When he thought of how his great cultivation journey had been halted in the stone room for nothing and wasted thousands of years, Patriarch Liu Yun could not help but regret.

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However, Patriarch Liu Yun immediately realized that what really trapped him was not this stone room.

It was his fear of the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, he was no longer afraid.

After a thousand years in the outside world, the people who were related to him had long been forgotten.
There was nothing to worry about.

In the next moment, in Patriarch Liu Yun’s body.

Crackling sounds sounded like popcorn.

At the same time, endless terrifying suction force erupted from the 36,000 pores around his body.

In the blink of an eye, he absorbed all the spiritual qi in the spirit herbs and spirit crystal jade essence.

After absorbing such a huge amount of spiritual qi, Patriarch Liu Yun walked to the peak of the Nirvana Realm and began to show signs of breaking through.

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“This is…”

Looking at this scene in front of him, Gong Ziliang’s breathing immediately became a little rapid.
He realized that he might have to personally witness a Nirvana Realm mighty figure shatter the void in front of him.

However, after the aura on Patriarch Liu Yun’s body became dense to the extreme, it suddenly retracted and disappeared.

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“Just now, I’ve already seen the immortal door after Nirvana.
Hmph, I didn’t expect that the Heavenly Dao would actually set a trap behind the immortal door!”

Patriarch Liu Yun’s expression was cold.
The words that suddenly jumped out of his mouth made Gong Ziliang involuntarily recall the battle between the Primordial Dynasty and the Heavenly Dao.
He had vaguely sensed the Heavenly Dao’s plot against him.

Just as he was about to ask, Patriarch Liu Yun had already seen through his thoughts and said, “With your current strength, it’s better not to know about this.”

“To you, the most important thing now is to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse in your body as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, when the power of the curse completely fuses with your soul, even if a True Immortal descends, you won’t be able to escape the outcome of your Dao Body being obliterated by the evil tribulation.”

Patriarch Liu Yun’s tone was serious.
Gong Ziliang hurriedly said solemnly, “Senior, do you know of a way to remove the Heavenly Dao curse in my soul?”

Gong Ziliang originally wanted to beg Patriarch Liu Yun to help, but the latter was not related to him.
There was a high chance that he would not risk being tainted by the Heavenly Dao curse to help him.

“There’s a way, but it’s very difficult!”

Hearing that Patriarch Liu Yun really had a way, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up.
He suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, “Senior, please enlighten me!”

“As long as Senior is willing to tell me the method, if Senior has any orders in the future, I’ll do anything!”

Patriarch Liu Yun smiled and waved his hand, “There’s no need to make such a promise.
I cleansed my Dao heart and wiped away the dust to reach perfection because of you.
Therefore, this method can be considered my repayment to you.”

“If I want to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse, I have to know the essence of the Heavenly Dao curse…”

Patriarch Liu Yun spoke confidently.
His simple explanation made it very easy for Gong Ziliang to understand that the Heavenly Dao curse in his body was a spiritual sense power that contained the will of the Heavenly Dao.

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The Heavenly Dao was originally formed from the myriad spiritual thoughts of the world.
Therefore, with its will, it would make the living beings of this world follow it uncontrollably.

People like Gong Ziliang who were cursed by the Heavenly Dao would be ostracized by the world.

In terms of cultivation, it was fine if his realm was low.
When his realm was slightly higher, it was normal for him to be struck by lightning, wind, water, and fire.

After the curse was planted, even when interacting with others, it would cause hatred for no reason and result in being condemned and despised by everyone.

“Sigh! The Heavenly Dao is too vicious.”

Gong Ziliang felt a chill when he heard this.
He immediately pricked up his ears and listened to the solution given by Patriarch Liu Yun.

“If you’ve just been cursed by the Heavenly Dao, you can still use some natural treasures to forcefully increase your cultivation level to reduce the effect of the curse.”

“However, now that your soul has been contaminated by the Heavenly Dao curse for more than a month, no matter how many natural treasures there are, I’m afraid they can’t increase your realm.”

“Then, I can only use other forces to resist the Heavenly Dao curse.”

Other powers?

When Gong Ziliang heard this, he vaguely had an idea, but he did not interrupt Patriarch Liu Yun.

“For example, the power of providence!”

As expected, Patriarch Liu Yun’s next words coincided with Gong Ziliang’s train of thought.

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The power of providence was profound and mysterious.
It was something that only living beings of the Heavenly Dao could possess.

Gong Ziliang had encountered many such creatures in the past.

For example, in the Profound Heaven Sect, there was Lin Xiao who had been reborn, Shangguan Yan who had the Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Body, and Bai Niansheng, the genius of the Northern Region.

For people like them who were blessed by the Heavenly Dao, they could break through when cultivating and pick up spirit artifacts on the way.

Of course, Gong Ziliang was the same.

However, his system did not belong to this world and was different from those people.

If he could snatch the providence of those Sons of Providence, or they could do the opposite and subdue those Sons of Providence or kill them.
At that time, the power of the backlash of providence would fight with the power of the Heavenly Dao curse.

When he thought of that beautiful scene, he only wanted to say that he wanted to use magic to defeat magic!

Gong Ziliang told Patriarch Liu Yun his thoughts.

In the beginning, the patriarch nodded and agreed with Gong Ziliang’s thoughts.

However, when he heard that Gong Ziliang wanted to subdue or even kill the Sons of Providence, he immediately felt a little uncomfortable.

The Sons of Providence were protected by the Heavenly Dao and could become the protagonist of this world in the future.

It would be fine if he only secretly took away some providence from them.

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However, to change their predestined fate, there was a high chance that it would trigger an unpredictable terror.

However, immediately, Patriarch Liu Yun recalled that Gong Ziliang was a ruthless person who could even pierce through the Heavenly Dao.

Immediately, he felt that Gong Ziliang was too crazy and sighed in his heart.

However, to be safe, he still reminded Gong Ziliang a few more times.

Moreover, he explained his understanding of the Dao of Providence without holding back.

Gong Ziliang could tell that Patriarch Liu Yun was indeed thinking for his sake.
He respectfully remembered the other party’s words.

Through Patriarch Liu Yun’s explanation, Gong Ziliang had a new understanding of providence.

According to Patriarch Liu Yun, the power of providence was not something that only cultivators could possess.

It was already a great fortune for all kinds of living beings in the world to be born.

However, as a one in a million existence in the mortal world, cultivators had relatively more providence.

In today’s world, as the protagonist of this world, the providence of some powerful Divine Bodies was not inferior to the ancient divine beasts.

However, considering the rarity of the Divine Body and the fact that most of them had factions behind them, Patriarch Liu Yun told Gong Ziliang to choose some weaklings to bully first.

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