He knew that the temper of this Demon Envoy in front of him was extremely temperamental.

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If he was unhappy at all, he would easily start a massacre.

Of course, if he served the other party well, he would naturally obtain a huge reward.

This time, Lin Anruo’s matter was not handled well.
Yin Zhiping was already mentally prepared to be tortured to death by the other party.

However, he did not expect that the other party would be so lenient.

“Junior thanks the Demon Envoy for not killing me!”

“I hope you can give me a chance to plan well so that I can capture that bitch Lin Anruo and offer her to you to make up for my mistakes!” Kneeling on the ground, Yin Zhiping said firmly.

If Lin Anruo had Mo Shaoyun’s protection now, it would be extremely difficult to capture her.

However, the sect behind the Demon Envoy was only the tip of the iceberg.
It was not inferior to the Flat River Dynasty.

No matter the price, Yin Zhiping had to hug this towering tree.

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Otherwise, when the Flat River Dynasty devoured the surrounding dynasties step by step, the cunning rabbit would die and the lackeys would be cooked.

The Emperor’s butcher knife would definitely not let the Duke’s Mansion go!

Therefore, even if he worked for the Demon Envoy and the risk was so great that he could lose his life at any time, Yin Zhiping could only take the risk.

“I’ll give you three days.”

“If I don’t see Lin Anruo in three days, come and see me with your head detached.”

The Demon Envoy’s voice was still emotionless.

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However, Yin Zhiping, the Crippled Heaven Elder, and the few True Martial Realm cultivators instantly smelled a strong smell of death.

It made them deeply understand that if the other party wanted to take their lives, it would not be any more troublesome than crushing an ant.

“I… I understand.”

Yin Zhiping’s teeth chattered as he replied.

Seeing this, the body hidden under the black robe nodded.

Immediately, spiritual qi swept up a jade bottle and threw it in front of Yin Zhiping.

“There are a few Demon Reversal Pills here.
After consuming them, it can temporarily increase your strength by a major realm.”

“With these medicinal pills, it’s enough for you to deal with the Third Prince of the Mo Family.”

He had heard that the Demon Reversal Pill given by the Demon Envoy could increase a cultivator’s strength by a major realm.

Yin Zhiping did not feel happy.

He himself had the strength of the peak Profound Realm, so he naturally knew that behind increasing his realm, he had to pay a huge price.

However, at this moment, he could only put away the jade bottle obediently and say gratefully, “Junior thanks Lord Demon Envoy for bestowing the pill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the vision of the people in the attic blurred.

When he looked again, the Demon Envoy who was sitting opposite him a moment ago had already disappeared into thin air.

Level Cloud Mountain.

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It was located 900 miles west of Firewood City.

The boundless mountain range stretched endlessly.
Looking down from the sky, one could see layers of mountains like white clouds falling, so it was named.

In the depths of the mountain range, ancient trees towered into the sky, fog spread, and people were nowhere to be seen.

Two figures were wrapped in spiritual qi to isolate the air.
They shuttled through the forest and jumped for several miles.

“After this forest, we’ll reach that senior’s ruins in three mountains.”

One of them was Xing Feng.
As he rode, he looked into the distance.

The other person was naturally Gong Ziliang.

Half a day ago, they were still in Firewood City.

Now that they were in the deep mountains, they had to find the mystic realm of the peak Nirvana Realm mighty figure that Xing Feng had accidentally entered back then and find a way to recover his strength.

According to Xing Feng, when he traveled around back then and came to Level Cloud Mountain, he encountered a demon beast and had the intention to eliminate it with his sword.

Who would have thought that the demon beasts were so cunning? They lured him into the deep mountains and summoned a group of demons to attack him.

At the risk of being heavily injured, Xing Feng killed his way out of the encirclement.
As he fled, he accidentally entered a mystic realm.

Later on, in the mystic realm, Xing Feng recovered from his injuries and his strength increased.
After he came out, he wiped out those demons.

In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, Xing Feng’s experience was already a little like the protagonist of novels he had read in his previous life.


After that, because Xing Feng’s reputation as a demon slayer was too great, he even got to know the Eldest Princess of the Monet Dynasty.

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Therefore, seeing a beauty would ruin one’s life.

After that, Xing Feng bathed in blood in the imperial city and was inexplicably intercepted by a group of mysterious people.

Originally, with Xing Feng’s strength, even if he could not kill all those people, it was not difficult for him to escape and protect himself.

At that time, Xing Feng was disheartened by Mo Qinglan’s death and decided to end his life in the hands of those people.

However, things did not go as planned.
A treasure that Xing Feng brought out of the mystic realm saved him from being heavily injured and on the verge of death.

In Xing Feng’s opinion, all of this was heaven’s will, so he lived in a daze.

“Heaven’s will?”

“That’s bullshit!”

Gong Ziliang followed Xing Feng’s footsteps and spat out the spirit herb root that he had just plucked.


Xing Feng could not deny it.
After twenty years, he looked back at the past and already understood many things.

For example, the mysterious person who suddenly appeared when he ran out of the imperial city that night.

Among them, there was no lack of existences at the Spiritual Sea Realm or even the half-step Divine Opening Realm.

As for the Supreme Elder who had died under his sword, he was only at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Coupled with what he had obtained from his subsequent investigation and the things that Mo Qinglan had said in the letter, the origins of those mysterious people were obvious!

Apart from the Bi Fang Empire, there was no other possibility!

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“Qinglan actually hid something in her letter.”

“Twenty years ago, the Emperor originally wanted her to fake her death and deceive the people of the Bi Fang Empire.”

“However, the prince of the Bi Fang Empire sent people to monitor the Emperor in advance.
He only left after confirming Qinglan’s death.”

Arriving in front of a lone cliff, Xing Feng suddenly said.

Gong Ziliang had already seen the letter that Mo Shaoyun had brought.

When he heard Xing Feng’s words, he immediately understood something.

When Mo Qinglan wrote the final letter, she did not know if Xing Feng could successfully break through.

The reason why she did not write this in the letter was probably because she was afraid that after Xing Feng returned, he would avenge her and find the Bi Fang Empire.

“In that case, the people sent by the Bi Fang Empire to kill you back then were afraid that you would replicate your actions against the Monet Dynasty after knowing this situation.”

Gong Ziliang connected everything together, and his spine could not help but turn cold.

“That’s right.”

Xing Feng nodded.
Then, spiritual qi that was like a surging river poured into his fist and blasted towards the mountain wall in front of him.

There was a bang.

Xing Feng’s punch forcefully created a huge hole in the gray mountain wall.

Then, he punched again and again.
The spiritual qi of the Profound Realm poured out along the fist peak like it was free.

Gong Ziliang originally planned to help, but he saw Xing Feng grit his teeth and seemed to be venting on the mountain wall, secretly dissipating the spiritual qi he was circulating.

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