“Prince Duan, you’re so respected.
In just a few days, City Lord Xing Feng has become a wanted criminal of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
What do you mean by this? Could it be that you want to go against my master?!”

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As soon as he sat down, Gong Ziliang was about to attack.

“Little brother, what are you saying? I have no choice but to do this.
Tomorrow morning, the signboard outside the imperial city will be removed.
Let’s drink tea.
This is a high quality tea.
It’s extremely fragrant!”

Wang Feng smiled apologetically.
If he offended that senior because of this, it would really not be worth it.

Since he was the one who added fuel to the fire behind the scenes, wouldn’t it be easy to get rid of the notice?

“I originally wanted to personally visit and apologize to Little Brother’s master, but there was no trace of him.
However, I’ve already prepared a generous gift to apologize and bring it up!”

Wang Feng clapped his hands.
His guards carried 18 red boxes and placed them in front of the inner hall.

As the box was opened, it immediately revealed a wave of jewelry.

There were all kinds of natural treasures and precious items.

“Apart from that, I’ve specially chosen 3,000 beauties.
They’re waiting outside the imperial city now.
As long as you like them, let them enter the city!” Wang Feng continued.

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If he wanted to recruit such a big shot, he had to satisfy him.
Men liked nothing more than wealth or beautiful women.

“Do you think this is all you have? Master originally wanted to discuss something important with you, but now it seems that Prince Duan is not sincere at all.
I think we should forget about it!”

Gong Ziliang frowned.

To be honest, he really did not fancy these things.

No matter what, he was an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.
Any one of his spatial rings could surpass these ordinary things by more than ten levels.

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As for Xing Feng, there was no need to mention him.

When he heard this, not only was Wang Feng not afraid, but he also revealed a happy expression, afraid that the senior was not greedy.

As long as he liked these mortal things, it was not a problem, let alone hearing Gong Ziliang’s words.

That senior had something to discuss with him.
It would definitely be extremely beneficial to him.

“To be honest, these are all things on the surface.
Senior is an extraordinary person, so you naturally don’t think much of them.
I have a treasure vault in my residence.
The real good things are all inside.
As long as you like it, you can choose whatever you want!”

Wang Feng smiled brightly.

As experienced as he was, how could he not know that if he could not bear to part with treasures, he could not achieve greater things?

Even an expert at the True Martial Realm could be considered to have the combat strength of an elite in the Monet Dynasty, which was beyond a mere kingdom!

As for Spirit Refinement Realm experts above that, there were only a few in the Monet Dynasty.

It could be said that once a kingdom had a True Martial Realm expert, the situation would be overturned.

At the very least, the dynasty would only turn a blind eye to annexing the surrounding small kingdoms.
After all, this was development.

Wang Feng led the two of them into the back garden of the Prince’s Estate.
He opened a secret room and passed through the passageway.

In front of the two of them, rows of rare treasures were placed in unison.

The golden ingots were directly piled into a small mountain and thrown in the corner like trash.

Compared to the ones that Wang Feng had prepared previously, it was simply the difference between heaven and earth.

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Any one of them was a priceless treasure.

Although Gong Ziliang was not shocked, he could not help but sigh.

One had to know that the Monet Dynasty was only a small dynasty under the other Empire, let alone the small Purple Cloud Kingdom.

As a prince, Wang Feng’s method of accumulating wealth was actually so shocking!

Who knew how much wealth had been plundered here!

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang saw a brocade box in the middle of the secret room.

Gong Ziliang directly walked forward.
Being treated so seriously by Wang Feng and placed in this position, it was clearly an extraordinary item.

“Let’s not look at this.
As for the others, as long as you like them, feel free to take them…” Wang Feng frowned and said awkwardly.

However, before he could finish speaking, Gong Ziliang had already opened the brocade box.

In the brocade box lay a long robe embroidered with purple-gold nine-clawed dragon patterns.

Dragon robe!

Xing Feng’s expression was a little strange.
It turned out that this old thing had been plotting for a long time.

Now, even the dragon robe was prepared!

“I didn’t expect Prince Duan to be so ambitious and scheming!”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

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With the dragon robe here, everything was obvious.

“Little brother, you’re joking.
Even if I had a few more guts, I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing!”

Prince Duan immediately panicked.
He was just thinking.
If this matter was spread, how many heads would he have to kill?

“No, you dare? If I say you dare, you dare!”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand.

When Prince Duan heard this, his legs went weak from fear and he sat on the ground.

His back was already drenched in sweat.
If others discovered this secret, he would definitely kill them quickly.

However, Gong Ziliang was that senior’s personal disciple.
He did not dare!

“Prince Duan, don’t panic.
Teacher asked me to come here to discuss this matter with you.”

Gong Ziliang smiled and shook his head.

He wanted to kill this Prince Duan ruthlessly.
Otherwise, it would be too easy on him.

“Could it be?”

Prince Duan forced himself to calm down and think about what Gong Ziliang had said.

“Just as you think, Master came out of seclusion this time to subvert the Purple Cloud Kingdom and support a new emperor.
He took a fancy to your decisiveness!”

Gong Ziliang continued to bluff.
In any case, there was no need to pay taxes for bragging.

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“Then Master means to support me as the new emperor of the Purple Cloud Kingdom!”

Prince Duan felt a little suffocated.
In a few minutes, he had experienced the ups and downs of his life!

Even his breathing became rapid.

The wheel of fortune had finally landed on him.
It was finally his turn.
With the help of a True Martial mighty figure, why should he worry about not being able to succeed?

“After all, this matter is huge.
This matter still needs to be considered at length.
Little brother, please return and report to Master that I agree to this matter.
I only need to plan well and it will definitely succeed!”

Prince Duan was about to faint.
He even began to imagine himself wearing a dragon robe and ruling the world.

“There’s no need to think about it at length.
Since Master sent me here, you must have made full preparations!”

Gong Ziliang shook his head.

“Senior, you mean to say… when will we act?”

Prince Duan suppressed his excitement.
If not for the two of them, he even wanted to sing a song to vent.

“Tonight!” Gong Ziliang said bluntly.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say…”


The Prince Duan blurted out.
Then, he realized that something was amiss.

It was a little too rushed to attack tonight.
One had to know that in the army camp 200 miles away from the Imperial City, there were 300,000 soldiers, and the generals leading the troops had long been instigated by him.

As long as he gave the order, 300,000 troops could control the entire Imperial City in a day.

It could be said to have been planned for a long time.
However, if they attacked tonight, there was no time to mobilize the army outside the city.

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