After glancing at Gong Ziliang and seeing that he did not say anything, he did not explain.

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It was true that he had recovered some strength.

However, he was far from being able to face the late-stage True Martial Realm Crippled Heaven Elder.

The reason why he could stand here unscathed was that he even had the strength to slash at the Crippled Heaven Elder.

It was all because of Gong Ziliang.

In fact, Xing Feng still did not know how Gong Ziliang did it.

When the earth dragon swallowed him just now, he did not even have the chance to react.

Gong Ziliang took a few casual steps, and his body lit up as he took the initiative to welcome the Earth Dragon.

After that, the Earth Dragon disintegrated in front of Gong Ziliang.

“The power of the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body can’t even be unleashed by one ten-thousandth.
It has to cooperate with the enhancement of the attributes of the Myriad Star Technique to block the power of the late-stage True Martial Realm.”

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In Gong Ziliang’s mind, he was summarizing the collision with the Earth Dragon.

Even Jin Zhan, who was at the same realm as the Crippled Heaven Elder, could only take the attack head-on.

However, to Gong Ziliang, even without the equipment in the system, he could easily dodge with the movement technique he could use now.

However, in order to have a clearer grasp of his current strength, he chose to fight head-on.

The final result was that without using a martial technique, the defense of the Divine Body could only block the full-strength attack of an ordinary late-stage True Martial Realm cultivator.

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Coupled with the low-grade Earth-rank martial technique, Myriad Star Technique, every step he took increased his defense by one stage.

After stepping on the seven-star level, Gong Ziliang was confident that he could block attacks below the mid-stage Spirit Refinement Realm without any injuries.

Of course, this was only pure defense.

In terms of offense, Gong Ziliang had not attacked with his full strength for the time being and could not obtain a clearer result.

“Oh? Isn’t there a sandbag here?”

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up when he saw the Crippled Heaven Elder.

On the other side, after Jin Zhan spoke, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s attention was placed on Xing Feng.

After carefully sizing up Xing Feng, his expression carried unconcealed fear as he said in shock, “Could it be that you’re the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure who massacred the Monet Dynasty’s royal family back then?”

It had been 20 years since the history mentioned by the Crippled Heaven Elder.

However, a Heaven Deity had almost slaughtered the bloodline of a dynasty’s royal family.

Forget about 20 years, even 200 years would be difficult to forget.

Especially the words ‘Heaven Deity Realm’, the meaning it represented was even more extraordinary.

One had to know that the Supreme Elder guarding the Flat River Dynasty was only at the Spiritual Sea Realm.
The strongest experts of the other dynasties were basically at this level.

As for the Heaven Deity Realm, it was probably only the Bi Fang Empire that ruled the various dynasties.

There were also a few people in the Demon Cult that the Flat River Dynasty had sacrificed this time.

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When he thought of this, the Crippled Heaven Elder panicked.

He had actually dared to attack a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure just now.

If the other party was angry, not to mention the Duke’s Mansion behind Yin Zhiping, even the Flat River Dynasty could not protect his life.

In fact, if the Flat River Dynasty knew that he had offended a Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure, there was a high chance that they would cripple his cultivation and tie him up before sending him to Xing Feng to be dealt with.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Crippled Elder’s future tragic outcome began to appear in his mind.

However, immediately, he thought of something.

His gaze landed on Xing Feng.
After sensing him, he suddenly became terrifying.

“So the legend of your realm falling because you were intercepted is actually true!”

“The current you is only a small True Martial Realm cultivator.
You’re an ant that I can casually crush to death!”

The Crippled Heaven Elder was enlightened.
A second ago, he thought that he would die, but in the blink of an eye, he was saved.

“Hahaha, today, I’ll let you, a Heaven Deity from back then, die in my hands!”

Amidst his laughter, the Crippled Heaven Elder activated the Extreme Realm Artifact to the limit.
His speed was so fast that Jin Zhan could only see an afterimage.

Only then did Jin Zhan understand that the Crippled Heaven Elder had been holding back when fighting him.

“You want to kill me? You’re not qualified!”

Xing Feng held the longsword in his hand horizontally in front of him, his eyes cold.

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He knew that with his current strength, he was far from being the Crippled Heaven Elder’s match.

Moreover, he had an Extreme Realm Artifact.

Even if he stood there without moving, he might not be able to break through the defense.

However, waiting for death was never Xing Feng’s style.

Before Xing Feng could slash out with his sword, in the other direction, a sharp aura seemed to want to cut through this world and slash at the Crippled Heaven Elder.

“Sword Intent?”

The Crippled Heaven Elder’s expression changed greatly.
His body hurriedly twisted in the air and barely dodged the sword intent.

As soon as his figure landed, the Crippled Heaven Elder turned around.

When he saw Gong Ziliang form a sword with his fingers and look thoughtful, he immediately revealed disbelief.

As a True Martial Realm existence, the Crippled Heaven Elder had not cultivated Dao Intent.

However, he knew very well what Dao Intent meant to a cultivator.

It was not an exaggeration to say that this was the key to open the door to the Supreme Great Dao.

Although he could not reach the heavens in a single step, as long as he continuously comprehended the Dao Intent he cultivated, the probability of finally attaining the Great Dao was definitely thousands of times higher than ordinary cultivators!

The only thing that made the Crippled Heaven Elder feel lucky was that the Gong Ziliang in front of him was only at the Profound Realm.

If he broke through to the True Martial Realm and used the method of Sword Intent Ascension, the Crippled Heaven Elder felt that he might really not be able to defeat the other party.

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“A fallen Heaven Deity and a genius who has cultivated Sword Intent.”

“Hahaha, today, I’m going to eliminate two major threats for the Flat River Dynasty!”

When they thought of bringing their heads back, and how the Flat River Dynasty would definitely reward him when they knew, the Crippled Heaven Elder could not help but smile.

Jin Zhan’s expression became extremely ugly.

Be it Xing Feng or Gong Ziliang, their potential could be said to be terrifying.

Any one of them could become an existence that could stabilize the empire for the Monet Dynasty when they matured.

If he was killed by the Crippled Heaven Elder here, just the news alone was enough to cause a destructive blow to the reputation of the Monet Dynasty.

“Senior Xing, leave with Brother Jiang as soon as possible.
I’ll hold back the Crippled Heaven Elder here!”

As Jin Zhan finished speaking, his body began to emit a destructive aura.

Clearly, he wanted to fight to the death and stall for time for Xing Feng and Gong Ziliang.


“Hmph, the world is so big, where can they escape to?”

The Crippled Heaven Elder mocked in disdain.
He glanced in the direction of Firewood City and continued, “They dared to go against my Flat River Dynasty.
Not only will the two of them die today, but the third prince of your Monet Dynasty will also die!”

At the mention of Mo Shaoyun, the expressions of Jin Zhan and Xing Feng changed.

The aura of the Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators that rose in Firewood City earlier made them feel an irresistible sense of powerlessness even if they were a hundred miles away.

With Mo Shaoyun’s strength, even with the Golden Armor Army, they probably could not protect his life.

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