If he wanted to use the Bi Fang Empire’s teleportation formation, he had to first have enough strength to survive this upcoming calamity.

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Precisely because of this, Gong Ziliang took the initiative to bring Xing Feng and the others to the Imperial City.

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s condition, Mo Zhongtian was stunned at first, but he immediately realized that Gong Ziliang did not ask him for more wealth.

Immediately, he could not be bothered to ask Gong Ziliang’s intention.
Instead, he was afraid that he would go back on his word, so he hurriedly said, “I agree to this matter!”

“You can write the decree now…”

When he said this, Mo Zhongtian suddenly recalled something and revealed a difficult expression, “That… Sir, can I send the decree after the Flat River Dynasty retreats?

In the past, Mo Zhongtian only needed a decree to build the temple for Gong Ziliang.
Someone below would naturally help him do it.

However, now, the power of the Monet Dynasty had fallen, and the Dynasty Divine Artifact had changed hands.

Mo Zhongtian’s decree did not have the chance to spread in the Imperial City.

Understanding Mo Zhongtian’s concerns, Gong Ziliang said casually, “I’ve already resolved the problem of the Flat River Dynasty.”

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“Monarch Mo, you can directly write the decree.”

Gong Ziliang’s calm voice seemed to be talking about an insignificant matter.

However, to Mo Zhongtian, it made his mind tremble.
He suddenly looked at Gong Ziliang and said with a trembling voice, “Mr.
Liang, are you serious?”

Gong Ziliang smiled.
“If not for that, how could I, Brother Xing, and the others come here and stay peacefully until now?”

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Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, only then did Mo Zhongtian think of this point that he had overlooked.

He knew that the Flat River Dynasty had not only bribed many high-ranking ministers this time.

Even the imperial city and the palace had long been infiltrated and a large number of experts had hidden in advance.

A few days ago, when those courtiers attacked, those experts also attacked.

They controlled the temporary residences of all the concubines and princes.

Under the circumstances, Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng had no choice but to stay in the imperial study and not dare to move.

Now, just as Gong Ziliang said, ever since they appeared, the cultivators guarding the imperial study did not move at all.

Liang, how did you do this?”

“Could it be Mr.
Liang’s teacher…”

The only possibility that Mo Zhongtian could think of was that the person behind Gong Ziliang had attacked.

Otherwise, it was impossible to explain why the experts of the Flat River Dynasty in the palace would be dealt with silently.

Hearing Mo Zhongtian’s words, Gong Ziliang recalled that in the stone room mystic realm, Mo Wentian had stubbornly treated him as a disciple of the Five Elements Sacred Sect.

Immediately, the corners of his mouth curled up.
He had a plan and said, “My teacher did not come.”

“They should be in the Bi Fang Empire preparing to fight the Demon Cult…”

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Then, Gong Ziliang told Mo Zhongtian about the true intention of the Demon Cult to collude with the Flat River Dynasty and send troops to the Monet Dynasty.

Gong Ziliang did not hide the matter of the ancient Bi Fang’s descendant in the Bi Fang Empire.

After learning these unknown secrets from Gong Ziliang, Mo Zhongtian immediately said in shock and anger, “The Demon Cult violated the rules of the heavens and is not tolerated by the Heavenly Dao!”

“Isn’t the Flat River Dynasty afraid of being destroyed by the Bi Fang Empire and attacked by us?”

As for the Bi Fang’s descendant, Mo Zhongtian did not take it to heart.

“Since the Flat River Dynasty dares to risk the world’s condemnation, they must have been promised huge benefits by the Demon Cult.”

“However, the ancient Bi Fang’s descendant of the Bi Fang Empire has not appeared yet.
The Demon Cult still needs the battle of the dynasty here to help them attract attention.”

“Before I came, I had already obtained news from the sect teachers that because of this, a crack appeared between the Flat River Dynasty and the Demon Cult.”

“Next, both sides will very likely fight.
They won’t care about the Monet Dynasty.”

Hearing Gong Ziliang say this information firmly, Mo Zhongtian’s expression changed and he said, “I’ll ask you abruptly, which Dao Sect is Mr.
Liang from?”

Before he spoke, Mo Zhongtian already had the answer in his heart.

After all…

The few Intents that Gong Ziliang had comprehended could not stop him from thinking about that sect.

“Five Elements Sacred Sect.”

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Immediately after, Gong Ziliang’s answer confirmed Mo Zhongtian’s guess.

“So you’re an outstanding disciple of the Five Elements Sacred Sect.”

“With Mr.
Liang’s talent, you should be the Holy Son of this generation, right?” Mo Zhongtian nodded and asked.

“Holy Son… I guess so.”

“In the sect, I’m mostly focused on cultivating.
I’ve never cared about the Holy Son or anything.”

Gong Ziliang casually came up with an excuse.

However, when he heard his answer, Mo Zhongtian immediately felt respect.

With such a terrifying talent, he could still focus on cultivation without any distractions.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s image in Mo Zhongtian’s mind had already instantly killed the Holy Son of the Canglan Sect.

Immediately, Mo Zhongtian thought of something and said, “Right, Mr.
Liang said that there are two things.
Apart from establishing the temple, the other thing is?”

“Secondly, I want to use the teleportation formation of the Monet Dynasty to head to the Bi Fang Empire.”

Although the Monet Dynasty was one of the dynasties under the Bi Fang Empire, the two were geographically a million miles apart.

With such a distance and the dangers along the way, it was difficult to cross.

Therefore, the Bi Fang Empire established a teleportation formation in the Monet Dynasty to remotely control the Monet Dynasty and the surrounding dynasties.

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However, because the teleportation array spanned a million miles, every activation not only required a large amount of spirit crystals.

Both sides of the teleportation array could only be activated at the same time through a series of extremely complicated ritual processes.

Therefore, unless there was a special situation, usually, the Monet Dynasty would only activate a teleportation formation once or twice a year.

This was also one of the reasons why the Flat River Dynasty had chosen the Monet Dynasty as the first target.

As long as he controlled this teleportation formation of the Monet Dynasty, the Bi Fang Empire would not be able to send the army over through the teleportation formation.

At that time, even if the Bi Fang Empire wanted to mobilize troops against the Flat River Dynasty, they had to consider the possibility of sending an army to march a million miles.

A few days ago, the experts hidden in the imperial city and the palace of the Bi Fang Empire had long controlled the palace where the teleportation formation was.

According to Mo Zhongtian, even if the teleportation formation was not destroyed by the experts of the Flat River Dynasty, they still needed more than half a month to rearrange the array to contact the Bi Fang Empire.

This was also why Mo Zhongtian did not send the news to the Bi Fang Empire when he first sensed that the situation was amiss.

It was not that he did not expect it, but he did not have the time to set up the ritual.

“Half a month…”

Gong Ziliang rubbed his chin, his eyes flickering with thought.

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