As the center of the trading operations and the land of beauties, this Martial Province’s Firewood City had long become the most important source of expenditure for the Marquis’s Residence.

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If this was destroyed, no matter how much he was the only seedling in the Marquis’ Residence, he would definitely be skinned when he returned!

“Don’t be afraid.
At most, I’ll ask Father to confer a few other cities to your family.” Mo Shaoyun comforted him.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that Chen Pingan still had a dejected expression.
He persuaded, “Don’t worry, Brother Pingan.
I’ve never failed to do what I said.”

“Moreover, if that Yin guy really dares to let someone injure the lives of the people of my Monet Dynasty here today, I will definitely not let him off!”

“Using your family’s city to exchange for the life of the Duke’s heir.
Even if Uncle Chen comes, he will definitely think this deal is worth it!”

Chen Pingan turned around and looked at Mo Shaoyun, who had one hand on the sword hilt at his waist and an excited expression on his face.
He suddenly felt like he had been brought into a trap.

On the other side, as the Crippled Heaven Elder and the Golden Armor Army commander’s auras rose to the peak one after another, the muscles on Yin Zhiping’s face twitched, and his gaze was terrifyingly cold.

He had not come to the Monet Dynasty to look for women.

The main goal was to lead the attack on the Monet Dynasty.

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Apart from gathering information about the Monet Dynasty’s border defense, he also had to inquire about their attitude through the royal bloodlines of the other dynasties.

As for Lin Anruo, she was not his target at first.

However, not long after, the sect that was secretly supporting the Flat River Dynasty suddenly issued a mission.

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If he found Lin Anruo and confirmed that she was still a virgin, he would bring her back.
The sect would definitely reward him greatly!

Therefore, he spared no effort in bribing his opponents who were participating in the poetry gathering and Lin Anruo’s maid to find the great scholar in the imperial court to write a shocking poem.

After making so many preparations, Yin Zhiping originally thought that after taking down Lin Anruo at the poetry competition, he would definitely be confident.

Who would have thought that Gong Ziliang, who had popped out of nowhere, would ruin his good deed and embarrass him!

Now, he even let his people start a direct conflict with Mo Shaoyun’s people.

“Elder, stop!”

In the next moment, he recalled his father and the emperor’s instructions.
Before the battle began, he could not alert the Monet Dynasty.

Yin Zhiping’s anger surged to his head, but he still had to stop the Crippled Heaven Elder.

The spiritual qi around the Crippled Heaven Elder was in danger.
His aura was even accumulated to perfection, and he could erupt with a shocking destructive attack at any time.

Hearing Yin Zhiping’s shout, he immediately looked over in surprise.


He gritted his teeth and spoke, but he saw Yin Zhiping shake his head solemnly at him.
He could only mobilize the spiritual qi to attack the sky.

When the Golden Armor Army commander saw this, he turned around and looked at Mo Shaoyun whose face was covered in disappointment.
After the latter nodded in acknowledgment, he retracted his spiritual qi.

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The commotion subsided.

Chen Pingan heaved a sigh of relief.
Although he did not know why Yin Zhiping stopped the Crippled Heaven Elder at the last minute, Firewood City and his life were saved.

On the ground, everyone who had long been limp looked at the unexpected scene and immediately felt like they had escaped death.
They hugged the people beside them and cried loudly.

“Eh, Yin Zhiping is so tolerant?”

In front of the attic, Gong Ziliang acutely sensed that something was amiss.

In terms of overall strength, the people Yin Zhiping brought were not much different from Mo Shaoyun and Chen Pingan.

However, at the level of a top expert, with the Crippled Heaven Elder and the other True Martial Realm cultivators around, Yin Zhiping’s own safety would not be threatened.

With his understanding of Yin Zhiping’s personality, if he wanted the latter to swallow his anger, he had to have an overwhelming advantage like he did at the poetry competition.

“The identities of Chen Pingan and the Third Prince are not enough to intimidate Prince Yin.”

“Firewood City is the territory of the Monet Dynasty.
I believe Prince Yin will not pity the lives of the commoners here.”

“Therefore, behind Prince Yin’s retreat, there must be a reason.”

While Gong Ziliang was puzzled, Lin Anruo moved closer and whispered her analysis.

He looked at Lin Anruo in surprise.
Mo Shaoyun and Chen Pingan should be able to think of this when they returned.

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However, in such a short time, Lin Anruo could analyze it logically, causing Gong Ziliang to inevitably look at her in a different light.

“I believe what Prince Yin wants is Miss Lin.” Gong Ziliang said casually in a joking tone.

He did not know that his casual words were already close to the truth.

He did not waste too much time on baseless guesses.

Seeing that the two sides could not fight, Gong Ziliang pulled Lin Anruo out under many surprised gazes.


Yin Zhiping’s voice sounded at the right time.

At the same time, a figure stabbed over diagonally and blocked in front of Gong Ziliang like a ghost.

This person was the Crippled Heaven Elder!

“On the account of Chen Pingan and Prince Shaoyun, you can leave, but she has to stay!”

Although Yin Zhiping did not know what Gong Ziliang had done to make Chen Pingan let go of the grudge of having his roots severed, he insisted on protecting Gong Ziliang.
In order not to affect the military plan of the Flat River Dynasty, he could only pinch his nose and swallow this anger, temporarily letting Gong Ziliang off.

However, the woman was specifically requested by the sect behind the Flat River Dynasty.
No matter what, he could not let her escape.

“What if I don’t agree and insist on bringing Miss Lin along?”

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Gong Ziliang ignored the Crippled Heaven Elder in front of him and looked at Yin Zhiping.

“That won’t do!”

Yin Zhiping raised his chin word by word, indicating that the Crippled Heaven Elder should directly attack.


Mo Shaoyun shouted.
According to Chen Pingan, Xing Feng listened to Gong Ziliang almost completely.

Now, as long as he arranged for Gong Ziliang to rope in Xing Feng through him, it would be twice the result with half the effort!

“Mo Shaoyun, if you want to protect Gong Ziliang, I’ll give you face and let him leave.”

“Now, you have to interfere in the matter between me and Lin Anruo!”

“Do you really think that I’m afraid of you and don’t dare to fight you to the death?”

Yin Zhiping was furious.
Mo Shaoyun had repeatedly obstructed him, causing his patience to be on the verge of exhaustion.

Seeing that Yin Zhiping was indeed angry, Mo Shaoyun’s eyes darted around before he sneered, “Gong Ziliang and my Brother Chen became friends after a fight.
He’s my Brother Chen’s brother now!”

“As for my Brother Chen’s brother, he’s naturally my brother!”

A mouthful of words came from Mo Shaoyun’s mouth, causing the veins on Yin Zhiping’s forehead to twitch.

He roared, “What has this got to do with Lin Anruo?”

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