“Six Tune Music Shop.”

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An antique three-story wine shop stood quietly by the river.

The first floor of the wine shop was already surrounded.

“Dear guests, please come in.
We’re finally lucky today.
That courtesan of the Drunken Immortal Residence, Miss Lin Anruo, is currently playing a song in the third-floor private room.
Perhaps there’s a chance to get to know her!”

The waiter rubbed his hands, hinting that the three of them wanted to reward him and arranging seats for the two of them.

Zuo Shandiao generously threw a gold ingot to the waiter and asked, “What’s the background of this Lin Anruo? Why are so many people listening to his performance here?”

“Esteemed guests, I believe the three of you are not locals.
When Lin Anruo arrived in the Monet Dynasty a month ago, she immediately became the number one courtesan in the Imperial City’s Drunken Immortal Residence.
Not only did she look beautiful, but she was also proficient in the four arts.
Those young masters in the Imperial City were mesmerized by her!”

“In the end, it was because she rejected the current Crown Prince of the Monet Dynasty that she was expelled from the Empire.
Otherwise, the three of you wouldn’t have seen her today.”

The waiter weighed the heavy gold ingot in his hand and explained.

One had to know that for ordinary people, this 100 taels of gold was enough to live a carefree life.

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Therefore, the waiter naturally did not dare to delay at all.
He hurriedly led the three of them into the private room on the second floor.

Two pots of old wine and a table of dishes were served.

This place was even more mellow and pleasant than the lute outside the wine shop.

After all, without any noise, eating meat in large mouthfuls and drinking two cups was really a different feeling.

“Sirs, do you want to get close to that woman and meet her? If you want, I’ll invite her down now!”

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Zuo Shandiao was a little drunk as he stood up and asked.

He was unruly by nature.
If he liked something, he had to obtain it.
But if he wanted to show off in front of the two of them, he had to get their permission.

“Don’t spoil everyone’s mood.
Sit down and drink!”

Xing Feng shook his head.

Gong Ziliang sat for a long time and drank cup after cup of yellow wine, thinking about something.

This lute tune indeed had some charm, but because there were no lyrics,

Therefore, it seemed a little boring.
If he could add it, it would really be intoxicating!

“Today, I’ll see if it’s true or not!”

The young man holding the wine gourd staggered into the private room that the three of them booked.

Glancing at Gong Ziliang and the other two, he slapped the waiter in the face.
“I knew there was no one in this private room, but you insisted that there was.
Look, aren’t they just three dogs? Throw them out.
There’s plenty of money here!”

Gong Ziliang frowned and his expression immediately darkened.

Zuo Shandiao observed his expression and immediately realized that something was amiss.
He slapped the table and stood up, wanting to attack.

It was also because Gong Ziliang had said previously that he had to keep a low profile.
Otherwise, with his temper, the young man in front of him had probably already become a corpse!

“Don’t mess around.
This brother is drunk.
If you don’t mind, sit down and drink together!” Xing Feng suggested.

This young man was high-profile and rude.
Coupled with his extraordinary clothes, he was definitely not a disciple of an ordinary family.
Things were different now, so if he could not cause trouble, he would try his best not to.

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“Drink with me? Are you worthy? Take it and get lost as far as you can!”

The young man took out a check from his pocket and slapped it on the table.

At this moment, Xing Feng’s expression immediately became a little ugly.

He was not a modest person.
If he could not endure it, there was no need to endure it anymore.

However, because Gong Ziliang did not say anything, it was not appropriate to attack.

As for Zuo Shandiao, if not for Xing Feng pulling him, he would have long rushed forward and cut this arrogant kid into pieces!

A mere early-stage Meridian Opening Realm little beast actually dared to act like a boss in front of him!

Zuo Shandiao was furious.
Ever since he broke through to the Profound Realm, he had never had the chance to practice.

“May I know your name?”

Gong Ziliang pressed on the shoulder of Zuo Shandiao who was about to explode and asked with a smile.

“Listen up.
I’m the son of the Marquis of the Monet Dynasty, Chen Pingan.
My father is Chen Jianghe!”

The young man sneered.
If he revealed his identity, these three bumpkins in front of him would probably be scared out of their wits!

The expressions of Gong Ziliang and the others did not change.
Not to mention the son of the inner sect, even if the ruler of the Monet Dynasty came,

Gong Ziliang would not be afraid at all.
After all, he was a man who even dared to step on the Heavenly Dao.

A mere marquis was not worth mentioning!

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Xing Feng was a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure back then, so he naturally did not take such a foolish kid’s threat seriously.

On the other hand, Zuo Shandiao was like a country bumpkin.

One moment, he wanted to kill his ancestors, and the next, he gasped in shock.

He was only bullying this kid because he was only at the Meridian Opening Realm.
If his strength was above his, Zuo Shandiao definitely did not say anything.

However, he directly mentioned his father.

Although he did not know what kind of status this person had in the Monet Dynasty, it sounded extremely terrifying.

After all, he was already a Marquis and had to be at least a True Martial Realm mighty figure.

Or perhaps he had a True Martial Realm guest elder.

Wasn’t provoking such an existence courting death?!

As expected, the Monet Dynasty was different.
It was far from what a remote village like the Purple Cloud Kingdom could compare to.

He originally thought that he could finally hold his head high after breaking through to the Profound Realm.

However, he did not expect that he had to be obedient!

“Are you afraid? Then get lost.
Don’t disturb my mood!”

Seeing that Zuo Shandiao did not say anything, Chen Pingan snorted lightly and said in extreme disdain.

The waiter was speechless and did not know what to do.

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He had also heard from his peers that the second prince of the Imperial City had arrived in the city recently.

With his prominent family background and the powerful strength of the accompanying guards, bullying men and women could be said to be a common thing.

However, even the City Lord’s Mansion did not dare to offend such an action.

After all, the City Lord was only a local official, and the parents of the Second Prince…

They were all nobles in the imperial court.
One sentence could determine his future.

Naturally, he would not ruin his career for the sake of a group of lowly commoners.

“How about this? I’m also doing a small business.
Apart from the 100 taels of gold that this master gave me previously, I’ll take out an additional 30 taels.
May I trouble the three of you to move downstairs?”

The shopkeeper revealed a difficult expression.
In this case, the reputation of this Six Tune Music Shop in Firewood City would be ruined.

However, what was the difference between this and having a knife on his neck?

His life was more important.

“A mere son of the Marquis is actually so arrogant.
Does he still have any respect for the law?”

Gong Ziliang spat indifferently and raised the wine cup to drink it in one gulp.

“Don’t you know what’s good for you? I don’t want your business anymore!”

The shopkeeper was directly frightened to death by Gong Ziliang’s words.
As he spoke, he wanted to chase them away.

Who did not know that in this small Firewood City, this Second Prince was the law?

Even if Gong Ziliang wanted to die, he should not implicate others.

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