For example, the Human Emperors in the mortal dynasties did not have any cultivation.
However, because they were respected and worshiped by billions of people, they would also condense a human path providence, so it was much easier to deal with them.

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Gong Ziliang was very grateful for the pertinent suggestion given by Patriarch Liu Yun.

However, he quickly thought of something and asked curiously, “Senior, I have a Divine Body now.
Can I directly use the providence of my Divine Body to deal with the Heavenly Dao curse?”

Hearing Gong Ziliang say that he had a Divine Body, Patriarch Liu Yun felt a little unhappy.

In his understanding, the Divine Body could be said to be completely favored by the Heavenly Dao and gathered the providence of thousands.

How could such a person be cursed by the Heavenly Dao?

“Perhaps it’s some special Divine Body.”

Patriarch Liu Yun knew that some Divine Bodies had once shone brightly in the ancient era.

However, later on, because of the change in the world, those Divine Bodies were no longer suitable for the era and became useless.

If Gong Ziliang happened to have such a Divine Body, it was not strange that he would be cursed by the Heavenly Dao.

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With this thought in mind, Patriarch Liu Yun said, “Activate your Divine Body.
I’ll take a look first.”


Gong Ziliang thought.
Although his realm had fallen and it was difficult for him to unleash his Divine Body, it was not a problem to temporarily activate it.

In the next moment, two different but also extremely sacred auras rose from his arms.



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Immediately after, two ancient cries sounded from the mouths of the dragon and phoenix that appeared on Gong Ziliang’s arms, as if they had passed through the long years.

The moment he sensed the two auras, Patriarch Liu Yun’s eyes suddenly widened and he shouted in surprise.

He shouted, “These are… the ancient dragon and phoenix!”

Patriarch Liu Yun could not calm down.
The aura of a peak Nirvana Realm mighty figure disappeared from his body.

Divine Dragon and True Phoenix.

Long before the humans appeared on this land, they were already existences that stood at the peak of the ten thousand races.

After a few tribulations, the Divine Dragon, True Phoenix, and many powerful foreign races died one after another.

However, the bloodline they passed down could not be underestimated.

In the era of the human race, 36,000 Divine Bodies had been discovered so far.

Any Divine Body that was related to the bloodline of the Divine Dragon or True Phoenix was a top existence in the world.
There was definitely no possibility of it declining.

On Gong Ziliang, Patriarch Liu Yun saw the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix complementing each other.

Two bloodlines that had dominated for countless years had transformed into a Divine Body that appeared on a person.

If he did not see this with his own eyes, he would not dare to believe it even if he killed Patriarch Liu Yun.

“Yes, this is…”

Before the surging emotions in his chest could calm down, Patriarch Liu Yun made a new discovery.

At this moment, the dragon and phoenix phenomenon circling above Gong Ziliang’s head was covered in a faint white light.

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Patriarch Liu Yun stretched out his spiritual sense.
The moment he touched it, a scene of billions of commoners kneeling and kowtowing suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

In an instant, he knew.

This white light was actually the power of faith of the Human Dao!

A Dragon Phoenix Divine Body bathed in the power of faith?

This situation was something that Patriarch Liu Yun had never heard or seen before.
His Dao heart suffered a huge impact and he could not control himself for a long time.


It was not until he heard Gong Ziliang’s call that his mind slowly returned.

Looking at Gong Ziliang who had put away the Divine Body phenomenon and was no different from an ordinary person, countless thoughts flashed through Patriarch Liu Yun’s mind.

At this moment, he had already guessed the reason why Gong Ziliang was cursed by the Heavenly Dao.

It was not a useless body that had been abandoned by the Heavenly Dao as he had guessed.

On the contrary, Gong Ziliang’s Divine Body was greater than heaven-defying!

Coupled with the accumulation of the power of faith, Gong Ziliang even had the potential to threaten the Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, the heavens were jealous and did not allow him to continue growing.

“Senior, can the providence of my Divine Body be used to resist the Heavenly Dao curse?”

Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded again.

Patriarch Liu Yun put away the many thoughts in his mind and nodded heavily, “Of course!”

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If it was an ordinary Divine Body, Patriarch Liu Yun was not confident.

However, in ancient times, there was no lack of existences above the Nirvana Realm in the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix Race.

In front of the top experts of the two races, the Heavenly Dao could be said to be extravagant.

Coupled with the power of faith of the human race, who was the protagonist of the world, the providence of the three was more than enough to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse in Gong Ziliang’s soul.

Immediately, Patriarch Liu Yun taught Gong Ziliang the method to attract the power of providence and the Divine Soul Dao that he cultivated.

The former was naturally to let Gong Ziliang use the power of providence of the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body to resist the Heavenly Dao curse.

As for the latter, it was a selfish motive of Patriarch Liu Yun.
He wanted to use this to form a good relationship with Gong Ziliang.

Originally, with his status, he could have directly asked Gong Ziliang to become his disciple.

As for Gong Ziliang, he had the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body.
With this talent, he was naturally qualified to be his final disciple!

However, previously…

When his Dao heart broke through, some things he saw behind the immortal door made him unwilling to be too involved with Gong Ziliang.

It was not because he felt that Gong Ziliang would bring trouble.

Instead, Patriarch Liu Yun had something extremely important to do next.

It was fine if he succeeded.

Once he failed, there would be no place for him in this world.
He did not want Gong Ziliang to be implicated.

According to the method taught by Patriarch Liu Yun, Gong Ziliang split his soul into two strands and fused them into the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix on his arms.

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After a while, Gong Ziliang retracted his soul.

Immediately, he clearly felt that a negative aura that was usually difficult to detect in his soul had silently weakened a little.

As for him, the cultivation stuck at the peak Profound Realm showed signs of loosening.

Although he was still an unknown distance away from breaking through, compared to before, the current situation was already much better.

At the very least, the curse was slowly being eliminated.
He could slowly increase his cultivation level.

“Senior, I’ll never forget your kindness!”

Gong Ziliang bowed to Patriarch Liu Yun.
Even without his help, he could still increase his realm through the Experience Pill when the system restarted.

However, now, he did not have to wait for the system to restart.

“Right, Senior, do you have any plans next?” Gong Ziliang asked.

As a peak Nirvana Realm mighty figure, Patriarch Liu Yun could shatter and ascend at any time.

Gong Ziliang believed that even in the five Empires, there were still some old antiques sleeping in the mystic realm.

However, it was probably difficult to find someone stronger than Patriarch Liu Yun.

If he could cozy up to this thick thigh, even if the system restarted, Gong Ziliang felt that it was not important.

Although Patriarch Liu Yun’s soul had long been retracted from Gong Ziliang, how could he not hear the hidden meaning in his words?

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