“Oh? Looks like that Yin guy has already taken action in Firewood City.”

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“In that case, I won’t waste time with you here.”

Just as the two of them were shocked and furious, Gong Ziliang’s faint voice suddenly sounded.

Immediately, the two of them looked at the tears in their eyes and frowned deeply.

To be able to cultivate Sword Intent, Gong Ziliang’s talent could be considered a “genius” even with Xing Feng’s vision.

However, peak Profound Realm and late-stage True Martial Realm…

Such a huge difference in strength could not be made up for with sword intent.

The Crippled Heaven Elder naturally understood this.
He narrowed his eyes and looked at Gong Ziliang, teasing, “I don’t mind wasting more time on you and slowly torturing you to death.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Extreme Realm Artifact on the Crippled Heaven Elder’s body lit up again, and his figure directly disappeared from Xing Feng and Jin Zhan’s vision.

The longsword in front of Xing Feng could not find a target to stab.

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Similarly, the spiritual qi that Jin Zhan had accumulated to the limit and was prepared to self-destruct could only be suppressed firmly, unable to lock onto the trajectory of the Crippled Heaven Elder.

He could only stand there in despair and wait for the next scene that he did not want to see.

Suddenly, they saw Gong Ziliang scratch his head and open his mouth.

Before they could hear what Gong Ziliang was saying, he had already disappeared.

In the next moment, another figure appeared where Gong Ziliang was.

It was the Crippled Heaven Elder.

“You’re too slow.”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s voice sounded.

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The Crippled Heaven Elder, who was wrapped in the Extreme Realm Artifact, suddenly realized something.

The spiritual qi in his body surged into the Extreme Realm Artifact without caring about the consequences.

However, this time, the spiritual light on the Extreme Realm Artifact had not lit up.

A simple fist quickly enlarged in his vision.


Then, under Xing Feng and Jin Zhan’s widened eyes, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s body was directly blasted up and flew into the sky.

What happened?

The late-stage True Martial Realm Crippled Heaven Elder was sent flying by a punch from Gong Ziliang who was only at the peak Profound Realm?

Moreover, the Crippled Heaven Elder had the protection of an Extreme Realm Artifact and Gong Ziliang had not even used his Sword Intent.

If they did not see this scene with their own eyes, the two of them would not dare to believe it.

The Crippled Heaven Elder was in greater disbelief.

However, the domineering force that poured out of Gong Ziliang’s fist forcefully pierced through the defense of the Extreme Realm Artifact.

The destructive power that almost made his old bones fall apart could not be faked at all.

“Could this little bastard be the reincarnation of an ancient variant being?”

A ridiculous thought appeared in the Crippled Heaven Elder’s mind, but he did not expect more thoughts to appear.

A figure rushed into the sky at an even faster speed.

Then, he brazenly smashed down the fist wrapped in water vapor.

At this moment, the Crippled Heaven Elder could not care less if his body could withstand Gong Ziliang’s punch.

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His attention was completely attracted by the water mist on Gong Ziliang’s fist.

In his perception, the fog was surprisingly another Dao Intent that was completely different from the Sword Intent that Gong Ziliang had used previously.

Water Intent.

Could a person cultivate two Intents at the same time?

The Crippled Heaven Elder had not thought of an answer to this question.

A creaking sound sounded in his ears.

It was like a certain metal that was broken bit by bit.

“My Extreme Realm Artifact…”

The Crippled Heaven Elder immediately understood something and looked down.

The scene that entered his vision immediately made his heart ache so much that he almost fainted.

The Extreme Realm Artifact on his body had already shattered into palm-sized fragments.

It had been given to him by the Yin Family after he had worked for the Duke’s Mansion for so many years.

Now, it was actually destroyed by Gong Ziliang!

“Not bad, not bad.
You can withstand two punches from me.”

“Then try my third punch!”

However, when he heard Gong Ziliang’s demonic voice, he saw the flames on Gong Ziliang’s other raised fist.

It seemed to be another Dao Intent.

The Crippled Heaven Elder immediately could not care less about his heartache.
Spiritual qi rushed out of his body, bringing with it a huge backlash force that sent him flying.
Only then did he barely dodge Gong Ziliang’s punch.

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Without waiting for the trembling blood qi in his body to calm down slightly, the Crippled Heaven Elder took out the Demon Reversal Pill from his storage bag.

He did not dare to hesitate and threw it into his mouth.

“Are you taking drugs?”

Seeing that the Crippled Heaven Elder was forced to take pills at the last minute, Gong Ziliang did not mind at first.

However, the old man’s aura rose in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, he broke through to the True Martial Realm and stepped into the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Moreover, after quickly reaching the first-stage Spirit Refinement Realm, there was still no sign of stopping.

Second-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

Third-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

It was not until he reached the sixth-stage Spirit Refinement Realm and was close to the late-stage Spirit Refinement Realm that he slowly stabilized.

Gong Ziliang finally realized that something was amiss.

He had never heard of any medicinal pill in this world that could allow someone to directly break through from the late-stage True Martial Realm to the late-stage Spirit Refinement Realm.

This was almost an entire major realm!

What made Gong Ziliang even more uneasy was that after breaking through, there was an additional familiar smell in the aura on the Crippled Heaven Elder.

Then, he saw that the white parts of the old man’s originally clear eyes were quickly swallowed by a dense darkness.

A thought flashed through his mind and he blurted out, “Demon Cult!”

Sensing the Crippled Heaven Elder’s aura, it was like a rocket that directly rushed from the late-stage True Martial Realm to the Spirit Refinement Realm.

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Xing Feng and Jin Zhan’s minds were directly shocked by this scene and fell into a blank state, especially Xing Feng.

His vision was far above Jin Zhan’s.

He knew very well how huge the difference between the Spirit Refinement Realm and the True Martial Realm was.

In short, the cultivation of the True Martial Realm still stopped at the level of spiritual qi.

Some talented people might be able to go a little deeper and touch the threshold of a higher level.

It was the spiritual sense level cultivated by the Spirit Refinement Realm.

As for spiritual sense, it concerned whether a cultivator could condense the Divine Flame and take a step towards the realm of gods.

Therefore, if a True Martial Realm cultivator wanted to break through to the Spirit Refinement Realm, other than the necessary bitter cultivation, they also needed an indispensable opportunity.

However, at this moment, everything that happened to the Crippled Heaven Elder had undoubtedly broken Xing Feng’s understanding of these two realms.

Apart from that, there was something else that puzzled Xing Feng.

When the Crippled Heaven Elder broke through, he actually did not even condense the symbolic spiritual qi vortex.

This was very unusual.

Sensing that something was amiss, Xing Feng recovered a trace of clarity from his blank mind.

After sensing carefully, he immediately discovered a new problem from the Crippled Heaven Elder.

For example, at this moment, the black gas that surrounded the Crippled Heaven Elder’s body.

The evil aura emitted from the black gas made him instinctively feel fear.

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