Previously, when Bai Niansheng broke through, he consumed a huge amount of spiritual qi to condense his avatar.

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This caused the ancestral land to absorb a large amount of spiritual qi from the outside world, causing the power of the collapse of the Heavenly Dao to seep in a little.

Looking at the avatar above Bai Niansheng’s head that was still absorbing spiritual qi to strengthen, it was obvious that it had not reached the limit of growth.

The Bai Family’s patriarch’s expression immediately became ugly.

If he could not eliminate the effect of the collapse of the Heavenly Dao in time, not only would Bai Niansheng’s avatar condense, even the breakthrough of the Dao Realm might be interrupted.

“Patriarch, why don’t we wake the ancestor and suppress the ancestral land!”

As he was thinking, a Bai Family elder behind him said anxiously.

When the Bai Family’s patriarch heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

With his Spiritual Sea Realm cultivation, it was indeed insufficient to deal with the collapsed aura of the Heavenly Dao that had seeped into the ancestral land.

However, if they invited their ancestors to attack, with the strength of the Heaven Deity Realm, they could suppress the ancestral land and take control!

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However, just as the Bai Family’s patriarch was about to attack…

In the ancestral land, Bai Niansheng’s closed eyes suddenly opened.

Brilliant golden light shot out from his eyes, piercing through the void and landing on the Bai Family’s patriarch with a power that pointed to the heart.

Being looked at by Bai Niansheng’s golden divine eye, the Bai Family’s patriarch suddenly felt like he had been seen through.

Before he could break free from this feeling, a voice that carried intense confidence sounded from Bai Niansheng.

“There’s no need to wake the ancestor!”

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“I can surpass him!”

The words were loud and clear.
When they landed in the Bai Family’s patriarch’s ears, it made his Dao heart tremble.

Many people from the Bai Family behind him also heard Bai Niansheng’s voice and revealed shocked expressions.

Although they did not know as much about the ancestor of the Bai Family as the Bai Family’s patriarch, they clearly knew that with the Bai Family’s current prosperity, it could split into the Northern Region with the Empire and the orthodoxy.

It was not the Bai Family’s patriarch who was at the Spiritual Sea Realm, but the ancestor of the Bai Family who was at the Heaven Deity Realm who was sleeping in the ancestral land.

Now, Bai Niansheng actually said that he wanted to surpass the Bai Family’s ancestor!

Even if in their minds, Bai Niansheng’s talent was peerless and he was already invincible in his generation, compared to that ancestor, Bai Niansheng’s status was far inferior!

However, before everyone could express their dissatisfaction, in the ancestral land, Bai Niansheng had already stood up from his meditation.

The golden divine eye swept in all directions.

Wherever it passed, the violent spiritual qi was actually suppressed.

It quickly changed from a violent tiger to a docile sheep.

Just as everyone was shocked by Bai Niansheng’s domineering posture, their mouths widened and they were speechless.

Bai Niansheng did not stop.

“Spiritual qi of heaven and earth, collect!”

His shout was like thunder.
As the sound wave surged, his large hand grabbed forward.

Peerless power erupted from his five fingers, and it was bound by the spiritual qi that had yet to be suppressed from outside the ancestral land.

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After casually refining it, it was thrown into the mouth of the avatar face above.

After devouring such a large amount of spiritual qi, the face quickly became corporeal.

Many of the previously blurry details became clear.
Soon, even the pores and hair were clearly visible.

Bai Niansheng’s aura also rose.

From the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, he advanced rapidly.
In the blink of an eye, he was only a step away from the Spiritual Sea Realm.

Outside the ancestral land, the Bai Family’s patriarch sensed Bai Niansheng’s aura.
After arriving at the Spiritual Sea Realm, there was no obstruction.

He immediately understood that Bai Niansheng’s advancement to the Spiritual Sea Realm was already a certainty.

He felt extremely happy in his mind, causing him to involuntarily shout, “Hahaha, the Bai Family’s double Spiritual Sea will appear today!”

Behind him, when the Bai Family heard his words, they were immediately overjoyed.

Outside the ancestral land, Bai Niansheng and everyone in the Bai Family thought that in the next second, the Bai Family would have another Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator.


Suddenly, a huge crack appeared in the void above the ancestral land.

An aura that contained evil, dark, dead, and various negative forces came from behind the crack.

Even though they were separated by the ancestral land, it still made the people of the Bai Family outside feel an indescribable fear.

Just as everyone was shocked by this sudden crack…


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They suddenly heard a sound that seemed to be water coming from behind the crack.

As the voice became clear, everyone’s expressions changed.

How was that a splash? It was clearly a huge wave!

As expected.

In the next moment, a black wave roared and rushed out of the crack.

From afar, it was as if a heavenly river had descended from the nine heavens.

“This is… demonic qi!”

The moment the Bai Family’s patriarch rushed out of the crack, he sensed the dense demonic qi contained in it, and his face turned ashen.

Then, he saw that the avatar above Bai Niansheng’s head was the first to be hit by the wave.

At the critical moment, endless power erupted from the Bai Family’s patriarch’s body.

His Spiritual Sea Realm cultivation turned into a world-shaking attack that blasted towards the wave.

At the same time, Bai Niansheng did not sit still and wait for death.
His Divine Power and artifact attacked together.
Under the enhancement of his avatar, he erupted with a terrifying power that was not inferior to the Bai Family’s patriarch.

Under the two of them attacking one after another, the wolf head was forcefully beaten back.

“Long live the Patriarch!”

“The True Dragon of the Bai Family is invincible in the world!”

Seeing this, the Bai Family was immediately encouraged.
As they shouted, they began to acknowledge Bai Niansheng’s bold words of surpassing their ancestors.

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However, they did not notice.

After attacking just now, the Bai Family’s patriarch had rushed into the ancestral land.

Together with Bai Niansheng, who was standing beside him, the expressions on their faces did not become relaxed.
Instead, they became even more serious.

Their gazes gradually saw through the crack that there was more than one wave surging inside.

It was pitch-black and terrifying!


Before he could feel shocked, the Bai Family’s patriarch had already shouted.

There was no need for him to remind him.
Bai Niansheng had resisted the black wave previously and knew that the demonic sea behind the crack would collapse.

With his current strength, after facing it, the only outcome was death.

Immediately, he used a Divine Power to tear open space and hide in the Divine Power World.

However, before his Divine Power could form, a black sun condensed from endless demonic qi had already rushed out of the crack and pressed down.

The black sun tore through the sky, revealing a terrifying scene that seemed to overturn the heavens and the earth.

The Bai Family’s patriarch stood below the black sun, his beard and hair standing on end.

An indomitable aura erupted from his emaciated body.

When he raised his head, his eyes were filled with anger.
He pointed at the sky and shouted, “Heavenly Dao, is this not allowing the Bai Family to produce dragons?”

The sky was silent.
All it sent back were layers of black waves that shattered the void.

Seeing this, the anger in the Bai Family’s patriarch’s eyes disappeared.

In its place was determination and coldness.

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