong Ziliang shook his head and rejected.

It was impossible for him to reveal his identity as the High Priest of the Primordial Dynasty who had reached the third-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

If he said that, he would probably be treated as a lunatic.

In their eyes, not to mention the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, the endpoint of cultivation might be the Profound Realm.

“Don’t force it.
Then, Little Brother Liang, stay in the Qin Family for the next few days.
After your injuries are checked, I’ll prepare a bag for you and leave.”

Zhao San seemed to want to say something, but he was stopped by Qin Xiao.

They were just strangers.
If they were not fated, why force them to stay?

“I have another request.
I wonder if you can recommend me to City Lord Xing Feng?” Gong Ziliang asked.

After all, with his current strength, it was probably not easy to see Xing Feng.

As for the Qin Family, it was one of the four great families of Heavenly Star City.
If the Qin Family’s head pulled strings among them, this matter would definitely succeed.

Gong Ziliang still hoped to ask Xing Feng about the location of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.

He was prepared to return to the Primordial Dynasty.

“City Lord Xing Feng is currently inspecting the front line.
He will return to Heavenly Star City in seven days.
At that time, I’ll introduce you.”

How experienced was Qin Xiao? He immediately sensed what Gong Ziliang was thinking.

However, in his opinion, Gong Ziliang was arrogant and was unwilling to stay in the Qin Family.

He wanted to join Xing Feng, but indeed, although the Qin Family was powerful, they were also a merchant family.

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As for City Lord Xing Feng, he was a true Profound Realm mighty figure.
If he could obtain his favor, his martial path would naturally soar.

However, with Qin Xiao’s tact, he naturally would not show any dissatisfaction.

If Gong Ziliang could really catch Xing Feng’s eye and enter the City Lord’s Mansion,

His future achievements would definitely not be inferior to the Qin Family, which was Gong Ziliang’s savior.

With such a relationship, Qin Xiao was happy to do a favor.

If not for such meticulous thinking, how could he have accumulated the current family business of the Qin Family?

“Look after Yao’er these few days.
Don’t cause any more trouble.
I’ll be completely relieved after marrying her into the Wang Family in three days.” Qin Xiao smiled and ordered Zhao San.

“Isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

Zhao San revealed a difficult expression.
It could be said that he had watched Qin Yao’er grow up.

Now, for the Qin Family, Qin Xiao chose to give her to the Wang Family’s young master.

“What’s wrong with that? We must band together to resist other forces.
It’s not like you don’t understand that I shouldn’t hear this from you in the future!” Qin Xiao reprimanded.

After all, Zhao San was only a servant.

Gong Ziliang could not help but mutter.
No wonder he sensed that the entire Qin Family was decorated when he walked out of the room.

It turned out that this Miss Qin was about to get married.
Previously, she was saved because Qin Yao’er discovered her.

Gong Ziliang had a deep impression of this.
After returning to the room, he began to activate the pitifully little spiritual qi.

He was happy that his spiritual qi was continuously condensing and his strength was continuously recovering.

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After a night, his strength crossed the Meridian Opening Realm again and rose to the Illusory Core Realm.
Although he was still pitifully weak compared to before, he already had the ability to protect himself.
With Gong Ziliang’s combat strength, ordinary early-stage Profound Realm cultivators were not his match.

In the Purple Cloud Kingdom, no one could threaten him anymore.

As long as he entered the Profound Realm, Gong Ziliang could open his spatial ring.
At that time, as long as he knew the location, he could return to the Primordial Dynasty with a teleportation formation.

For two days in a row, Gong Ziliang closed his door and did not come out, his strength continuously rising.

Seventh-stage Illusory Core Realm!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang sensed a weak breathing sound.

Then, he berated, “Who?!”

Qin Yao’er pushed open the door and walked in.
“Gong Ziliang, that… can you bring me out of Heavenly Star City?”

Tomorrow was the day of Qin Yao’er’s wedding.
Qin Yao’er had also made up her mind to visit tonight.

Qin Yao’er was extremely talented and could sense Gong Ziliang’s strength.
Even City Lord Xing Feng might not be his match.

As long as Gong Ziliang was willing to leave with her, she did not have to submit to the young master of the Wang Family.

Qin Yao’er’s sudden words confused Gong Ziliang.

“Does Patriarch Qin know about this?”

Gong Ziliang looked troubled.

Bringing Qin Yao’er along was nothing, but Gong Ziliang did not dare to agree easily.

“This marriage was originally my father’s decision.
He said that for the Qin Family’s hundred-year foundation, he did not consider my feelings at all.”

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“That Young Master Wang is a famous wastrel of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
There are countless women around him.
If I have to marry him, I’d rather die!”

Qin Yao’er gritted her teeth and took out a dagger from her sleeve, placing it on her neck.

“Didn’t you say that I’m your savior? If you don’t agree, I’ll kill myself in front of you and let you feel guilty for the rest of your life!”

With a slight force on her wrist, a trace of blood flowed down the dagger.

Qin Yao’er was powerless.
If Gong Ziliang wanted to, he could subdue her with a thought.

However, he did not do so.
Hearing Qin Yao’er’s words, he could not help but sigh, “You’re leaving just like that? Can you let go of the Qin Family?”

“Ever since my mother died, I no longer have any feelings for this huge Qin Family.
You only need to bring me away from the Purple Cloud Kingdom and I won’t pester you anymore!”

Qin Yao’er thought that Gong Ziliang found it troublesome, so she continued.

At this moment.

“Oh no, Miss is missing!”

The courtyard was instantly lit up.
Teams of servants searched for Qin Yao’er in the Qin Family.

Gong Ziliang immediately let Qin Yao’er hide on the bed.

A group of servants pushed open the door of Gong Ziliang’s room.
Liang, how have I offended you? Eldest Miss is missing.
Master said that we can’t let go of a corner.”

Gong Ziliang naturally did not want them to check.
Qin Yao’er hid on the bed.
If he was caught red-handed, he would really fall into a trap.

“Let’s see who dares to enter!” Gong Ziliang snorted lightly.


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The leading servant did not say anything else.
If the young lady of the Qin Family was lost, their lives would be lost.
They naturally would not take Gong Ziliang’s threat seriously.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang was only at the early-stage Qi Refinement Realm, while he was already at the third-stage Qi Refinement Realm.

He only needed one palm to defeat Gong Ziliang!

“Stop, Brother Liang is the Qin Family’s esteemed guest.
How can you be impudent!”

Zhao San walked over from the long corridor.

Seeing Gong Ziliang’s attitude, he already had an idea.

“Butler Zhao, we’re also following orders.
It’s not easy to explain to Master like this.”

The leader looked troubled.

“Brother Liang has just recovered from his illness and can’t withstand the cold.
Wait here.
I’ll go in and search!”

Zhao San waved his hand.

“That’s good!”

The leader nodded.

In the end, if not for the fact that there was no other choice, he was unwilling to offend Gong Ziliang.

Such a young Qi Refinement Realm cultivator might have made enemies for him.

Since Zhao San was willing to deal with this matter, he was happy to do nothing.

After all, Zhao San was the butler.
If Miss really disappeared, he would be the first to bear the brunt.

They would definitely not cover up for him

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