At this moment, there were a total of 32 people carrying the carriage under Wang Feng!

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Soon, Prince Duan rode a dragon carriage and headed towards the palace in a dragon robe.

When the spy sent it back to Zhao Jin, he was so angry that he slammed the table and stood up.

“How bold.
I’ve treated him well.
I didn’t expect him to be so ambitious!”

He had only spread the news of the assassination and did not even reveal his current status!

Prince Duan could not help but jump out anxiously!

One had to know that this dragon robe and carriage could not be prepared in a day.

The only possibility was that Wang Feng had already planned for a long time to usurp the throne.

However, all of this seemed so ridiculous.
One had to know that Wang Feng was only at the fifth-stage Profound Realm!

As for the Prime Master, he was at the peak Profound Realm, let alone the other Supreme Elders!

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In Wang Feng’s mind, if Gong Ziliang attacked, these smelly fish and prawns would definitely die!

Naturally, he did not think too much about it.

In the palace, the eight thousand imperial guards were already hidden.

He was waiting for the fish to take the bait.

The Prime Master and the Supreme Elders were hiding everywhere!

As long as Wang Feng dared to take a step into the palace, he would definitely not be able to return!

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“Open the palace door!”

When Wang Feng and the others arrived in front of the palace, they saw that the door was closed.

This further confirmed his guess.
Zhao Jin had probably already gone to see the King of Hell.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the palace to be so heavily guarded.
It would definitely be kept secret!

A few guards opened the palace door.
When they saw Wang Feng in his dragon robe,

they did not dare to look straight at him, but they understood one thing.
The Purple Cloud Kingdom was probably about to be overturned!

Wang Feng rode the dragon carriage and arrived in the hall.

At this moment, it was not time for the court to begin.
The ministers had not arrived yet.

Wang Feng looked at the empty hall and laughed fearlessly.

Now, in the Purple Cloud Kingdom, who could stop him?

The magnificent mountains and rivers were within reach!

As he spoke, Wang Feng walked to the dragon throne in the throne room and slowly sat down.
“So this is the feeling of sitting on this dragon throne!”

“My butler, you’ve followed me for many years and can be said to have worked hard and contributed greatly.
Today, you’re no longer the head of the Prince’s Mansion but the Prime Minister of the Purple Cloud Kingdom!”

Wang Feng pointed at the Profound Realm expert beside him and rewarded him.

“Your Majesty, do you want to take him down?” A subject could not take it anymore and immediately asked.

“It’s fine.
I want to see what this old man wants to do!” Zhao Jin said with a dark expression.

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At this moment, the bell rang three times.

The civil and military officials stepped onto the throne room in an orderly manner.

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of War, Li Hao, saw at a glance that the person sitting on the dragon throne was not the current Emperor, Zhao Jin, but the Prince Duan, Wang Feng!

How could others sit on this dragon throne? Moreover, Prince Duan was still wearing a purple-gold nine-clawed dragon pattern yellow robe!

One had to know that in the rules, the ruler of a kingdom could only wear the six trigrams dragon robe.

As for the nine-clawed dragon robe, only the Dynasty Ruler was qualified to wear it!

Wang Feng clearly wanted to rebel!

However, in Wang Feng’s eyes, how could he know anything about etiquette? He only felt that the dragon robe on Zhao Jin was a six-clawed golden dragon, so no matter what, he had to be more imposing than him.
Therefore, he chose the nine-clawed dragon pattern!

Everything was obvious!

“How dare you? Who do you think you are, Wang Feng? How can you wear this dragon robe? How are you qualified to sit on the dragon throne?!”

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of War, Li Hao, went forward and pointed at Wang Feng’s nose, berating loudly.

He showed not an ounce of respect!

The court officials were also in an uproar.
One had to know that Wang Feng’s action was a blatant crime of defiance.
That was an action that required the execution of nine generations!

He was really crazy!

Wang Feng’s ambition was like a wild wolf.
All the officials in the court had heard of it.

However, in their eyes, Wang Feng was a scheming person and was the best at enduring.

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How could he do such a rash thing?

Those who knew Wang Feng well had already guessed most of it!

Presumably, Wang Feng was already confident enough to do this!

Until now, Zhao Jin had not appeared.
Even the Prime Master and the few Supreme Elders had not appeared.

How could it be possible for Wang Feng to do such a thing? Could it be…?

Wang Feng was not angry at all.
Instead, he said very calmly, “How many people in the world don’t want to sit on the throne?”

“It’s the same for me.
Today, the Purple Cloud Kingdom will change hands!”

Wang Feng sneered and looked down at the officials below, seeming to have the might of an emperor.

“How dare you! This Purple Cloud Kingdom is the imperial family of the Zhao Family.
Who do you think you are!”

A few important ministers stood out and faced Wang Feng!

“Zhao Jin is already dead.
Because the Prime Master was stubborn, he was also killed.
The few Supreme Elders are the same.
Do you still think I’m qualified?!”

Since Wang Feng had said this, he even changed his tone.

As soon as these words were spoken, the surroundings immediately fell silent!

Until now, Zhao Jin still had not appeared.
Presumably, what Wang Feng said was most likely true.

“In the new and old, there’s naturally a group of stubborn people who will be eliminated by history.”

“Those who are willing to follow me will stand on the right today.
Those who want to go against me will stand on the left!”

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Wang Feng wanted to eliminate all dissidents.
Such methods were really impressive.

However, Zhao Jin, who was in the dark, did not panic at all.

The Purple Cloud Kingdom was indeed rotten now, so he could use this opportunity to its fullest.

He wanted to help the royal family eliminate all threats.

In his eyes, Wang Feng was just a clown.

Soon, the civil and military officials were divided into two factions.
One faction was willing to support Wang Feng as the emperor!

The other was that they were unwilling to bow down to Wang Feng and swore to protect the royal family.

However, their numbers were far inferior to the former!

“Alright, very good.
I won’t take the lives of those who oppose me.
Put down the authority in your hands and I’ll let you leave the Imperial City safely!” Wang Feng said generously.

However, all of this was for the sake of the officials who had chosen to support him.

As long as he did not eliminate these people on the left, he could not sit at ease as an emperor!

“The Purple Cloud Kingdom will prosper under my lead.
I, the Eternal Emperor, will definitely shoulder the burden of the Purple Cloud Kingdom.
Not long after, the Purple Cloud Kingdom will become the Purple Cloud Dynasty!”

Wang Feng said in high spirits.
After all, there was a Tribulation Transcendence Realm mighty figure backing him.
If he did not become arrogant, who would?

“No, you’re not.
Are you worthy of being called the Eternal Emperor?”

Finally, Zhao Jin slowly walked out of the inner hall and sighed.

“Who do you think you are to dare speak to me like this?!”

Wang Feng was clearly still immersed in the joy of success.

The moment he saw Zhao Jin clearly, the smile on his face instantly froze.

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